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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


  In 2004, the North Staffs Race Equality Council had income of £1,010,000.
In 2005, this same organisation had income of £1,100,000.
   For the next 3 years, the NSREC never published any accounts, despite this breaking the Charity Commission regulations.
   In January 2009, the NSREC folded, declared itself bankrupt, and closed its doors, and all of this was done with no investigation into the closure at all.

    Judging by the success of the NSREC in 04/05, it seems reasonable to expect it to have done similarly well in
 06/07/08, so monies that are to this day unaccounted for would be at least £3 million.

   The NSREC was run by muslims, and was used as a way of channelling public money into the bme community, with 14 of the 16  executive positions being held by muslims, but it is the breach of another law that really catches the eye.
Charities have to by law, be none political, yet reading through the officers and committee members of the NSREC, is like a roll call of local councillors.
Of the top 4 honourary positions, 3 were muslim, with Bagh Ali and Karamat Ali both serving councillors, and Sajida Ahmed an ex-councillor. Other councillors involved were, Mohammed Pervez( membership panel), Elaine Blake( exec committee), Randolph Conteh( exec committee), Anita Gill( exec committee), Mohammed Matloob( exec committee).
By law, charities are to be none political, so if this is none political, where are the Tory councillors, the BNP councillors?  This entire organisation was nothing more than a muslim lovefest from start to finish, and the so called upstanding citizens involved in this mess have turned out to be nothing more than liars and cheats, and now Stoke-on-Trent city council are producing the ingredients for it to happen again.

  In 2008, Stoke-on-Trent city council agreed to planning permission for a £1.5 million mosque in Normacot, to appease the ever growing muslim population that has colonised the south of our city.
By the time the Regent Street mosque in Hanley is finished, it will have cost almost £2 million, the muslims now want to build a £1.5 million mosque in Normacot. The question I have is this; if they can raise £3.5/£4 million for two buildings, what the hell are Stoke-on-Trent taxpayers been made to give them money for?

  We have immigrant councillors that do not concern themselves with the white people of their wards, and if you want proof of this, just ask the white people of Tunstall what the muslim councillors do for them.
  We have a list of outsiders that are running the city council, when what this city needs is people from inside it running the council, people who have genuine affection for the city and its people, and we need this soon or the city will become nothing more than a dumping ground for all the third world dross.

   It's about time that the Stoke EDL division started to make its presence felt as well. Asda, Tesco, Waitrose,
Somerfield, all selling halal meat, our schools all serving halal meat, yet not a peep from the EDL!
One giant eyesore of a mosque in Hanley, another planned for Normacot, yet not a peep from Stoke EDL!

  All of us native people need to come together to rescue our city from the grasping hands of immigrants and political chancers, and that will include getting everyone registered to vote, so come election time, we can oust these interlopers and take this city back for the people of Stoke-on-Trent.

Here's an article from yesterdays Sentinel.

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  1. Still unanswered questions nobody want to investigate.
    Are these people untouchable or are the just corrupt?
    Our council implicated in hat appears wholesale corruption?

  2. Still unanswered questions nobody want to investigate.
    Are these people untouchable or are the just corrupt?
    Our council implicated in hat appears wholesale corruption?