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Monday, 27 December 2010

Let's set the record straight!

  Councillor Mike Coleman has been telling members that I've been slagging off the BNP.
Not true.  I've been slagging off the leaders of the BNP, a small group of people that have brought the party into disrepute with their unacceptable finacially iffy behaviour, with Griffin in particular helping to cripple the party by running it into the most massive debt, debt that now stands at over £600,000.

  My sympathies lie with the members and activists of the party, the most selfless bunch of nationalists for the most, whose donations are abused, whose branch finances are taken without request or thanks, by the head office gits that seem determined on wrecking the BNP by not paying any of the bills that are due, but by wasting such funding that they have, on ridiculous court cases, brought by ex-employees who were unfairly dismissed, as this weeks court case proved when Griffin in his infinite stupidity, pushed ahead with a case that the other parties wanted to settle out of court to save the BNP the extra expense. Griffin said no, and then promptly lost the case, a case in which the final financial settlement will be close on £200,000, all of which will come out of membership money and members donations.

  His clownish and extremely damaging behaviour just before the general election, and his litigious stupidity in sacking and suspending a host of officers that disagreed with him, highlight the reason him and his yes men have to go, though the damage inflicted on the party is now so severe its becoming too much work to rescue the tatters of what's left.

  So the next time Mike Coleman says I'm slagging off the BNP, tell him to stop talking rubbish. My heart will always be with the genuine nationalists of this country, including those decent, hardworking ones of the BNP, but I will never refrain from criticism of those that masquerade as nationalists, but who inflict division and damage upon the movement, and Griffin most definitely falls into that category.


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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr Griffin what have you done?!

  Against all advice, from members and officers alike, Nick Griffin chose to ignoresuch sensible options as settling out of court, and chose instead to crash headlong into the legal system with his fight against the ex-BNP members known as the Decembrists.

  His arrogance has cost the BNP dear, with the court ruling in the Decembrists favour, and awarding costs of £40k, with a total bill expected to be well over £100k, so all you BNP members had better ready yourselves for the avalanche of begging letters coming to  a letterbox near you!

These two articles fill in the gaps, with one from Eddy Butlers site, the other from the NorthWestNationalists.

Nick Griffin has been ordered to pay the sum of £45,000 toward costs within the next 28 days to the people who have become known as the 'December Rebels'. Steve Blake, Kenny Smith, Ian Dawson, and Nichola Smith.

The balance of the full sum which has not been set yet is likely to be around another  £40,000

More news:

The above does not include Nick Griffin's personal legal bill of around £30,000 which brings the total to £110,000 falling due within the next three months.

Please note:

This case did not involve Matt Single or Sadie Graham.

Decembrists win Court action against Griffin ?
News is spreading round the web that moneylover Nick Griffin has had costs awarded against him of over £40,000+ . Then there's the Court costs.
A sum of well over £100,000 + is highly likely to be the final sum for costs.
It's well known the BNP is skint due to the shambles that Griffin has made of the previously succesful BNP. But like all his other ventures, ex-bankrupt Griffin has again been involved in much financial chicanery to say the least over the last 11 years.
Where this amount of money will come from to pay these costs is limited and unknown. No doubt Griffin will try to pillage BNP monies nationwide. NWN advice is for BNP units to keep a 'safe hidey hole' where Griffin cannot get his grubby hands on their money. Keep accounts secret, so that he doesn't find out about any cash you may have.
Maybe this Court case is one reason that frequent parachutist Griffin, didn't parachute into Oldham once again, to stand in a Parliamentary by-election there. He knew he was going to lose you see.
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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Council cutbacks, and what you should be looking for.

  For the past two years through the Potteries Community Federation, and later with the England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent division, a group of us in this city have pushed to make certain financial irregularities public, in the hope that some of you would pick up on what we were showing you and try to pressure the city council into being honest about what it was doing with huge amounts of your money, but as usual, all we got was moaning and groaning about what was happening, but no bloody action.

  Well, you don't have a choice now, because if you don't take action against the crooked system of governance that this city is run by, you can kiss goodbye to the services the city council is supposed to provide as the entire setup comes crashing to the ground amidst a million pointing fingers, all claiming that it wasn't their fault, but the governments.

  One area of financial duplicity is what I'm going to take you through now, so please pay close attention, and I'll give you a demonstration of the city councils very iffy financial behaviour.

 The two documents above show what the city council had invested on your behalf, in cash, in 2007/08, and from then to 2009.
£92,784,000, just under £93 million of taxpayers cash kept in accounts so the city council could draw off the interest, which as the second document shows, was just a couple of million per year.

After the banks crashed, and the Icelandic bank Landsbanki in particular, the loss of £5 million of the money invested by the city council caused all kinds of strange financial behaviour, not least being the decisions as to what to do with the money from here on in.

Under the financial guidance of the biggest arsehole in British politics- Gormless Broon- decisions were made that smacked of corrupt practises.
There were at the time, limits as to how much money could be invested in one place at one time, this was circumvented by Head of Finance for the city council, Paul Simpson( or Homer, as we like to call him)

Of the £93 million invested, £13 million was on call- that means it was invested on the short term as it would be required in the near future, sometimes money like this would be invested overnight- so that reduced the amount to £80 million.
£43 million of this remaining cash was used to "pay bills", an e-mail I received from Hannah Quinn at the council answering a freedom of information request I had put in stated;

The £43m is a running down of cash balances which cannot be traced to individual items of spend as it is part of an overall strategy to fund either revenue or capital by cash (rather than, say, borrowing). It is not clear where the £43m has been derived from."

   The above statement should have you phoning the Audit Commission as you read, because it says that it is not clear where the money came from, or where it went to, but wherever that might be, rest assured it is untraceable!!
 When I asked the Assistant Head of Finance, Robert Thorley, about the £43 million that had been spent through the city councils current account, he refuted it was untraceable, but when I asked for a copy of the account statement so I could trace this money myself, I was informed by Mr Thorley that I was being 'unreasonable'.
Shortly after that, reasons were manufactured by the city council to stop me asking questions, and cut me off from freedom of information. 

    That leaves us with £37 million remaining from an original investment of £93 million. If we reduce the total by another £5 million to represent what was lost, that leaves £32 million which the city council invested with the governments DMO- debt management office.
For an investment of a least £32 million, the people of Stoke-on-Trent would become richer by the measly sum of £30,000, this being all the interest the city would get from this money, whilst the Labour government raked in millions.
  Questions asked about this investment were met with hostility and denial, of the three of us that submitted questions specific to this investment, none of us have had any answer from the city council other than, "investment? What investment? Don't know what you're talking about." 

  There is at least £32 million of the taxpayers money invested on behalf of the people of this city, of which they seem to have no knowledge, and funnily, almost the exact amount that the city council claims it needs to find.

It is high time that Sassi at the Sentinel, and all the other local media outlets, stopped protecting their Common Purpose/ masonic mates, and told the public the truth of just how incompetent the finances of this city are managed, not just big investments like this, but the S106 money from planning applications, money that has been taken for other purposes than those for which it was paid, and that is a direct breaking of the law.

  Stoke-on-Trent city council has become a boys club, with corruption and unacceptably unprofessional behaviour from the council management, behaviour that is readily embraced by far too many elected council officials in exchange for position and money.
Forget the political labels, let's clean this stinking mess up once and for all, and dump on their arses all of those that helped to support and sustain this corrupt and damaging system.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Catching up.

Two bits of information relating to the BNP today, with the first being Mike Colemans failed attempt to get halal meat removed from being served in schools.
8 said remove it, 38 voted in support of it staying. We need a list of those 38 so as to ask their constituents if they agree with this appeasing, animal cruelty stand.

  The second is taken from Eddy Butlers blog, and is a comment left by a BNP insider. What they have to say could be crucial to the BNPs success in the upcoming May elections.

  News that BNP debts are down from £560k To £220k In 3 months is incredible, especially if it were true! The new party treasurer must be growing a nose to rival Jimmy Durante with porkie telling on this scale. Is Clive Jefferson deliberately lying to the Chairman and the party faithful or is he just so stupid he thinks he is telling the truth?

Just a snippet of the real debt mountain currently being pursued:
1) Gilbert Davies solicitors £50.000
2) Romac printers £40.000
3) Mark Collett £25.000
4) Michaela McKenzie (court) £25.000
5) Smith court case (court) £50.000
6) 6 suppliers (high court) £75.000
7) Royal mail (court) £60.000
8) Adlorries (Dowson) £150.000
9) NI contributions (HM government) £60.000
10) Small claims now registered £45.000
11) Current legal bills £30.000

This is not including the £50,000-£100,000 legal bill from the Equalities Commission case due any day now. This could push party debt to over £700,000. This would amount to nearly a million pounds - is Clive Jefferson on drugs? (Not including any recent small “under £5000” debt amounts, this could easily add on a further £30.000)

This is a true account of the full debts the party faces as at this time, December 2010. The claim that the party has cut running costs from £100,000 to £28,000 a month is nothing short of fraudulent or at best the babblings of a treasurer who is so completely incompetent as to risk the party’s future by his obvious lack of basic accounting knowledge and true party expenditure.

Nick Griffin will pay a heavy price for dishing out such ridiculous statements - did he ask Mr. Jefferson to substantiate these figures? Has the scrutiny committee seen any evidence to confirm this economic miracle of the decade? Does Jefferson own a calculator or are these miscalculations the result of him not being able to count his toes as well as his fingers?

I am sure the IMF will be head hunting Clive soon. If only the banking system had a money wizard like Jefferson we would have been spared this recession (or maybe they did)!

As someone once said ‘if you’re going to lie, tell a really big one’ the bigger the lie the more chance people will believe it. “We owe around £650,000 but we will tell the grunts it is only £220,000, who would believe we would dare to lie on such a gigantic scale?”

Clive should have thought this through because when all these start showing up in court papers his deceit or stupidity will be seen and I predict Jefferson will be looking for a job back on the doors again as a bouncer.

 Nick Griffin has to go, though many of us suspect it is already too late for the BNP to be revived to a point where it became electable. A great shame that one man can bugger up an entire movement.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Who would have targeted the mosque?

   Read the following brief article from tonights Sentinel, about an attack on a bloody big mosque here in Stoke-on-Trent.

sentinel Image: sentinel

Arsonists use gas pipe in plot to wreck Hanley mosque

ARSONISTS have targeted Hanley’s new mosque in a racist attack.
The offenders broke into a nearby building in Regent Road in Hanley and directed a gas pipe into the mosque at around 6.30am.
They smashed their way inside the mosque, taped the pipe across an alleyway and inside the building.
But the fire was put out before there was any explosion.
Chief Inspector Wayne Jones told The Sentinel at a press conference this afternoon: “The perpetrators tried to use gas from premises next door to damage the mosque."
He added: “At this stage we are treating this incident as a racist attack on a religious building.
“I am sure the community are as appalled at this behaviour as we are."
Buy The Sentinel tomorrow for the full story.

  There are a couple of points to be made here.
One, despite their lack of success, top marks should be awarded for originality.
Two, how can you have a racist attack on a religious building? These politically correct morons still haven't got the message that muslims are not a race, so attacks about them are not racist, they are religionist!

If the politicians will insist on withholding our rights to democracy, then people will take matters into their own hands, and bloody good on 'em!
  The two major policy problems with Britain are our enforced membership of the EU, and this unending flood of immigration, and the main similarity between them is the fact that the people of this country have been denied their right to have their say on whether or not this is what they want, so these lying, thieving deceitful gits that masquerade as leaders either give us our entitlement under the rules of democratic principles, or they can expect a lot more of this kind of behaviour, some of which will hopefully be targeted at them!

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