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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Now it's racist to register a dislike of halal!

Mike Coleman puts the complaints of parents to the council over their feeding of our children throughh the muslim practise of animal slaughter, and the bloody marxists pull their faces!
Yet we are by and large, a nation of animal lovers and deeply against cruelty to them, the powers that be by-pass the laws of this land so foreigners can torture animals to death in the persuance of their backward and barbaric religion.

   This favouring of foreigners over the indigenous people has to stop, this our country, and we have our own religion, culture, history and indentity, none of which need replacing, and in particular by these third world usurpers.
This was sent to me by a government employee, another example of how the native people of Britain are being screwed by the politicians, in favour of foreign scroungers, and refugees and asylum seekers that shouldn't even be here!

This is interesting!
Let me see if I understand all this ..........
Are you aware of the following?

The British Government provides the following financial assistance: -
Weekly allowance
Weekly Spouse allowance
Additional weekly hardship allowance


If I was a refugee, why would I look for work?

Please forward to all your contacts so that we can lobby for an increase in the aged pension.

After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country
For the last 40 to 60 years.
   Our pensioners are constantly abused and degraded by the political establishment, being paid a pittance compared to what these foreigners get, and who haven't put a bloody thing into this country!
Our armed forces are equipped with inferior weapons and equipment, but there are billions of pounds to give away in the shape of foreign aid!

  Whether at local or national  level, this selling out of our own people in favour of foreigners with no loyalty to this country, and with their hands out for what they can get, should be totally uncceptable, so for Gods sake make a difference the next time you get a chance to cast your vote!

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Another fine mess they're getting us into.

The city council asked for comments after declaring that the Pride in our city scheme, where dustin lorries make free collections on the estates of the city once or twice a year, are to be dropped in order to save £67,000 per year.

   Below is my e-mail to them, and the suggestions as to what they should be doing.
Read it, then feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter. I will add the e-mail address to write to.

   Once again, it is the stupidity and incompetence of Stoke-on-Trent's city council that becomes the first noticeable attribute on display.
  Instead of scrapping a scheme that has real impact across the city, why not give up your rights to free parking? This will save the city £700,000 per year!
  If you had listened to our proposals and started to run the bin lorries on veggie oil, it would cost next to nothing to run this scheme, in fact, you would be able to greatly extend it.
  It's always the same with you people when times are tough, you promise not to touch frontline services, yet the first place to get cuts is frontline services, you close down successful and efficient schemes like Pride in our City to save £67,000, but you waste £36,000 on the politically corrupt Common Purpose training!
  And the incompetence of the city councillors is highlighted perfectly by Terry Follows mewlings about discretionary services. Why don't you vote in a CEO that doesn't cost the city £200,000 a year?
Better still, why don't you councillors trim the fat from the £50k and over pay bracket that costs the taxpayers nearly £19 million per year!!!
  The savings are there to be made so that sensible, working schemes like Pride in our city can be kept from cuts by you bloody council idiots that seem to be intent on cutting everything possible that doesn't affect yourselves!
  There is no need for cutting programmes like this because there is plenty of room for cost cutting and savings. Unfortunately, the city council appears to be headed by self-centred, selfish money grabbers, who have no real interest in what's best for the city, just what's best for them, and so it will continue to be the case that the city will continue its slide into destitution and demolition, and any glimmer of hope of this city beginning to rise from the ashes of despair and destruction that you lot have dumped it in, will have to wait until the people of this city finally realise what a burden you are, and bloody well vote you out of office!
                                 Craig Pond, England First Party.
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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Killing Britains Traditions.

   Sometimes it's easy to see the damaging effects of the marxists political agenda.
Look at our enforced membership of the EU, or the relentless flood of third world immigration into Britain, but there are decisions made that have an equally damaging effect that might not be so easy to spot.

  Amongst the vast list of stunningly stupid policy ideas that NuLabour came up with was this one, which at first might seem to be the most destructive of Labours policies, until you take a closer look at it that is. Then, the negative effects of such  a policy come to light, and it shows that it was done to achieve these specific aims.

   The policy comes from that chubby idiot Ed Balls. Ironic isn't it, that a man named Balls talks b*llocks.
He had an idea for dropping from the schools curriculum both geography and history, replacing them with blogging and social networking!

  You cannot know where you're going, if you don't know where you've come from.
History is vitally important in showing children what the ancestors fought and died for, what they achieved and why they achieved it, it puts into perspective their nations place in the world, and therefore their place in it too, but most importantly, it instills in our children a sense of belonging, of knowing that before they were born, and after they've gone, their traditions and culture will continue!

  If you remove the right from our children to learn about their ancestors deeds and beliefs, then you cut them off from what it was their forefathers wanted for them, so in effect, you cut the children off from their identity, seeing as history and tradition are where identity come from.
If you take from a people their sense of belonging, you also remove their sense of loyalty to the nation state, and that is, and always has been, part of the plans of the NuLabour marxists!

   If you take a look at other Labour policies, you will see the same effect caused by them as well, this deliberate breaking of any nationalist feeling in favour of the creation of  a global, universal population, with no nationalist tendencies or loyalties at all.
Our membership of the communist, corrupt EU is designed to break our nationalism, as is the unending torrent of immigration, forced upon our communities to specifically break down our strong and just feelings of nationalism, and to encourage the belief that all peoples have just as much right to these lands as we indigenous do, in fact, everything that Labour have done has been aimed at breaking the nationalist spirit of the native peoples of these islands.

  Don't take anything at face value from our politicians, because the three so called mainstream parties have shown time and again to be equally as bad as each other, and they have shown time and again that their loyalties do not lie with the people they are supposed to represent, but with the forces of internationalism, and the totally criminal and corrupting influence of international finance.
We need to step back from this rush into national destruction through global/international/laissez faire bullshit, and take a look at what's really important to Britain. Do you honestly believe that it is coincidence that our children, our communities, and our society have become violent and selfish?
It is no coincidence!
It is the specific aims of the political establishment to break up Britain to make it easier to sell off and give away to new world ideologies, so their creation of a single world population can come to fruition, bringing with it their chance to install the real aim of all this treachery, a world government!

   It sounds like the plot from a James Bond film, but with a minimum of research you will discover that George Bush Sr and Jr both push for a new world order, and have stated so publicly, as has that one eyed treasonous b*****d Gormless Brown, and his gang of marxists.
  The stakes are as high as they could get, we nationalists have to make sure that we are ready to fight for this nation, be it in the political chambers, or on the streets of what used to be the home of modern democracy.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Why isn't the local media all over this?

  This is the question I asked myself.
Why are the local media not all over this? Why would they sit by and say nothing as a small group of disabled people are persecuted for that disability, yet the senior council officers are allowed to waste almost three times the savings made from taking away books for the blind?

  The answer is simple; those that control the local media are a part of the same group that run the council and steal the taxpayers money!

  The editor-in-chief of our local newspaper, the Sentinel, is Mike Sassi, who underwent his Common Purpose training in 2005.
  Perhaps this has something to do with why this criminal waste of public funds hasn't been mentioned in his paper?
  And the problem is clearly the same at the BBC, a publicly funded organisation riddled with Common Purpose.
But just to give you a taste of just how deeply our services have been infiltrated by this scum, here's a brief list of some of the local bodies that are home to Stoke-on-Trent Common Purpose.

  The Learning and Skills council.
  North Staffs victim support.
  North Staffs carers association.
  North Staffs Regeneration Zone.
  Stoke-on-Trent PCT.
  Staffs University.
  Age Concern.
  Stoke-on-Trent city council.
  Business Broker centre, Shelton Enterprise Centre.
  Saltbox Christian Centre.
  Local Education Authority.
  Disability Solutions.
  Staffs fire and rescue.
  Blue Mountain Housing association.
  Choices Housing Association.
  Keele University.
  NHS Trust.
  The Furniture Mine.
  Potteries Housing Association.
  Bentilee Volunteers.

   I could go on for hours with this example of just how comprehensive the Common Purpose infiltration of our society has been, but I'm sure you get the message.
  The media is being manipulated so you only get to see what they want you to see, and this is how they have gotten away this treacherous undermining of our communities for so long.
  Staffs Police is another organisation that is run through with CP. All these people and bodies that are supposedly there to protect our society are actually manipulating it for their own ends. You need to wake up to the dangers of this group and its affiliates, or you'll find yourselves sleepwalking into a nightmare.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Bloody council hypocrites!

  As a follow on to yesterdays blog about cuts being made by the city council in order to find £7 million of savings, I posted an article from the Sentinel that explained how the city council was removing talking books for the blind from library services, in order to save a paltry £13,600 per year.

   Take a look at the table below. This is from a freedom of information request by Councillor Mike Coleman, asking these corrupt council officers what was spent on the marxist programme of Common Purpose, and remember, this is paid for out of the public purse!

  They stop talking books for the blind to save £13,600, then waste just under £36,000 on undermining the bureaucracy that the city is supposed to run on!
Damn near three times what they save by punishing a small group of disabled people is eaten up by what they waste on this communist bullshit!
Common Purpose needs to be proscribed by the city council, its graduates banned from working for the city council in ANY capacity, and this should be the message put out by all local parties genuinely interested in democracy. The BNP in particular should ignore the ruling of their maniacal leader and unite with the rest of the city to fight this, no personal interests should come before the wellbeing of the city and its people.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Taking candy from babies, or books from the blind.

  How low can a group of council scumbags get?
In the hunt for the £7 million of savings required of them by the government, this city council will leave no stone unturned, except the one they're hiding under of course!
Childrens day centres closed, community halls disposed of, the mobile library history, and now, for the massive saving of £13,600 per year, talking books for the blind!

  Why are these thieving, lying, moneygrabbing tossers bringing harrassment to the lives of people who plainly have enough to contend with?
Why don't these masonic, Common Purpose sorts start making cuts and savings that will actually reduce the deficit?

  I'll tell you why, because to do so would mean hitting themselves in the pocket!

   Why should the blind go without talking books, but the city council still enjoy free parking, a perk which costs the taxpayers of this city £700,000! Now that would make a good saving!

  Why should the children have to lose out on the mobile library, but the city council still enjoy subsidised meals in their canteen, or spend hundreds of thousands of pounds tarting up their offices?

  Why should our communities do without community halls, but an evergrowing section of the council take £50k or more in salary?
And if they're not taking it for themselves, then they're giving it to their mates in the shape of cushy quango jobs.

   We absolutely must continue to bang away at this message to the electorate, and continue to highlight just how poor and corrupt the service is from these council deadbeats.
Only with a change of personnel will things get better, and the only chance you'll get for change in the next 5 years(!) will be the elections in May.

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Friday, 19 November 2010

Stoke-on-Trent city council couldn't organise a gangbang in a brothel.

  How is it that those at the top of the city council foodchain are paid for skills they plainly do not possess?

   Where is the legal knowledge that stops the council from straying into criminal behaviour, or the financial control and understanding that stops fraud and waste?
Where is the business acumen to guide us through fiscally tough times in order for us to continue our lives without the withdrawal of those services we most require and use?

  Well, one thing is abundantly clear, there's no point asking those morons heading the city council, because their actions display that they have no understanding of what's required to save this city!

   Yesterday, it was revealed that these brilliant minds at the top of the city council- yes, I am taking the p***- have a cunning plan to cover the £7 million reduction in their budget, they are going to introduce parking charges at both Dimensions and Fenton Manor swimming pools!

 They are going to raise an extra £300,000 or so from charging an already overcharged public, for the use of public services! Even as I write, I can hear Mohammed Pervez on the phone to his muslim mucker Mo Choudry............

   One of the basic rules of sound economic behaviour is the understanding that when times are financially tough, the way to alleviate the strain of business outgoings is to reduce local business taxes, because lower taxes provide the stimulus for growth, or continued usage.
Lower charges in order to attract more people into using your services is clearly an idea that has not made it to the top people in the city council, but if this simplest of sensible economic ideas hasn't registered ith these halfwits, what chance is there of any forseeable or lasting recovery?

  If the people in charge of this city council don't have the financial or business know-how to guide us through this chain of recessions, then why the hell do we continue to pay them such exorbitant salaries?
What are we paying them for? It clearly isn't for their sound financial planning, or their creative business ideas,
so why continue to throw money down the toilet?

   Their big idea for today is to increase charges on leisure and sporting facilities.
If you increase the prices, less people will attend. The less people that attend mean that jobs in these places will have to be lost, and that revenues will fall.
I sometimes think this is exactly what some of these chisellers want. Drive council businesses to the point where they become economically unviable, then these clowns at the Civic Centre can close them down and sell them off to their friends.

   At the next elections in May, you'd better make your choices wisely, or there won't be a city left.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More mosques, and more city council lies.

  At present, there are 14 mosques in use in Stoke-on-Trent, but with the Regent street mosque nearly ready, and another £2 million mosque planned for Chaplain Road, Normacot, our tally of mosques will be brought up to 16.

  But hang on a minute, the crooks and appeasers of Stoke-on-Trent city council are deliberately peddling misleading figures in a bid  to fool the people of this city into thinking that numbers of muslim immigrants are very low, but if that is the case, why has the number of mosques doubled over the past 5 years?

  I think we should take a closer look...................

  Despite the doubling of the number of mosques over 5 years, the city council are deliberately misleading the electorate as to the numbers of asian immigrants in the area, and the best way to highlight this is by using the city councils own figures.

   According to figures published in the city councils propaganda rag, "Our Tenants", Autumn, 2010, the figures are as follows;

  This may look sound, but it isn't.
First off, these are council tenants we are talking about, so does the council actually think we believe they don't know who they are housing?
They know exactly who, and how many, are housed in these properties!

  The second point is, who classes themselves as white British?
Turkish, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian, all class themselves as white British, so that original figure of 80.59% will be very misleading.

   Thirdly, if the asian muslim population is so small, why has the number of official mosques doubled?
The only reason for this is that the muslim population has grown significantly, despite the attempts of the city council to play down the numbers.
And whilst we're on the subject of mosques, let us not forget the unofficial ones! Private houses and businesses used as mosques all over the city, some of which cause problems within the communities in which they are set.
  One such unofficial mosque of which I've heard numerous complaints, is on William Coltman Way in Tunstall, where visitors to the house park across the neighbours drives, down both pavements, and block access for the residents, yet the council refuse to do anything about it. The city council also refuse to keep any information on the location, or the numbers, of these unofficial mosques.

  Finally, I'm adding the web address of a website that lists all the mosques in the UK, so you can check just how many there are in your neck of the woods.
  We can reverse this trend, we can stop the establishments refusal to put us native folk first, and all we need to do to stop it is vote these tossers out!
Please make sure you are registered to vote, and that you take the time to cast it, this is all we need to do to change the future of our towns and cities for good.   contact us at;

Friday, 12 November 2010

Show me yours, I'll show you mine.

The degradation of our political systems is well known to everyone with more than two operating braincells, but it is at local level, council politics, that I want to take a look at, and perhaps highlight some of the pitfalls from Stoke-on-Trent city council in order to throw a spotlight on what stupid things are happening in other parts of the country, perhaps your part of the country!
                     The number one financial problem in my humble opinion, because if you slash council officer salaries to a sensible level, the greedy b*****ds taking huge sums at the minute would pack up and bugger off to another council where they could continue taking vast amounts of public money under false pretences.
Stoke-on-Trent city council has 269 people getting- I won’t say earning because they don’t- £50,000 or more, the total bill for which is now an astronomical £18.9 million!
  And that 269 is up from 90 in 2005!
This is the criminal influence of Common Purpose, freemasonry, and the personal greed driven Labour Party, a body fairly equated with that of a sewer, it being so full of sh*t.
  Our new CEO came up from Devon, not because he had any genuine affection for the city or its people, and not because he felt the urge to put right what the Labour party has mismanaged and destroyed over 60 years, no, this southern surfer dude showed up on our doorstep because the position he applied for came with a gut wrenching salary of £195,000!
 His big idea for getting this city back on the straight and narrow is to invite in his consultancy mates at an initial cost of £400,000, but with the potential to rise to £4 million!
 And as we speak, this suntanned skidmark is in the process of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on refurbishing one floor of the Civic Centre, with decking and water features to make it feel like a garden.
I’d personally like to drown him in his bloody water feature.
Remember, at this time the city council is in the process of finding £7 million of savings every year, for the next 4 years!
 This is also the same city council that gave the job of head of North Staffs Regeneration Partnership to a thief and a liar. The man put in charge of Regens £3 billion budget, stole his wifes rare book collection during their divorce, a collection valued at £35,000, and sold it a dealer for £4,000!
He was dragged before the courts and had to be told by the judge not to take or sell anything else of his wifes!!
And this is the quality of the top people in and around Stoke-on-Trent city council! Is it any bloody wonder this city looks worse now than it did after the Germans bombed it in WW2?!
 This city council is now undergoing its third fraud investigation, with 6 officers of the North Staffs Regeneration Partnership being suspended, and a man in the north east being arrested for contractual fraud and theft. Funnily enough, the description given by the police of the arrested man fits exactly with that of the former head of NSRP! A spooky coincidence, or something a bloody blindman could have seen coming?
  By the way, the head of North Staffs Regeneration Partnership was taking home a very respectable £150,000 a year in salary, but you know what they say, once a thief............
  Be sure and leave the details of your worst councillors and council officers as comments, we’ll have a measuring contest!

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Changing Tack.

  What the hell is going on in British politics?!

  How can it be that the very people responsible for the dreadful state of this nation, are the same clowns elected and re-elected by what seems to be the majority of the electorate?  
More to the point, why would the electorate do such a damaging thing?

One part of the answer to that question is the unsuitability of a nationalist candidate in whom the handing over of Britains interests could be trusted to, and as time goes on, it becomes clearer that the most well known nationalist- Nick Griffin- simply isn’t fit to rule, or have anything to do with the running of a nation.
Nationalism stands bereft of the leadership needed to make a realistic challenge for the right to rule, not that there is a lack of quality, experience, or skill, far from it, the nationalist cause has a wealth of talent from which to choose, it is the splintered, factional nature of nationalism that is holding back any serious attempts to put together a shadow government, that and the far too numerous ego’s that always seem to intervene before common sense.

  Before I go on, let me just explain what I mean by nationalism.
  Nationalism is about blood and culture.  Being handed a passport 5 minutes after arrival does not make you British, being here for 2 or 3 generations does not make you British.
The first rule of being British indigenous, is of course the fact that we are white northern European, and have been for 20,000 years. This idea that the ownership of a piece of paper or the say so of some petty anti-British official reverses or negates these facts, is idiotic.
    So this civic nationalism is no nationalism at all, it is just another facet of PC liberalism, just another way of including foreigners in something to which they have no right of inclusion. If they find themselves moved towards the causes of nationalism, then they should take up that cause in their ancestral lands, the lands from which their families originate, and re-build them to the point where national pride returns. This trying to take the nations of Britain for themselves, is a cuckoo syndrome that is greatly damaging to the British, giving the viewpoint that the separate nations of Britain are not home to any indigenous peoples at all, something that is keenly promoted by those political traitors that currently infest what used to be the home to modern day democracy, Westminster.

Westminster will have to be fumigated before real Brits can operate from there again.

   In order to make the advances required in political structuring, nationalism needs to set aside those things that allow the continuance of factionalism. Racial nationalists need to unite behind those things upon which they are agreed, not argue over those things upon which we disagree, only in this way can we direct the protests of an entire movement at  the single target we need to destroy; government!
    We now suffer under a political system that is corrupted throughout. Local, regional, national, and international politics are all riddled with liars, cheats, thieves, and deceivers.
  We exist under the rule of a political ideology that states the lives of the indigenous white Europeans within their respective countries, are not as important as those of the immigrants that have colonised those countries, that believes the care and welfare of its armed forces personnel should come second to the technicalities of the human rights act in pandering to those same immigrants, that foist upon the native taxpayers the burden of footing the education bill for hundreds of thousands of foreign students, to the direct detriment of our children.
  And in particular, we see that islam is being used more and more to usurp both power and position from the native peoples, driven by a political establishment intent on breaking our communities, our social cohesion, and any feelings of nationalism, in favour of PC liberalism, globalism, and their undying yearning for a new world order with a single global race as its trophy.
 Of course, the Westminster scum have no worries on these matters, they are stealing enough money through the allowance schemes to allow them to choose the best performing schools, the safest neighbourhoods, the private hospitals, not for them the failing standards of a nations infrastructure, the no go areas imposed by immigrant colonisation, or the decimated NHS services that have slid further down the rankings as the number of immigrant workers increases.

   So what will it take to put right these deliberate attempts to derail Britain?
What it won’t take is new labels for old ideologies, for new fangled descriptions for ideas that have been dragged from the depths of political history, like the “big society”. Once again, Cameron shows he’s no Tory, just a socialist with a blue tie.
  This is the worst kind of Marxist crap, recycled, relabelled, and sold to the public as a panacea for the effects of a stale economy and downtrodden communities, despite the fact that these things were spawned by the very people now telling you what you should do!
There is no need of new ideologies, or of new labels for old ideas, any nationalist push for governance should be based on the one thing that will revive the interest in politics and their reason to vote, and that is the truth!


  We have an entire establishment floated on a raft of lies and bullshit, protected by a media that acts to mask the malfeasance of this rancid political connivance, and that is overseen by the vast numbers of Common Purpose, freemasons, Bilderbergers and illuminati that have been actively put into places of influence in order to stop this landtrain of deceit from crashing before its objectives are met.
  But any structure built on iffy foundations; and they don’t come more iffy than Britains  current political system; is open to damage, and if we shake it hard enough, we can bring the whole lot down about their ears.

When the footsoldiers of this corrupt regime, the uaf/searchlight scum, start to shout in the streets about Nazis, we should be right there at them, with the chant, traitors!
And when our meetings or demonstrations are met with the shouts and lies of these people, then they should be met with similar inconveniences at their meetings and demonstrations, and when in their bravery, they physically attack nationalists or the nationalist cause, then this too should be returned to them, only ten times harder or ten times more than what they gave out. It is time these people were shown that if the political system refuses to uphold our basic rights and freedoms, then we’ll bloody well uphold them ourselves!
As to winning victory in either local or national elections, it’s simply a case of getting the right message out, and that consists of policies that will change the face of your towns, cities, or even countries positively.
There is so much upon which nationalism is agreed. Stop all immigration, then reverse the process, withdrawal from the EU, the re-introduction  of corporal and capital punishment, proper prison sentences and policing, a return to the three ‘r’s curriculum, the need for an English parliament, stricter controls on banks and their investments, and a whole host of other policies.
The point is that this is the weapon with which we can shake the establishment, this is how we crash the house of cards their establishment is built on! Explaining to the electorate in clear and simple English how what we would enact as policy would affect them positively, is one of several vital points to be achieved, along with uniting the racial nationalists behind a nationwide manifesto, and bringing to the fore a selection of nationalists fit to lead a national government.

It’s a big ask, but it is certainly achievable, yet it stands or falls on the ability of the nationalist movement to persuade its best and brightest to put aside ego’s and technical differences, and to gather together to form a manifesto behind which we all stand, so that the people the length and breadth of Britain understand our aims. In one clear, concise document, we could explain our targets countrywide.
  These are the things that I genuinely believe will make the difference between success and failure for the nationalist movement, and if we can forego the pettiness of the past and create a set of policies behind which we can all stand in support, then irrespective of Griffin and the BNP, we can push nationalism on further in two years than its moved in ten.

Craig Pond, England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent Division.

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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Asylum seekers still treated like royalty.

   Here in Stoke-on-Trent, figures released by the UK Borders Agency tell us that of )ctober 25th, 2010, there are 586 registered asylum seekers in the city.
  I know what you're thinking, that's not very many, but start to calculate the cost of this, and I guarantee you will be shocked.

   For instance, if each asylum seeker is in receipt of £100 per week, that's £58,600 per week. That translates as £586,000 every ten weeks, or £2.9 million per year.
  Now on top of this estimated figure- the city council refuse to answer my questions- you have the effects of the Revised Tenancy Agreement. Produced in May 2001 by the then Home Secretary David Blunkett, this document stated for landlords considering housing asylum seekers, exactly what had to be provided, and I guarantee you won't believe this either.

  All properties to come with curtains and netting, pots, pans, cutlery, plates and dishes, at least one chair for every person that will be resident in the property, and one bed each for every person resident in the property.
Bedding, including thick blanket or duvet for every bed, at least a 20" colour TV, with license(!), all white goods to be either brand new, or if secondhand, must come with 12 months warranty(!)
Must have telephone, which must be quarterly bill not pay as you go, no cash meters either. Both gas and electric meters must be quarterly billed.
Carpets, towels, the list is endless, and can be found on the net under Revised tenancy agreement.

  I would just like to thank our Labour council, and our PC liberal government for highlighting the fact that I no longer count in my own country.

   Thanks very much.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Van der Laarschot; The arrogance of Leadership.

   Right from his arrival, I never rated John van der Laarschot as our new city council Chief Executive Officer, I was firmly of the belief- and still am- that this grinning Devon surfer boy was here solely for the grotesque salary that came with the position, and not because he had any genuine affection for the city.
  That view has been shown to be right, because this man has achieved nothing in the turning round of this city council from the corruption riddled, Labour party boys club it always was.

  We said at the time that if you offer such a ridiculous salary package, all you'll get is people interested in the money, not the city, and once again, this proved to be right. Van der Laarschots salary of £195,000 was insane.
What we needed was a local person who would do the job for £60/£65k per year, the problem is that the city council is now so corrupt, and the network of freemasons and Common Purpose so comprehensive, that it is impossible to work around it, which is why it is vital that freemasons and Common Purpose are banned organisations for those that want to work in the public sector. I mention this because there exists a persistent rumour that van der Laarschot is Common Purpose, as was the last interim CEO, Chris Harman.

  As to sorting out the city, which is supposedly why he was chosen in the first place, his leadership and ideas have been particularly weak.
Now remember he has been paid nearly £200,000 to solve our problems, yet his big idea for doing so was to invite his consultancy mates in at a cost to the public purse of £400,000, for the first stage! If Vanguard Consultancy were kept on to stage 3, then the outlay from the public purse was to be at least £4 million!

  We have to ask why are we paying him a vast amount of money to do a job, when all he's doing is paying someone else to come in and do it for him?
And if these consultants are the only way to cure the ills affecting this city council, then why haven't the department heads whose departments need sorting out, been sacked? If they are doing the job so badly that outsiders have to be called in to rectify their mistakes, then the council should be dumping these officers that clearly are not up to the job!

  But what really pushed me into writing this, was a report from a friend who was returning from visiting his wife in hospital. As he drove round the one way system past the main entrance to the Civic Centre, he said there was a large lorry with a hiab( crane), lifting off bundles of timber decking. This is at about 5.30pm.
   There was talk that van der Laarschot was planning on refurbishing part of the Civic Centre upper floors, as every new arrival into one of the top spots seems to do.
Mike Wolfe did it when he was elected Mayor, Meredith did it, spending £730,000, and now van der Laarschot is doing it.

   So, some questions need to be answered.

What happens to all the expensive stuff the previous person bought, the furniture, carpets, and curtains?

How much is van der Laarschots refurbishment costing the public purse?

Why is he tackling such a project as this when the city council are sacking employees in order to save money?

Does he consider this a good example of competent financial management?

Why does he need a garden feature in the Civic Centre?

......and one more question that I think the readers would be interested in,
when is your contract up you moneygrabbing tosser?!

  I'm going to leave you with a comment from ex-councillor Ann James, who made these points on the titsntots website.

Submitted by Ann James on 01 Nov 2010 at about 22:48.

  The Leader and Chief Executive asked for cuts today yet! The council is still wasting money.
The chief executive is not cutting back on the refrubishment of floor 1. I understand these are to be the executives new offices. There is a garden space in the middle of this floor, I understand that decking has been delivered to improve this space.
If everyone has to make sacrifice, so should he. What is wrong with his existing offices. A fortune was spent on the Elected Mayors office when Mike Wolfe came to power, is this no longer good enough for the leader of the council?
Last year during the budget debate, suggestion on how cuts could be made were submitted, none that I can see have been taken into account, once again we see the same cuts as last year.
Dave Conway has critized the officers for not collecting money owed to the council. What have officers done to recify this?
700 staff to go that must have a effect on front line services, I hope the cabinet, officers and consultants who are reponsible for these reports and cuts dont end up costing the council more money, we have seen it in the past, agency staff at an extra cost will be brought to do the work, or service will deteriate that it could lead to government intervention, e.g childrens (that ended up costing the authority more).
There are good hard working staff in this authority after how this has been handled my fear is that we will lose them. This happened before, it took years to recover.
This City is working from a low base for funding both in grants and educations. Compare this City with other Unitary Authorities last year an officer told me we get £26m less than some of the other authorities. Although the Labour Government knew this they did nothing while in power, to bring us up to the same level as other Unitary Authorities. The cabinet should be arguing this with the present government. If funding is cut do it pro-rata, cut the authorites that have over and above there funding allowance.

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