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Monday, 25 October 2010

The English Defence League??

Friday, 22 October 2010

The English Defence League? More like the League of Nations!
The irony seems to have by-passed those EDL leaders who front an organisation called the English Defence League, but which includes afro-caribbeans, jews, hindus. These may well be upstanding guys, but they're not bloody English!

And Tommy Robinsons determination to drag the jews into this organisation by promoting Israel, what the hell does that have to do with saving our country from this foreign invasion?

Here's an article from Nemesis that was posted on the Northwestnationalists site.


By Nemesis

On Saturday 9th October up to 1,000 members of the English Defence League (EDL) targeted Leicester as part of their national strategy to stage protests against the emergence of Islamo-fascism and the growing threat of Muslim terrorism.

Whilst I have reservations against facets of the EDL – the growing rift between leadership and the rank-and-file, their tactics and their over-stressed reliance on their quest for multicultural support – I believe that the EDL marks one of the most important developments within British Nationalism for decades.

Despite criticism from the State-sponsored assets of the BNP and other Nationalists the EDL have provided a platform to voice the opinions and anger of millions of white working-class people, mainly males, and have created a major force to challenge the liberal Establishment. The EDL has overnight become a vehicle for many white working-class males to vent their anger and energies at an increasingly belligerent and untrustworthy Establishment which only represents the interests of the global capitalists and Corporations. Hence the reason why the Establishment has allied itself with the growing power of Muslims both with the UK and across Europe.

However, it is wrong for the EDL and any other nationalist movement to equate the Taliban with home-grown Islamic terrorist groups and ideology. The real enemy is Militant Islam and Muslim Colonisation. The reason is that the Taliban were created by Western Intelligence organisations in the 1990s and since then this ‘threat’ has been used by Governments to instill fear amongst Western populations and to justify the West’s involvment in the Middle East, primarily for oil and Israel.

The CIA worked with Pakistan to create the Taliban as a bulwark against the former Soviet Union. Most of the money to arm the Taliban originated from Saudi Arabia. In the 1980s even the SAS became involved in training the Mujahideen, taking orders from the CIA. Osama bin Laden is even reported to have been personally recruited by the CIA in 1979 in Istanbul. In 1988, bin Laden discussed the establishment of a new military group, which became known as Al-Qaeda, and the US became involved in their training. Al-Qaeda means ‘the database’ and was originally the master file of mujahiden who had been recruited and trained with help from the CIA to help defeat the Soviets.

Thus it would be the wrong strategy for the EDL to fall into the hands of the State and its lies by identifying against the ‘Taliban’ and Islamic terrorists. The real threat is against home-grown Islamic terrorists and extremists, all of which have been encouraged by the West and the UK in particular to come to our lands in exchange for easier access to Middle Eastern oil. We must ignore the propaganda of the Intelligence Agencies and the of the Establishment into identifying the enemy which they themselves have created in order to accept a united international leadership for a false war against ‘terrorism’, ie for oil and Israel. This false threat is simply helping the International Global Elite to form a New World Order. We must be aware of the false reality that is being placed overt us by thee State Illusionists and Puppet-Masters. The BNP under Griffin and Barnes has already been coerced into accepting this false perception of reality, becoming simply an anti-Muslim movement working with Israel and the NWO. The EDL cannot afford to be used in this way and instead must focus on Militant Islam and the Islamic Colonisation of Britain as the threats that must be opposed.

The EDL needs also to reassert its original roots of representing England for the English (and of course Scotland for the Scots, Wales for the Welsh and so on), instead of trying to appeal to the multicultural community, most of whom cannot be considered English, or Scottish, or Welsh ethnically. These national forms of identity are ethnically-driven and cannot be taken by for example, a south Asian, an Afro-Caribbean or African. By all means members of the multicultural communities can show their opposition to Islam and Islamic terrorism by supporting the EDL, but the EDL must in the future be an ethnic identity organisation FOR the English (or Scottish or Welsh with their own separate Defence League organisations). It gives the wrong signal to the public that anyone can be English (or Scottish or Welsh), making our indigenous British identities worthless. The EDL must be for the English. The SDL for the Scots, and the WDL for the Welsh.

The local establishment – the local newspaper, the Leicester Mercury (known locally as the Leicester Mockery for its un-newsworthy stories and PC bias), BBC Radio Leicester and Leicester City Council – all conspired to hype up the EDL march weeks in advance and pressure the Government into banning it (which they successfully did, although the EDL continued with their staged protest by limiting it to a static protest which is within the banning order). The local establishment mouthpieces of propaganda put out a considerable amount of hype and opposition to the EDL, both before and after the event that it was clear that the EDL posed a serious threat to them. In fact, what the Establishment feared was a challenge to their Marxist orthodoxy of the multicultural society, and since Leicester is generally regarded as a ‘success’ story (ie whites are soon to be come a minority within their own city in the very near future), the EDL protest was regarded as dangerous and subversive by those in power.

This shows the fragility of so-called race relations within Leicester. Surely, if the race relations industry and local establishment believes in their multicultural experiment so much then they would welcome a challenge, and if the local multicultural society was as strong as they try and let us think then any threat to that structure would have been ignored or derided. Instead the bastions of local multicultural orthodoxy tried to counter the EDL threat by setting up local events on the Friday before with a ‘peace vigil’ (ie Marxist UAF and liberal do-gooders) and a mini-festival organised by the Marxist puppet-masters, ‘Hope Not Hate’,with Marxist idiots like Billy Bragg and Reverend and the Makers, plus assorted multicult puppets to keep the somatised and brainwashed crowds happy, mostly colonists and some white liberal idiots who clearly lack any semblance of intelligence, preferring their opinions to be given to them by others rather than thinking for themselves.

The level of hype was such that one could have been forgiven into thinking that the city was intending to be visited by an invasion force hell bent on wrecking the city. On the evening prior to the event saw a number of shop fronts being boarded up in advance of the EDL protest and the confrontation by the far-Left Establishment traitors, the UAF.

A group of us went around Leicester city on the Friday removing as many of the so-called green ‘peace’ ribbons that had been strewn around lamp posts and trees by the fanatical Marxist army of idiots and do-gooders, We did our civic duty in clearing up the Leicester streets by dumping the silly ribbons where they belong – in the bin. Green was chosen by the Marxist idiots in protest at the EDL as it was regarded as a ‘non-partisan colour’. Since the UAF and ‘Hope Not Hate’ clowns had organised this political protest the ribbons should have been red to signify their Marxist credentials.

As it was the EDL protest passed off relatively peacefully with only 17 arrested and not the major riot that had been anticipated. The EDL had gathered in several pubs near Hotel Street that had been allocated to them by the police and these gatherings passed off peacefully with great solidarity and good-natured drinking and patriotic fervor. It was only until the EDL were abused and goaded by local Muslim gangs and crowds of UAF supporters (and probably police agent provacateurs) that some members of the EDL reacted out of frustration.

It would be better for the strategy of the EDL if they did not co-operate with the police or authorities. Any form of co-operation with the hated authorities, the enemy within, is usually marked by betrayal by them. The EDL should consider working autonomously and spontaneously, and not give the authorities any notice of protests. The aim of the EDL is to smash Militant Islam and they cannot work with the Inner Enemy, which is the Left-liberal Establishment. You cannot expect to rout and smash an enemy by co-operating with those who work and even favour the Muslim extremists. Both must be by-passed and if necessary confronted at some level and at some stage. The Establishment are simply traitors and cannot be trusted, only confronted and smashed.

At about 4pm as the static protest began to be moved out a healthy group of 200 EDL supporters managed to break out of the protest area and through police lines, skirmishing with Muslim gangs and UAF up around the inner city areas close to the Asian and Black stronghold of Highfields, known locally as ‘The Jungle’. A huge crowd of Muslims had gathered, some from West Midlands Muslim gangs, in Highfields and around their mosques, but were prevented from invading the city centre by police.

It was self-evident that the police, in implementing the local social cohesion strategic plans with the local authority, were desperate to prevent the EDL from going near Highfields where rioting may have ignited. Violent clashes between Muslims and blacks against the white EDL occurred around the eastern inner ring-road area of the city, close to Highfields, many of the Asian Muslim gangs being driven back into their colonised territory of Highfields. It was a delight to see white youths, many of them English, chasing the once belligerent gangs of Muslim Asians out of the city centre, back into their dirty slums of Highfields. For so long these arrogant Muslim gangs have been able to take over the city centre as they have done so in Highfields, and swagger around as if they own the place, ignored by the local police. On that Saturday the EDL retook those streets and taught the Muslim colonists that although the white liberal politicians and Establishment are appeasers and have fallen down at the colonists’ feet to worship ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’, there are some white men and women who have not given up and are prepared to fight the Muslim aggressors.

Let this be a lesson to the Muslim colonists and the Marxist aggressors. When the EDL visit Leicester again it is hoped that the EDL turn-out will be far larger, better organised and led, and more determined to retake the city streets from those colonists and their white Marxist appeasers.

Video of the EDL in action in Leicester

These are video clips of the UAF/Muslims preparing to die and go to their ‘paradise’ (as stated in one of the titles of these clips) when opposing the EDL Leicester demo, and antagonising the EDL, with Asians showing blatant racism towards the white English.

The white liberal Establishment need to wake up to the truth of the reality of Militant Islam and the failure of the Multicultural Experiment. They should show these videos to a wider public instead of apologising for Muslims and attacking the EDL for defending our culture.

This is what happened when the Muslim gangs were confronted by only a fraction of the EDL in Leicester.

Tell me that Leicester does not have hundreds of Muslim extremists:

If these would ever meet head on with a full EDL demo I am confident that it would result in massive local social disturbances and a racial clash. The police would not be able to control the clashes, and nor would they be able or interested in controlling the massed ranks of local Asian Muslim gangs.
Our British ruling liberal elite leaders have allowed this mass immigration dangerous colonisation into Leicester and other parts of England.

I hate the British liberal elite with vengeance!

Civil unrest is coming.


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