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Monday, 4 October 2010

Trouble in the rubble.

  I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again today, the more you pay these morons the worse the service you get.
Once again these genius plotters and planners at Stoke-on-Trent city council have outdone themselves in the incompetent/stupidity category, demolishing half the bloody city without having contractors lined up to take the sites on. Now, they find themselves unable to carry on as the  Homes and Communities Agency, Renew, and the other west midland based regen quangos, no longer have the funds available to complete, and it could be years before they do.
A familiar sight all over the city

  Once again Stoke-on-Trent city council have shown their utter inability to manage even the most straightforward of projects, and they leave the city with over 1300 less houses, but with a housing list of 12,000.

  There are huge savings to be made in the city, so the council should now get its bloody finger out and start drawing in these savings. Some of the money to be had could then be used on building projects actually done by the city council through local contractors.
  I've spoken to Phil Dawson from the councils neighbourhood renewal team a couple of times now, and shown him plans from a company called MapleTimberFrames, who design super efficient, pre constructed housing, who handed me plans for a pair of semis, water and wind tight, for £31,500.
This is the way forward, but you try getting it through to these morons at the top of the council food chain.
Fegg Hayes, still not demolished.

  Of course, the real problem with this situation is that hundreds of Stoke-on-Trent residents are now going to have to live next to rubble strewn demolition sites that are going to attract fly tippers, rats, and kids, none of which are welcome neighbours.
   If you own your own property, watch in despair as its value tumbles because that plot next door to you just became a magnet for kids and youths doing who knows what.
And what the hell are the councillors doing in these affected areas of the city? Why would they allow this demolition to go ahead without guarantees of funding, and the name of the construction company contracted to do the building?
I feel particularly sorry for the people of Middleport, who have been afflicted by this council insanity for so long now, and its clear that neither the council, or the councillors involved have no idea how to end this ongoing saga.

  It is apparent that the systems used to run this city have to change, or this city will be no more, and that is something that will only happen by changing councillors at the next election.
The choice is yours, new ideas from people who love this city, or the same old destructive crap you've got now.


  1. I've been looking on facebook and there are a lot of local people who disagree with what this council are doing, and what is happening to this city.

    I wonder how many of them are prepared to register to vote, to get off their arses and vote, or maybe even stand in order to win votes, if they love this city as much as they say?

  2. Apathy and loss of interest have taken over the people of this country.
    For the last 40 years they have been lied and misslead by their leaders.
    Localy we have had 60 years of "my father voted Labour so I must" which has lead to the demise of the city.
    Look around and see what having Labour MPs, and Labour Councillors has done.
    We are now in the grip of the most destructive, useless, bunch of "so called leaders" it has been our missfortune to be saddled with.
    No Forsight, no Innovation, no Inventivness, and no Idea.
    They may dissagree with what they are doing,but they will still vote the fools in.