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Monday, 18 October 2010

Why no news on fight in the park??

  Last week, a friend of mine contacted me to tell me he had been turned away from driving past central forest park by the police.
No reason for this was given.

  My friend however, was at the time taking his niece home, and her mobile phone was receiving message after message concerning the goings on in the park.
Unknown to us at the time, preparations were under way for Samba Mela- a celebration of the enforced multiculturalism which stains this city- but something went drastically wrong.

   The messages on my friends nieces phone indicate that a series of fights had broken out across the site, and that the asian instigators of this unwanted festival were on the receiving end of a good hiding, but what we can't figure out, because the establishment has covered up this incident, is what the hell it was all about.

  Now it's clearly something to do with immigrants, otherwise the names and faces of the white perpetrators would be plastered all over the pages of the Sentinel, but no-ones talking, so if you have any knowledge of what has happened, if you were there, or saw anything, I'll put our contact details below.

  This is important. The only time things of this nature get covered up is when the establishment don't want us to see the extent of trouble from their favourite people, so when you've read this, please pass it on, talk to the youngsters in and around your family, and let's see if we can discover what it is that so many seem intent on hiding.

contact us at;
text or call- 07955 142 653


  1. Once again all goes quiet when Asians are involved.
    Just like the REC the silence is deafening from the local paper, and our councillors.
    Why is it that Asians, and ethnics are allowed privalaged reporting and white English are not?
    We know the multicultural lie is falling apart -see Germany's Angela Merkal- but hiding the truth is worse than lying.
    Like the Dutch boy with is finger in the dyke, it can only be for a short time before the damm bursts.

  2. I quote the daily mail on monday german chancellor angela merkel has said her countrys attempts to build a post-war multicultural society have UTTERLY FAILED.