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Friday, 15 October 2010

Turkeys voting for Christmas?

  I'm confused.
Prior to being kicked out of office, the Labour government went on a deliberate spending spree, racking up the debt as much as they could for the incoming government.
  Understanding full well that cuts would have to be made, and that spending would have to be brought under control, you have to ask why they would do something so deliberately spiteful?

  It is clear to most people that Labour are unfit to rule, yet the unions are trying to push employees into strikes designed to unsettle this coalition government, but they say nothing of where the blame lies for the complete and total mess this country is in.
We know why this is, it's because the unions own the Labour party, and Milliband in particular. Without the help of the corrupt and marxist unions, Ed Milliband would never have won the leadership challenge.
  He says he is his own man.
Cobblers. He is bought and paid for by the unions, and despite assurances to the contrary, just you wait till the unions start to pull his strings, he'll be dancing to their tune like a marxist Britney Spears!

    The entire ideology of Labour is anti-white and  anti-British, and the flooding of this country with third world immigrants, their outright refusal to give us a referendum on the EU, their anti-democratic laws that take away our freedom of speech, of association, and of expression, only go to highlight just how bad they are for the British people and their culture.
So why do they keep getting voted in??

  And on a local level it's just as bad.
Stoke-on-Trent has been ravaged by pro-immigration, pro-marxist Liberals, who have taken what was a busy industrial region of England, and turned it into a desolate, jobless, demolition site, yet these destructive people get voted back in!!

  If the people of Stoke-on-Trent want to see things change, if they want to see jobs and manufacturing brought back for themselves and their children, if we are to provide a feasible future for our youth so that the city itslef then has a future, we need to get rid of the system that is running the Civic Centre at the minute, and replace it with one that will put the English first when it comes to jobs, housing, and benefits.

   And there is no way round this. If you wish to avoid the changing of Stoke-on-Trent from an industrial English city into a third world dumping ground for the West Midlands, then what you have to do is simple.


  Things will not change unless you vote for that change, so for those of you out there with your pathetic excuses for letting this country down, think on it.
  If you vote for change, change is what you'll get, and all you need to do is get off your arses and walk to the school or church, or whatever building is acting as you polling station, and cast your vote!

  None of the 3 main parties are worthy of your vote, all 3 are putting policies in that go directly against what is best for you and this country, and it's time this behaviour was stopped.
  Your ONLY choice if you want to stop the destruction of this city, and this country, is to vote for nationalist representatives. Anything else, and you are just another turkey voting for Christmas.


  1. These -well paid- union bosses will lose nothing -as usual- but the strikers will never recoup the wages lost following these extremists.
    They instigate a strike and still expect heir union dues to be paid, after all someones got to pay their wages.
    The "my father voted Labour" mentality lingers like a cancer in this city.
    "Working class" that title is now taken by foreigners, as their are very few English "working class" .
    Take a look at the large local firms and their foreign staff.
    Take a look at the risk foreign staff pose to fellow workers, because they are unable to communicate warnings of danger in emergancy situations, but where are the Unions?
    Take a look at the children with no hope of getting a job because employers prefer employing lower paid staff, and the Unions have encouraged this.
    Take a look at "our" children given a third rate education and no trade training to prepare themselves for the working world.
    Papers cry out Black and Asians overtaking white British pupils.
    They wonder why when the answer is staring them in the face.
    In fact it is them that have created it.
    Teacher's giving special treatment to certain pupils.
    The fact is the obvious always gets pushed aside to forward politicians, and Union leaders agenda's.
    This is a cancer that the three main party's have fead and maintained throughout the years.

  2. Just an afterthought as to why people vote for Labour.
    The Sentinels editor Mr Sassi is so far left leaning that he is horizontal.
    Take a look at the webb comment pages.
    You can comment on anything but not anything concerned with Asians, Mosques, and immigrants.
    As a spin doctor he is at the top with the council press office.
    This is a blatent abuse of his position.
    We should not expect anything different as the council do exactly the same.
    Try asking how many immigrants have been housed in the city?
    If you get an answer it will be from 2002.
    8 years old and way out of date.