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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Getting our act together.

  Mark Leat and myself travelled up to Preston yesterday to meet with the Chairman of the English First Party-Mark Cotterill- and to attend a memorial meeting in honour of British nationalisms greatest figure, John Tyndall.
  It was a joy to meet other nationalists from around the country, and listen to speeches from a first class top table that had decades of experience and knowledge between them.

   The one thing we were all agreed on, was the need for some kind of umbrella organisation under which all the different nationalist groups could gather. We would like to see a British union of Nationalist organisations, somewhere we could all work together whilst retaining our group identities.

  With the news that 4 ex-BNP paid officials have handed in a 100 page complaint to Powys police over Nick Griffins alleged fraud over £100,000, the rapidly collapsing BNP is stranding thousands of decent nationalists who find themselves not wanting to spend money on re-joining, because it is not being used for what it should be, but the ex-officers group Reform BNP are dragging their heels over the starting of a new group to which all these nationalists could join, so they are left in limbo with nowhere to go.
  England First Party, Stoke Division would just like to let you nationalists know that there is a home for you here with us, if you so desire.
Text or call. Mobile No. 07955 142653, or e-mail us at


  1. Just heard, fighting at the junkies day out -love racism hate music- at Hanley Forest Park lol.

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