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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ideas for a better city.

   We all moan and groan at the 3rd rate job being done by the senior officers of this council, and of the terrible state this city is in, but it isn't enough to complain, if we really want to get this city started, then we need to come up with our own ideas on how to do it.

  Spencer Cartilidge, Mark Leat, Sam Tunstall, Terry Cope, and myself, have talked briefly about what we need to see implemented by the city council in order to see this city rise, these are some of the ideas we came up with.

  •   Slash council officer salaries- they take far too much. Halving the salary bill for senior officers would save millions for the people of this city.
  •    Allocate houses to Stoke-on-Trent people first
  •   Extend the canal system instead of building all these roads, use it for local travel and haulage, and to attract visitors to the area..
  •   Withdraw from all bodies that aren't solely concerned with Stoke-on-Trent. They are called Stoke-on-Trent city council for a reason, that reason being that is what they are supposed to look after, not north Staffs, or the West Midlands.
  • Make it a part of the contract that anyone working for Stoke-on-Trent city council, lives within the city limits.
  •   Abolish free parking for city council employees. Everyone else has to pay, including doctors and nurses, so there's no reason why the city counci shouldn't be doing the same.
  • This city council should do much more of its own recycling. Done properly, there are both jobs and profits in this.
  • England First would put up proper Christmas decorations, not this politically correct crap our present council put up. 
  •   Have the city council run council housing, not have it farmed out to housing associations more interested in housing immigrants than local people.
  •   Have the city council put contracts through local businesses, then have those businesses take on apprentices in exchange for being given council contracts.
  These are a few of the ideas we've touched on, but this is your city so let us know what you think.

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  1. Perhaps veering off topic somewhat but still think the following is pertainant:

    Writing this having just returned from a shopping trip in Hanley.

    I wonder if anyone else would agree with me when I suggest that a trip into Hanley is one of the most unpleasant experiences one could hope to avoid.

    These hoards of legalised beggars simply have to be challenged. Several who could only be described as Fagin-like gangs, composed of swarthy foreigners, ranging from Roma Gipsy types to huge Negroes, hassling passer bys in an attempt to hound them into signing up a direct debit type subscription to some dodgy ‘Charity’.

    This of course is quite apart from the now traditional English town gauntlet we’re all grimly used to running; comprising of generally female middle-aged whitey types. Rattling their tins accusingly as one hurries by, head down. Frequently dressed in ridiculous outfits - cats, penguins, etc - one wonders; is this the real attraction for their participation in this anti-social behaviour…?

    Not forgetting of course those opponents of proper Government funding for the Air Ambulance Service, Hospices, Save the Children – the list goes on - and on. And on….

    The talentless Buskers (often up to three). The Big issue Sellers – two of whom obviously must be making a very good living thank you, judging by the fact that both have been selling in Hanley for at least the last three years or presumably would have given up and sought employment by now.

    Weasel faced underclass benefit fiddling smokers blocking the pavements outside of the scruffy pubs and drinking dens.

    The Pie shops. The ever increasing number of charity’ shops. Porn Brokers, Loan Shark outlets. The fast food chicken holes. Halal of course, judging by their hostile looking, strangely dressed proprietors.

    The sudden sense of panic one feels on the realisation that you as a white middle aged person is standing there, vastly outnumbered by people with who you have no rapport or shared history – let alone standards of morality with. And all this in what was just another small town set in the heart of a country we used to love, value and feel safe in, once called England.

    Well done Labour!

    Well done Stoke on Trentistan Council! (Motto, ‘Send us your poor huddled masses, we’ve got thousands of empty homes for them’).

  2. A depraved gang leader who forced a 91-year-old woman to perform sex acts on her elderly carer at knife-point was today jailed indefinitely by a judge who branded the case one of the most 'sickening and harrowing' he had ever heard.

    Michael Lewis, 21, recorded the violent and humiliating ordeal on his mobile phone as a 'trophy' to show members of south London's Brixton Hill Blood gang.

    Passing sentence, Judge Roger Chapple said the attack showed there were 'no limits to the depths of depravity that some will descend to.'

    Known as 'Joker 187 General' - the number referring to the American code for murder -, Lewis cut the phone line and threatened to kill his terrified victims.

    He then subjected the pair to the humiliating attack, forcing them to perform a series of sex acts until he fled warning he would return if they called the police.

    'The reasons for your behaviour are to me entirely unfathomable,' the judge said.

    'You were not affected by drink or drugs and have no disability.'

    Folks, are we serious about us lot? So cruelly raped by the fascist/labour scum that now control our dear Stoke?

    Please someone: perhaps you can't stick your head up for whatever reason but if you have some computer expertise, please help?
    No matter.

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