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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The council's biggest problem is disunity.

  I've had a look at the past achievements of this city council, and the problems that lead to nothing happening back then was the fact that they were all Labour councillors, whereas the fractious nature of local politics today, means that there are too many factions.

  It's a fact that the city councillors have for decades, been a disappointment in their failure to guide the city back to economic success, having sat back and done nothing as the industries that were the lifesblood of this region were taken from us by the laissez faire politics of both the Tories and Labour, seeing our skills and jobs decimated by cheap imports. How can the industries of the first world countries like Britain compete with those of the likes of China, where labourers and workers are paid 50p and a bowl of rice a day?

  Our city councillors should have been pushing for a certain amount of protectionism from third world countries that rode roughshod over basic human rights, in order to protect their constituents from the unfair advantage these countries had, but instead of standing up for their voters, these bloody marxists forewent the rights of the British workers, preferring instead to replace them with third world immigrants.

  And apart from bits and bobs, a park here, getting the litter picked up there, what have the city councillors honestly achieved?

  The time has come to replace these same old faces that get in at every election and then achieve nothing of note, and this has to happen because the way the city council operates has to change as well. It is clear that the way they do things now simply isn't working, it's just wasting huge amounts of money, so we need to change the very fundamentals that the city council is built on.

   One of the perennial problems faced by the people of Stoke-on-Trent is the underhandedness of the Labour group within the city council, and if this city is to be turned into an economic success, then these old school, pocket lining communists have to go, so those of us with genuine affection for this city can implement the policies that will help it back to its feet.

  Over the next few weeks, we'll publish policy ideas on as many areas of council control as we can, and we'll show you that there is a better way to run this city, a more efficient and successful way that uses your money to its maximum benefit.

   Please pass this on to friends, family, or acquaintances, we don't have long but we need to get the message out that another round of Labour third raters will kill this city off for good. If you have any questions, or would like to hear our ideas on a particular council service, drop us a line at the following address.

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Merv the Perv does Jackanory.


  Another shining example of the failure of this city council, but this time promoted by the city councillors, is the horse crap talked about the regeneration of this city. Now to my certain knowledge, these bumbling Labour communists have been promising us a new bus station for at least 25 years, and yet in all that time, with a Labour government, 3 Labour MPs, and a Labour controlled council, the only regeneration we've seen is the demolishing of half the bloody city, the only new build of any significance? A bloody mosque!

   Mark Merediths boyfriend, the aforementioned Merv "the perv" Smith, is once again trotting out that same old Labour crap about how all these wonderful things are about to happen in the city, but then mysteriously never do.

  I am very cynical over these claims. If this shower of cowboys can't regenerate this city with every possible advantage, how the hell are they going to regenerate it in the middle of a recession, a recession that has a second dip fast approaching?

  We saw Meredith waste £2 million on superficially tarting up the approaches to Hanley with some new turf and trees- £2 MILLION!!- so if these clowns are talking of structural regeneration, we have to be looking at  tens of millions at least, this despite the fact they can't find the £36 million needed in savings because they are so bloody financially irresponsible, they shouldn't be trusted with the money from a paper round, never mind the multi-million pound budget of this city.

 Those more observant amongst you will notice that I am not Mr Smiths biggest fan, his last incumbancy as a city councillor saw nothing done by him and his communist buddies either, apart from the usual degradation of the city through a lack of imagination, common sense, and the assurity that no matter how badly they performed, there are enough morons on the Stoke-on-Trent electoral register to vote them back in.

   I'm tired of listening to the empty promises of these useless city councillors and council officers, who combined, have achieved nothing for the regeneration of this city apart from a cupboard in the Civic Centre that must be jam-packed with plans and drawings that the city council has spent millions of your tax pounds on, in the clear and absolute knowledge that they will never be used.

  This seems like just another tall tale from a city council expert in the production of porkies and billshut, a bunch of mindless drones simply going through the motions in order to claim their cash incentives.

  Roll on the local elections, that's what I say...........

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Save our Swimming pools!

  Once again, the stupidity of this city council and its propensity for wasting the taxpayers money, is leading the way in looking for savings in the closing of essential public services and venues, an accusation we can make at the city council in any area of the services they are paid to provide.

   In the hunt for savings, our brilliant city council have come up with the idea of closing two of our swimming pools, Shelton pool because it has a backlog of maintenance that looks set to cost in the region of half a million, and God knows why Tunstall pool has been targeted.

  When Mike Wolfe came to office as mayor, he spent hundreds of thousands of pounds refurbishing the Civic Centre offices.When Meredith came to office as mayor, he spent £729,000 onefurbishing the Civic Centre offices. When vander Laarschot came to office as the new CEO, he tried to spend £500,000 on tarting up his office, but the money isn't there to repair Shelton swimming pool.

  We came up with an idea. Do what they did with the muslims when they offered them the building land in Hanley for nothing. Why not do the same with Shelton pool? Offer it to the NHS at a peppercorn rent, and let them take on the repairs, the pool is afterall, used by many people recovering from illness and undergoing physiotherapy, yet all the council want to do is close the place.

  Better check and see if Pervez has been talking to his mate Mo again..............

  With the likes of Tunstall pool, charge the kids £1 a session, and that place will never be empty, but alas, this seems too complicated a business arrangement for the city council nuggets to understand, though to be fair, several city councillors have been trying to close it, and Tunstall library, for some time.

  I'm surprised at ex-councillor Lee Wanger wanting to close it though, I would have thought that given his predilection for naked children, it would be one of his favourite places to hang out.

   The money wasted by these senior council officer clowns is unforgiveable, especially given the financial circumstances we now find ourselves in, and that waste continues. There is enough money withing the city council budget to find the savings without resorting to selling off as many publicly owned buildings to their mates, as possible, and we here at England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent division would suggest the following if our other ideas aren't acceptable,


   Failing this, we will accept your resignations for taking money under false pretenses, that is being paid huge salaries for work you are all clearly incapable of performing!

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Killing the economy.

                                  A couple off 66 ff's, aka Britains biggest pair of mammaries!

  If you listen to these expensively suited imbeciles from the government, you could be deceived into thinking that the funding of our infrastructure, the budgeting of our everyday services, might be a difficult and complicated business, and indeed, that is what these numpties have turned it into to prevent questions being asked as to what the hell they are doing!

  They complain that they are in an impossible situation, once again having to clean up the mess left by Labours communists, and in this they are right, every time Labour have been in power, the country has been left bankrupt, on its knees through the financial mismanagement of a political party that never weill understand how to run an economy in a fiscally responsible way.
  But these Tory socialists are adding to their own problems, the worst of which is increasing the foreign aid budget by 3 BILLION, to a total of £12.1 BILLION!

  How the hell can you justify giving away over twelve billion pounds when the country is struggling to keep its head above water? How is this in any way, representing the British people?
When are these arses going to start doing what's best for Britain?

   They should have lowered tax rates in order to stimulate growth, to keep our town and city centres busy with shoppers, but no, these public school ponces who have no idea at all as to the nature of real life, continue to make decisions designed to restrict further our economy!

  Creating the approaching problems that our insane fuel prices will cause, not just at the pumps but the huge jumps in electricity prices as well. Food costs will increase as transport costs do, and they know this, yet still they force increases onto an ever strained public, and all this pressure on the British public is heading toward major civil unrest.

   And Cameron's reneging on his election promises hasn't gone down well either, with our chance to have our say on the EU being removed, yet this money pit that is populated with unelected, communist euro crooks, is allowed by our political leaders to gather more and more control of these islands, and at an ever increasing cost. All in, the EU costs Britain in the region of £200 billion per year!

  The real problem is that this Con-Dem coalition government is atrocious, but even so, it is preferable to another spell under the communists of the Labour party, the very people that lead us into this avoidable mess in the first place!

  By the time of the next general election, we nationalists need to have candidates of a high enough calibre to stand, and win, seats in parliament, and we don't have long to get sorted.

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Monday, 24 January 2011

This stupid bloody council!

                                     The face of waste and gross incompetence at the city council.

Take a look at the grinning face of incompetence, incompetence that is costing you taxpayers millions of your hardearned pounds every year, and the more these morons spend, the less we citizens get!

There have been several recent reports from the city council as to how they are making changes to save money in order to meet their financial obligations, but the basis of their ideas, the fundamental principles which they apply, are criminally flawed, the mistakes they're making could be highlighted by a first year college student!

  In order to raise revenues, the idiots at the city council have decided to put up prices to public venues such as swimming baths, increase or introduce car parking charges at public venues, and now, some complete retard at the city council has decided that the public should be charged for parking at local parks that have their own car parks!!

  Who the hell is coming up with ideas like these?
Why are the city councillors still allowing these moronic senior officers to make and implement policy when it is crystal clear they are totally incapable of doing so with any fiscal responsibility?
Why are the officers of the city council making these decisions, when the city councillors are elected for this very reason?

What the bloody hell are our councillors playing at? If they do not want to do the job they were elected to do, they should quit, and make way for people that are prepared to do the job!

  When times are financiaqlly tough, as they are now, the last thing you do is increase the tax burden!

Here's what you do. You lower, or cut completely, car park charges, in order to encourage people to use the public facilities or use the town and city centres. By lowering costs you stimulate growth, so by raising costs, you do exactly the opposite, you suppress growth.

  The city council should be lowering business rates for all local businesses, doing what they can for the business community to stop from closing or making redundancies.

  The council officers should be listening to good ideas for saving money, such as running the council fleet on recycled veggie oil. The council diesel bill will hit £1.1 million this year, just on diesel! They could create a handful of jobs, buy in the plant to convert the used oil into fuel, for less than £200,000!, yet still they refuse to acknowledge the vast savings to be made by doing this!

  Instead, what we get are stupid, ill thought out ideas the likes of which this city council always come up with, well here's another money saving idea for them, of the £18.9 million spent on salaries for those earning £50k or more, half it. 5 years ago there were 90 people in this pay bracket, now, there are 269!!
The costs of this have gone from £5.1 million five years ago, to £18.9 million in 2010.

 And remember, these are the same people that have ripped you off for millions with deals done behind closed doors, crooked contract deals, lies and misinformation on what monies they hold and where they are spent, plus the endless waste of millions of pounds through inefficiency and incompetence.

  Come the May elections, vote out the same old faces that get in and then do bugger all apart from line their pockets, vote out the LibLabCon with their lies and gerrymandering, and Common Purpose mates, change who represents you, and let's take this city back from those who are hear for the money, but who have no loyalty to this city and her people.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Stopping the flood of immigration.

  There is a problem that more and more people are recognising as such, and they are becoming less and less afraid to talk about it, despite the far left and the political establishment slapping the old "racist" insult about at anyone with the nerve to disagree with them.
  The problem is immigration, and of course it's only one of many problems brought down on our heads by the criminal incompetence and treachery of the LibLabCon, though it is the biggest, and it's high time this was taken on in public to allow you voters to see just how badly you're being screwed by these country wrecking communists.

  I've blogged on this before, but it is vital we highlight what we're being refused, which is the fundamental right of any people.

  The UN created a declaration to protect the indigenous peoples of the world, but Britain isn't signed up to this declaration, which means that England isn't signed up to this agreement, which means the government- this crappy coalition, and before that the Labour communists- don't believe the British Isles to have indigenous peoples!

   This is an absolute pile of you know what, all four of the countries that make up the UK being home to indigenous peoples since the last ice age, or round about 20,000 years!

  All the mainstream parties; and that includes Ukip, are party to the destruction of Britain by claiming that there are no indigenous peoples here, so it's alright to give it away to a ceaseless flow of third world tat, and the unelected communist crooks of the EU.

  This is what article 8 of the UN's declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples has to say;

Article 8
1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.
2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
(d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
(e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.

  How's about that then? If Britain was signed up to this declaration, it would give us power in law to reverse what these political monkeys have been doing to us for the past 50 years!

I'll add the rest of the declaration below, read through it and see why Britains government deny we are an indigenous people!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Something stinks at the Civic Centre.

  Something stinks at the Civic Centre.
At the time of the budget publication, we were told that the city council had managed to land itself with a £45 million shortfall for the following years budget, after excessive spending by unnamed council departments.

  Then we're told that the city council has to find £30 million in cuts over three years, then it was £30 million per year, now it's £33 million per year.

2008 we had £93 million in cash investments, £13 million was on call, so that left £80 million.Then the city council decided to invest all your money with the Debt Management Office, a government account in which the government get all the interest. A Freedom of Information request shows that there is now just £25.25 million left in that account, that's from £80 million!

3 fraud squad investigations, including one initiated by us. 6 council officers suspended, one arrested and charged with theft and fraud. £26 million of your money put through the exemption rule of the councils contract regulations, meaning specific companies could be offered contracts without having to tender for them! How bloody crooked is that?!

   Closing pensioners bowling clubs, stopping the mobile libraries, shutting swimming pools, all in the hunt for savings, but then there was £36,000 spent on Common Purpose training and meetings, free parking for council employees which costs "700,000 per year, £500,000 spent by the man hired to get council spending under control, on tarting up his office in the Civic Centre!

Most of the senior council officers don't live in Stoke-on-Trent, which means the obscene sums they pilfer as salary doesn't get spent in Stoke's local economy. More and more city councillors are moving out of the city to the leafy suburbs, doubtless paid for by public funds.

  Money spent on big contracts with outside companies should have been spent with local companies, helping to kickstart the local economy and provide jobs for native Stokies, a group completely ignored by the establishment as it panders to immigrants. In particular, the fraud squad should take a close look at the contract given to Kier, a company prosecuted by the Office of Fair Trading for price fixing and BUNGING!!

  Help get these chisellers and third rate liars, thieves, and incompetents out of office so we can get this city back on track for the people of this city!

There is now a donate button at the top right, we're not asking for much so don't be shy!

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Where's the money gone??

  To anyone that cares about Stoke-on-Trent at all, this piece is important!

 In 2008, Stoke-on-Trent city council had £98 million in of your money invested in banks and building societies around the world.
Then came the banking crash, and the city council lost £5 million, something that wouldn't have happened if someone in the finance department had read an e-mail forewarning of the crash. So that left £93 million.

  £13 million of this sum was "on call", meaning that it was invested in the account for a short period of time, sometimes as short as overnight. Removal of this leaves us with £80 million.

  Now, a Freedomn of Information request as to where this money went, told us that £43 million had gone "... to pay some bills", the e-mail stating that the city council weren't sure about where the money originated, and knew where it had gone, but it was untraceable!


  I contacted the Assitant Head of Finance and said I didn't believe that this money was untraceable, and asked him where it had gone. He told me the money was put into the city councils current account. I said, "give me a copy of the statement for the account, and I'll trace the money myself.
  At this point I was told I was being unreasonable, and all dialogue stopped.

  But that still left £37 million of taxpayers money unaccounted for.
It turns out that the remaining money was invested with the governments Debt Management Office, where your millions were going to earn a pathetic £30k in interest!

  All attempts to get the city council to tell us of this money have failed, until Terry Cope contacted the DMO.

All that's left in the account is £25 and a quarter million, meaning that £12 million is unaccounted for, and the city council refuse to tell us anything about it!

But why is this money invested in this account if it gives no interest ?
Why not bring the cash back and invest it in the city?

Why are the city council making out that they are skint and are going to struggle to find the extra £3 million in cuts?
Why hasn't Pervez told us about this money, or any of the other councillors?
Why haven't the officers of the council let us know there is £25 million in the bank, and will they be pushing to raise your council tax now?

The Debt Management Office had one other interesting thing to say about Stoke-on-Trent city council, it turns out that they have invested in the DMO from December 09 to December 2010, £708 million!

None of this £80 million was ring fenced, but there is still £55 million of it unaccounted for, the £12 million missing from the account, the £43 million that went to pay some bills, yet it has never been revealed exactly what bills were paid.

Add to this the other financial mismanagement, law breaking deals in contracts, planning, and behind closed door agreements, and even a blindman can see that that Stoke-on-Trent city council is not fit for purpose!

Unanswered questions over millions of taxpayers pounds isn't good enough either, this is the publics money not the councils, far too often these crooks and incompetents forget that.

 Pass this on when you've read it, and be sure to ask your councillors why the hell they haven't said or done anything about this, or why you haven't been informed as to what has been going on in the city council.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Investigating race crimes?

Read this stupid story first, this article from the Sentinel.

 POLICE are investigating a race hate incident.

Officers were called out to the Top Chef takeaway, Birch House Road, Crackley, at just after 6.30pm on Wednesday.

They responded to a report of a person outside the shop using racist language.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: "Crackley Neighbourhood officer, PC Robert Morgan, attended and has spoken to staff at the shop.

"He is also going to be studying CCTV footage from the locality to try to identify the offenders.

"Racist language will not be tolerated by Staffordshire Police and the appropriate action will be taken against anyone who uses it."

PC Morgan used soical networking website Twitter account to inform his followers about the incident.

He also attended a public order offence at Wolstanton Road.

Twitter is being used increasingly by members of Staffordshire Police to keep the public in various localities informed of any enforcement action which has been taken.

The website has so far proved successful in helping police to develop closer ties within the community.

  Now what I want to know is how can the police possibly justify wasting police hours on a case of name calling??

  If they want to investigate a serious race crime, then why weren't they present on Chell Heath eight and a half hours later, when some drug fuelled retard was racing round the estate on a bloody big off road motorbike, waking everyone up?
This is the kind of race the police should concern themselves with, not enforcing undemocratic laws from these PC liberals, like the stormtroopers did for the nazis.

  The real reason for the police trying to clamp down on none crimes like this, is that they know how close things are to breaking, the English finally having reached the point where they've had enough of this pandering to foreigners whilst seeing themselves shoved to the back of the queue, but this is the modern day equivilent of Canute standing on the beach, telling the sea it couldn't come any closer, it doesn't matter how many times clamp down on incidents like this, nothing short of a miracle will stop the trouble coming to the streets of this country.

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sexualising our children!

  Since NuLabour lied their way in to power in 1997, the political establishment has had a fixation with teaching children of younger and younger ages about sex, and I find it sinister and disgusting.

Connections of the Labour party to outbreaks of paedophilia are well documented, from the accusations that the children of Dumblane were killed to cover up a paedophile ring of high flyers in Scotland, to the disgraceful cover up by Tony Blair, when in 2003, officers from Operation Ore closed in to arrest several senior Labour members of Blairs government, whose details had been found on the Landslide site, Blair slamming the lid shut on the police investigation, but not before one of his senior aides was arrested and charged. The ministers involved have never been named, much to the eternal shame of the Labour party.

However, Blair issued a D-Notice, resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing any details of the investigation. Blair cited the impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice. Police also discovered links between British Labour government paedophile suspects and the trafficking of children for purposes of prostitution from Belgium and Portugal (including young boys from the Casa Pia orphanage in Portugal). 

  More recent has been the shocking case of Hollie Greig, and the brutal covering up of the abuse that this poor Downes syndrome girl had to go through. This from UK Column.

Mike Robinson
For those of us following the Hollie Greig case, it is particularly shocking that when challenged about the lack of action from Scotland's prosecutors and the police, instead of a statement from the Lord Advocate stating her position, a persistent stream of threatening letters from a Mr Callum Anderson of Scottish law firm, Levy & McRae have been issued on her behalf.
The question that sprung to my mind when I saw these communications was, what is Ms Angiolini, the Lord Advocate of Scotland, afraid of that she feels the need to hide behind solicitors letters?
And then, a kind member of the public pointed us to a previous incident reported on by the Telegraph, involving Ms Angiolini in her role as Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands.
This was the case of a ten year old girl who had alleged she had been sexually abused by a male relative. The case was delayed by Ms Angiolini, and by the time it came before a Sheriff, it was deemed that too much time had passed, and that the case could not be heard - it had taken Ms Angiolini three years to process the case.
The girl involved was left devastated, and an "apology" was issued by Ms Angiolini.
But there is another fact that jumps right off the page when reading about this incident - the Sheriff who heard the case was none other than Sheriff Buchanan, the very Sheriff implicated in the abuse of Hollie Greig.
We now have two distinct cases of alleged paedophilia, involving the same officials of the Judiciary in Scotland, where a perversion of the course of justice seems to have taken place. Are there others, I wonder?
As a final aside, Levy & McRae still refuse to say whether they are acting for Ms Angiolini the person, or Ms Angiolini the Lord Advocate, and whether or not Scottish taxpayer money is being used to fund Mr Anderson's threats.
Thu, 11/02/2010.
   And now we have this same sexually deviant political establishment pushing for the teaching of sex to four year olds! 
Section  28 was also removed from the Government Act 2003, this being a clause to stop the teaching of homosexuality to children in order to peddle the myth that it was better than normal sex!
What these people need to realise is that if you want to cut the number of teenage pregnancies, we need to re-introduce morals and principles to life, and stop exposing children to the endless amount of crap that is dumped before them on the internet and TV!
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Thursday, 6 January 2011

LibLabCon: Britains biggest traitors.

  Why is it that the two most damaging policies to this country; unlimited third world immigration and membership of the EU, are also the two biggest policies on which the British electorate have not been allowed to vote on?

  Why is it that the three so called mainstream political parties all support these two policies, when it is clear that they are not in the best interests of the British people?

  Let me highlight some points as to why you should cast your vote for nationalism, and not the lying, thieving scum that infest Westminster and the establishment.

                                                                 click to enlarge.

 So we should go about blowing things up, and shagging as many children as we can, that's what following islam would lead to?

This is the type of treasonous crap that spills from the lips of Tories today, a deliberate attempt to inflict terminal damage on the culture of the British people in order for him and the other communist scum to implant their own agenda on us; the New World Order.

  No-one takes the Lib Dums seriously, there lack of ideas, political nous, their inbuilt attraction to marxism and the other forms of communism, just make them a weaker and smaller version of the Tories and Labour.

                                                                   click to enlarge

 Labour are by far the most treacherous of the political dross currently ruining our country, as can be seen by the above comment from that politically retarded, one eyed Scottish b*****d, who along with his marxist cohorts, bankrupted and almost destroyed Britain.
  First came Blair the liar, with his cash for honours scandal, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, and the assassination of Dr David Kelly, followed by gormless Gordon and his pension pot rebate snatch, his de-regulation of banking controls, his selling off of most of the national gold reserve at its lowest possible price, and his spineless withdrawal from the promise of a referendum on europe, instead signing us up to the Lisbon treaty behind closed doors.

   We have a new leader of the Labour party, and his name is Forrest Gump!

                                                                        click to enlarge.  

  Ed Milliband stated on TV that Labour had gotten its policies wrong and that they needed to go back to the drawing board. What he didn't tell you, was that he wrote Labours manifesto!!
He is a two faced git, a hypocrite of ginormous proportions, and he's playing the same game that Labour played last time; tell the electorate what they want to hear, then totally ignore them when they vote you in to power! 
  How any sane person could even consider voting Labour after their atrocious performance over the past thirteen years, is simply beyond comprehension, Labour will finish this country off with their new world order bullsh*t, and flooding of every public body with Common Purpose stooges.


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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Why no criminal charges or sackings at Stoke-on-Trent city council?

  According to the Sentinel, £26 million of contracts were handed out by the city council outside of the usual regulations.

S106 money from planning applications has been removed illegally, and placed in savings accounts where the interest could be creamed off by the city council.

  6 council officers have been suspended, a 7th arrested and charged with contractual fraud and theft.

The city council is now undergoing its THIRD fraud investigation!

  Joyhn van der Laarschot was brought in to the city council on an obscene salary of £200,000, to clean it up and get it back on track, yet for all the public money he's taking out of the city, things are getting worse, not better!
  What the hell are we paying this man so much money for when he clearly isn't achieving what it was he was supposed to have achieved?

  Why have none of these fiddling officers been sacked?
Why have none these incompetent officers been sacked?
Why have the police not investigated the missing money from the NSREC?
Why is this criminal and criminally incompetent behaviour been allowed to continue with no punishment?

  Our city council, both officers and councillors, are not doing the jobs that they are paid to do, as is clear by the never ending list of financial bungles committed by this group of third rate thieves, cheats, unqualified idiots.
  £26 million awarded in contracts without having to go through the tendering process. Planning applications granted on the say so of a single planning officer, deals done behind closed doors with iffy local businessmen and religious groups, and the covering up of financial irregularities by a city council supposed to be looking out for your best interests.

  We should change the name of the Civic Centre to Wormwood Scrubs, the number of crooks it is home to!
 This behaviour, this lack of respect to the people of this city, is not acceptable in any form, but you voters are the only ones that can change the system!

  On polling day in May, vote out the Labourites, the Tories, and the Lib Dems, vote out the so called independents like Brian Ward, a man on a mission to line his own pockets, vote out all those who represent greed, selfishness, dishonesty, and let's give this city a shot at the prosperity it should be enjoying.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011


  First off, England First Party wish you the very best for the coming year, and hope you've all had an excellent festive time.

  Right, now to work.
In just over four months time, local elections will be here in Stoke-on-Trent again, we still don't know whether they will be for four years, or if the current system will stay and only 20 seats will be up for grabs, either way, the pisspoor performance of both city council officers and far too many of the city councillors have left this city in an atrocious mess.

   The time has come for you voters to stop buggering about, get off your backsides, and vote out this gaggle of turkeys that time after time implemented policies and decisions that have damaged this city.


£60 million returned because the Regen Partnership were too slow to spend it, yet half of Stoke-on-Trent has been demolished by these same morons!

  £93 million in cash has been whittled down to £32 million, but the council refuse to answer any questions as to what's left of this sum, how long the investment is for, how much interest it has earned, or when will this money be returned to the city.

Deliberately breaking planning law by confiscating S106 money from the projects it was meant for, into a single bank account so the city council could cream off the interest

  Criminal conduct in the awarding of contracts to companies that charge 3 to 4 times the going rate! 6 suspended council officers, one arrested and charged with contractual fraud and theft.

  This is the third fraud squad investigation into the city council, starting with Mohammed Pervezs' attempts to get Dimensions closed and sold off to his muslim business buddy, the very iffy Mo Choudary, followed by an investigation into wildly differing amounts in grants and donations, but all the figures coming from the city council!!
   Now, we have the awarding of contracts being looked into, let's hope the police take a close look at some of the big contracts issued, like £400 million to Kier, £115 million for streetlighting, and however much the city council are giving to Biffa for refuse collecting.

  Upwards of £7 million on asylum seekers here in the city!

   The loss of £5 million through either laziness or incompetence of the finance department with the failure to read an e-mail that warned of the imminent collapse of Landsbanki.

  The outrageous fact that the pay bracket of £50k or more has nearly quadrupled in 5 years!!
£5.1 million in 04/05, to a massive and obscene £18.9 million in 09/10.
The greed of the senior officers on the city council knows no bounds, and there seems to be very little these people won't do to line their own pockets with public money!

  The secretive closure of the North Staffs Race Equality Council in January 2009, left millions of pounds of public money unaccounted for, yet the city council and the local police refused to do anything about it, or answer any questions on the subject. There is up to £4 million unaccounted for.

  This particular area of council mismanagement is flooded with examples like these, yet time after time the same faces, the same corrupt parties get voted back in, and this only happens because far too many that are eligible to vote, don't, and it's not bloody good enough!
If you know someone that isn't registered, or that simply can't be arsed to get up and vote, give them a slap round the neck and inform them that it's their fault the city is in the mess it is!


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