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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Even the far left say we're full!

  I'm shocked and stunned!
When the far left dross from the far left website of spits'n'spots come out into the open and say that there is no more room in Stoke-on-Trent for the endless queue of asylum seekers, I thought I had suffered an embolism., but according to chief stirrer Tony 'The' Walley, this is the situation.

  Read this, and try not laugh at the hypocrisy of what he says.

Tony Walley - On My Stoke-on-Trent Soapbox

11 Oct 2010

I haven’t had a good old rant for a while and while life in Stoke-on-Trent isn’t that bad, some of the issues attracting national press coverage is getting me slightly hot under the collar.
Asylum Seekers – A Home From Home?
Birmingham City Council, the country’s largest Local Authority, has decided that it will not house anymore Asylum Seekers in the future.
Birmingham City Council will not renew its five-year contract with the UK Border Agency, meaning not a single immigrant will be granted asylum there by the public sector after June next year.

No, so where do you think they will be looking to stick all these immigrants?
That's right! Stoke-on-Trent.

  The Councillor in charge of housing, Cllr John Lines, said that the move was not to save money, neither was it racist or political. He said it was designed to protect Brummies.

Cllr John Lines said:
"Hundreds of Brummies, hundreds of my people are in B&Bs instead of council-provided homes. Why should that be? My people have got to come first. "The asylum seekers arrive here, they have a blooming family and they keep having children - it's a burden on the system.
"If people say I'm racist then I'd say we've got Brummies of all colours here, third or fourth generation Asians and blacks, but if you say I'm putting Birmingham people first, then, yes, I am."
Cllr Lines is a Conservative Councillor and is the Cabinet Member for Housing and it seems that his concerns are spreading.
Wolverhampton are also considering ending their agreement with the UK Border Agency.
In the past year, some 1000 Asylum Seekers have been settled in Birmingham but the Agency has only paid for the housing of 200 of them.
Britain’s second city has an estimated 6500 homeless, some living rough on the streets.
To me it is refreshing for a mainstream politician to come out and make his city’s sons and daughters his No 1 priority. It matters not about creed or colour, it’s about looking after your own in times of need.

 What a bloody hypocrite! Whenever we have said that a sons and daughters policy should be in place, they called us racists!!

  In Stoke-on-Trent , at the end of December 2009, there were 515 Asylum Seekers [not including their dependents] housed in the City. Most were living in accommodation not supplied by our City Council.
In a progressive society, we should give asylum to the most needy cases. All civil societies across the world should help shoulder the burden.

More lefty billshut! The UN states that asylum seekers should go to the NEAREST SAFE COUNTRY. Britiain is not the nearsest safe country to any of the places these immigrants come from, so we should turn them away!

   Asylum and Immigration are inevitable but must be kept to levels where the native population do not feel second best.
Can you believe the hypocrisy of this lefty tosser?!
It's too bloody late, we natives are treated as second best in our own country, and it's thanks to morons like you!!

    The Politics of the far right have prospered on the lies and myths their supporters have perpetrated that have gone unchallenged by our mainstream political parties.
At the last general election, immigration was forced to the top of the agenda. Politicians actually started to recognise [not that they didn’t know, they just chose to ignore it] that the issue was a real concern to Joe & Josie Public. It doesn’t make our society racist, it just means that our population have genuine concerns for theirs, and their children’s future.

 So which is it?
First off you slate the nationalists for bringing up the subject, then you say those responsible for creating this situation now need to do something about it!
At last! Confirmation from the left that nationalists have been right all along by calling for the housing of native people first!

If there is an ongoing debate on asylum and immigration, with our mainstream politicians taking the lead [Ed Miliband didn’t shy away from the issue during the Labour Leadership Contest], the move to the far right will become a distant memory of the past.

  In your dreams, tubby!

The politics of hate, division and intolerance can be put to bed once and for all!.

Only if we get you and your fellow PC liberal, marxist freemasons booted out of power!
The politics of hate are the politics of the left, and they hate the white British!

 Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and now Coventry, have all said they are full up and cannot house anymore asylum seekers. The danger for Stoke-on-Trent is that the far left scum that hold power here, will ignore the wishes of the natives of this city, and stuff it full of these immigrants.
  The north of the city where I live already resembles the United Nations, yet local indigenous people can't get a property!

  At the next elections, the people of Stoke-on-Trent have to vote these people out, or they will have to say goodbye to their city as it becomes a dumping ground for all the foreign flotsam in the West Midlands.

When you've read this, make sure and pass it on, so the people of this city get some understanding of what's being done to them behind their backs.

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  1. A bang on the nail Comment.

    Of course, we are assured that the West Midlands, having been 'enriched' to the point of suffocation, is in fact an "organic, vibrant, living, entity".

    But surely one might ask; anything that lives must generate waste products?

    Yes. That's Stoke's future folks: the handy downstairs Sh*t-hole for Manchester and Birmingham to dump it's crap.

    Incidentally, on the rare occasions that I visit Pots n' Pr*tts - now totally under the control of arch bore, leftie-loon organ grinder 'MikeR and his Monkey 'tidemark round the bath', Walley is increasingly being marginalised.

    Small wonder this Common Purpose scam site is dive-bombing!

  2. As a Postscript:

    Don't assume Walley and his string-pullers have had a sudden attack of common sense.

    The scam announcement from that fat faggot whitey Birmingham mouthpiece is now't more than a smokescreen, cobbled together to assure us that they're finally 'doing something' about the destruction of England - 'in the spirit of simple fairness' of course.'

    It's not the few bogus East European Asylum Seekers that Muslim Controlled Birmingham host - check out the figures for yourselves folks - that's the problem.

    Rather it's the countless thousands of false relatives that flood in, so much more effective than the few Islamic extremist stooges with their bombs that they laugh at and despise just as much as any whitey

  3. You're absolutely right Pooter, the words they use for poisoning our culture, and breaking up our communities, are amongst the biggest insults of all.
    The eastern europeans have stolen all the jobs, the blacks are working on infecting the entire population with HIV, and the muslims are determined to either wreck our communities by flooding them with heroin, or by sexually assaulting as many citizens as is humanly bloody possible!

    Either way, these people have added nothing to our culture and traditions, in fact, they have seriously damaged them. Everyone but the government admits this, yet these local politicians insist on pushing this same lie in the belief that if they say it enough, perhaps the native population will begin to believe they have been enriched.

  4. Pooter, the voice of common sense, but sadly a voice in the wilderness.
    Poots you are spot on about Walley and his string pullers.
    Their site is dying just look at how many have deserted it because of their blatent distortions of the facts.
    Anyone daring to criticize them is abused and banned from their little club.
    7 comments in three days is all they can raise.
    Poots you are right about the numbers -another Labour trick- count a family - no matter how many- as one.
    Distortion, and lies are what this -and the other one- have fead the British people with, while filling their bank accounts with EU money.
    I have always believed that the open door policy (Labour operated) was deliberate in order to destroy this country's culture and History in favour of the dross they imported.
    Just look at their record over the last ten years.
    Now look at this idiot in charge and tell me he's any different than the last load of scum.
    As for local "leaders" just go to the Sentinel front pages over the last 5 years.
    Doesn't it make you proud?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Sorry if my last post seemed to offend. Just wanted to point out that as a one-time poor sod 100% BNP supporter/activist and seeing the decent supporters ripped off and used, I'm tending to be a little bit sceptical of another 'Let's save Britain' outfit.

    Just who's behind this new 'Kid on the Block', F**k Scotland, Wales, Ireland, outfit then?

  7. Pooter,
    there are lots of ex-BNPers looking for a new home after being gutted by Griffin and this rip off Irishman, your scepticism is understandable.
    England First has a national website, but the England First Party, Stoke Division, was me, Craig Pond.
    I was in the same boat as you, totally disheartened by the behaviour of these top BNP officials, dispairing at the fact that there was no other nationalist outlet working in the city.
    I chose carefully, and I believe that we can build something here for the local nationalists, not only to support, but to take part in if they want to.
    Someone needs to save this city before these bloody marxists destroy it completely, that will be what EFP Stoke will be working towards.

  8. Craig Pond.

    You have been brave enough to stand up and say who you are.

    To stand up against the Hurricane of the 50's, Marxists and the so corrupted shite we now suffer under.

    Yes, we must save our dear old


    A town mostly made up of the most wretched poor of England and Ireland.

    Imported? Effin' savage, knife-wielding Nigg**s? Packi peedos? Hanging around in their Taxis outside a 'certain children's home' every afternoon?

    Walley. You scum.

  9. Graig Pond

    as I said - well done yourself for sticking your head up!

    But just wonder; is the title right?

    Much preferred the old PCF bit - but quite understand when it didn't get much of a response so you decided to change.

    Craig. Other Potters. I suggest we avoid getting pigeon-holed into this and that and bar room philosophy?

    Just let's stick to ourselves. Never mind about the rest of the country for now - they'll come for themselves when we show them the way.

    Never mind about anyone else! Let's please get us together first! Get the Sh*t traitor scum out of Stoke then everyone, from wherever can live.

    Well hooey to these False Fascists! Dressed up in their Santa Claus/ I was a simple Mill girl just like you outfits!

  10. We will be concentrating on it locally Poots.

    The PCF was a political group, a local think tank, and that remains, so you now have the best of both worlds.
    Be sure to let your friends and family know about us, we won't be able to change anything without the support of the people.

  11. Craig:

    Steal a march on them. Become the champion of the once gullible; the desperate.

    Please adopt the mantle of saviour to those of us that have had our principles so cruelly raped and abused by the charlatans of the BNP.

    Please look into going onto a (free site) that allows one to respond to another's post - that BTW, don't mean that said post has to be hostile.

    Just that this is simply a blog site. Perfect for the gullible who both set up and read here.

  12. EFP.

    Sorry for the perhaps OTT post.

    A combination of feeling so F88KED off by the Rev Dowson/Griffin gang and his lick-spittle people here. All apparently supporting the rip off scam - perhaps along the lines of 'shut up you grunt, the ends justify the means...'

    Then just as you thought all was lost along come you lot to give us at least a glimmer of hope.

    Of course, none of us will get anywhere until we're prepared NOT to come home from the Supermarket, spaced up on Pa*ki supplied drugs, with a cheap sixpack to watch 'Engerland' get beat as Usual)

  13. Poots, just to let you know who I am.
    I still have the BNP mindset.
    I am a Nationalist, who is sick to the back teeth of people like Griffin, Dowson, and the Walkers.
    Too me they are all the same.
    I hate what is being done to my country, and fear what my grandchildren will inherit from the scum in London.

  14. Terry - and anyone else reading.

    Sorry if my posts got OTT. Meant what I said but should have waited before I put digit to keyboard.

  15. Poots, no problem.
    Just added up he damage done to this country by Lab-Cons.
    Germany owns most of our motor industry.
    Japan has control of Bike industry.
    France controls most of the power industry.
    Italy have just built the Queen Elizabeth liner.
    Ect, ect.
    At home, immigrants get more than our pensioners who have given a lfetime of services to their country.
    We are saddled with an oaf that believes America was the senior partner in the last war?
    Finaly we are importing welders from Poland.
    This after our manufactoring base was destroyed by these pair.
    They changed the laws on treason so they could commit it with impunity, but justice has a nasty habit of catching up with those that abuse it.

  16. Terry; so sadly true.

    BUT: perhaps there is a glimmer of sunshine in that our compatriots on the mainland of Europe are also beginning to kick up regarding the reduction of our homes into a billet for these third world (as long as they're Muslim of course) savages.

    The establishment promoted and supported fascist UAF/Hope not Soap thugs will I'm sure be defeated by the very sons and daughters of those that fought the com/fascists not so long ago.