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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How much?!

   If Stoke-on-Trent city council would run its fleet vehicles on recycled veggie oil, we could save the best part of a £1 million per year, because the councils diesels bill for 12 months is £1,033,000!
  Over £1 million a year just for diesel.

   There is a company called Bio-Pod that sell a complete system for converting used veggie oil into clean, vehicle fuel, and for £175,000+vat, you can have a system that can refine 7.5 million litres per year.
  Now if the city council would collect in all the waste veggie oil themselves, instead of giving to Biffa, the oil used could be refined at Cromer road, where there are already storage tanks.

  Once you have the big lorries running on this recycled fuel( bin lorries, gritters), you can expand the recycling of all other materials because the cost of collection should drop massively. Collections should be free. The collection of timber, and timber based products like furniture, beds, etc, should be collected for free. This encourages people not to flytip, and gives the city council free fuel for the incinerator at Stoke.

   There should be a paper recycling plant in the city as well.
The local market that would be available for taking paper is massive, what with schools, the police, the NHS, and the council itself.
There should also be facilities for the recycling of kerbstones, paving slabs, and house bricks from the numerous demolition sites around the city. I'm sure we could get cleaning up these items as part of community service, this too would save a lot of money.

  There are masses of savings to be made without adversely affecting services, yet the city council refuse to take them up, instead, they prefer to spend money on brand new kerbs and flagstones when cleaned up recycled ones would do just as well.
It's your money they are wasting, it's up to you to make them spend your money in the most efficient way possible, remember this when it comes time to vote.


  1. good to see england first in stoke

  2. You'll be seeing a lot more of us over the coming months, because someone needs to represent the people of the city, and let's face it, what they have now is pretty poor.