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Friday, 22 October 2010

£900k down the toilet!

   Ex-mayor Mark Merediths boyfriend, Merv "the perv" Smith, has been re-elected to his former position of councillor, either by gerrymandering by the Labour party, or the stupidity of the people that live in his ward, and I genuinely hope it's gerrymandering.

   Carrying on from where his lunatic uaf boyfriend stopped, Merv the perv is now advocating the spending of another £900,000 on tarting up the approaches to Hanley. Now there are a number of problems with this idea.
First off, in the middle of a severe financial crisis, the least sensible thing to do is spend just under a £1 million on something that will earn no money. On top of the £2 million Meredith spent already tarting up the entrances to Hanley, this smacks of the most naive use of funds possible!

   The second problem is why spend money on the approaches to Hanley, when half of the said town has been demolished and not replaced? They constantly talk about the plans being drawn up for the rebuilding of Hanley, but that is the only money these morons spend. Somewhere in the Civic Centre is a bloody cupboardful of drawn up plans, that have cost us a fortune, but that will never be used.
And as for that so-called modern design bus station, it looks like a crashed UFO!

  Look at some of the other wastes of money these Labour donkeys are responsible for. Meredith spent £730,000 on carpets, curtains, and furnishings for the top floor of the Civic Centre, and he is also responsible for the cutting down of 21 trees and replacing them with?.............................. that's right, a sculpture of a tree!! That was another £350,000!
There was £15 million overspend on the Cultural Quarter, £10 million bill for the failed Worldgate project,
£6 million overspend on the Tunstall Northern By-pass, £2 million wasted on the tarting up of Hanley, there was the removal of £60 million back to government because Stoke-on-Trent city council were too slow in spending it!
It's a miserable tale of one cock up after another!

  I don't know why the city council don't just drop all pretence, demolish what's left of Hanley, and spend what's left of our budget laying in a golden path to the Regent Street mosque, the epicentre of everything this crappy council hold dear.

1 comment:

  1. This city council finance department are the most incompetantly lead of all the departments.
    Money is thrown away on any useless cause.
    The city's revival is the last thing on their minds.
    Its time for a clear out of the cowboys running this city's finances.