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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Labour, the most corrupt political party in Britain.

  I've never been a Labour voter despite being born, and growing up, on a council estate, and I think the reason why is that my internal bullshit detector works properly.

   I had the misfortune of seeing both Ed Miliband and Ed Balls speaking on the TV this week, and they are both two faced hypocrites, who, irrespective of the damage they have helped to heap on this country, are now spreading the lie that the coalition is all evil, and it is they that are responsible for the state of the country!

   That is a lie, and it defies belief that there are people out there that actually believe this rubbish. Every time the Labour party have come to power in this country, this country has ended up on the verge of bankruptcy, and then these god damned communists jump ship and let some else take over, someone that has to clean up the mess left  by Labour.

   Of course, as soon as difficult decisions on cuts are made, up pop Labour as defenders of the common man and say, " you can't make these savings, it will hurt too many people."
No, what hurts so many people, and forces the incoming government to make savings is the criminally irresponsibility shown by the Labour party towards Britain, and the level of debt it has been exposed to!
 Who did they think was going to pay for all this unchecked spending? What kind of a chancellor would tout himself as prudent when he deliberately acted in the worst interests of this country?

  And it's the same at the local level of politics. The lying, thieving, incompetent scum of the Labour party are directly to blame for the pisspoor state that this city is now in. Firstly, this Labour controlled council goes on a spending spree that sees £millions wasted, £millions sent back to government because the Regen scheme was run by retards and crooks, and £millions of your tax pounds given away to the bme communities in this city, but not to native Stokies, and to moneygrabbing senior officers of this city council who seem to treat the public purse like their very own bloody slushfund!

  When this pathetic tory alliance took the reins of responsibility from the thieving communists of Labour, Labour decided not be represented on the newly formed cabinet, not out of some spark of honesty about their inability to organise a gangbang in a brothel, nevermind organising the political system of this city, no, they deliberately sat back in order for others to take on the task of cleaning up their mess, whilst they sat back and blamed the new cabinet for all the mistakes and corrupt decisions that they had made!

  The biggest single danger to this city, this country, is that the communists of the Labour party will lie and cheat their totally corrupt way back into power, it is this that will destroy this country completely.

  And don't get thinking I'm a coalition supporter, because as far as I am concerned, they are little better than the far left liars and thieves that Labour have dumped on us over their thirteen year term of destruction, but there is a glimmer of hope for this city with the new coalition Localism Bill that they are trying to get through parliament, this will give real power to our communities to change the way politics get done locally, and will allow the city council to be controlled, this is what we've needed all along, and it looks as if the coalition government will deliver it for us, that's why all the panic from Labour, if this goes through parliament, it will mark the end of the gravy train they have been riding for the last decade and a half!

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Closing Tunstall swimming pool.


Yesterday I received an e-mail requesting me not to turn a meeting I was going to attend, into a political argument.
The idea that this is not political I find curious.
With the BBC there, Joan Whalley went into overdrive with a Labour Party broadcast (that had quite a few nearly falling asleep) blaming the Con/Lib’s for the cuts they have made to the city allowances.
Now let me say at this point I immediately became suspicious of her intentions.
Let me explain, it’s quite simple.
Both Joan Whalley and Megan Ryan have claimed they have been fighting for the last twelve months;

Joan Whalley, letter to My Tunstall website.
  “ I wish to make you personally aware of my approaches to your department over the last 12 months on this matter, including a meeting with the Cabinet member and sports officer on this matter. I have been in contact with the City Council since March last year.”

Megan Ryan, posting on My Tunstall website.
  "Terry I have for the last year been looking into saving the baths, I have spoken to or taken, various organisation’s there, but unfortunately no one has found it a viable enterprise, I haven't finished trying yet and will be working with the portfolio holder to try and keep them open".

Now the fact that both have been “working” on this matter for 12 months make Joan Whalley’s and Mohammed Pervez’s statements of Con/Lib’s blame a lie, as they have only been In power 6 months. 

  The closing of Heathside Senior Citizens Home was also blamed on the Con/Lib’s?
  This city council ( Labour controlled for the last 60 odd years) has carried out a policy of cut, shut, and demolish for god knows how long to preserve the council fat cats wages and expenses.
  Our MPs have not been averse to dipping their sticky grasping hands into the public purse.

  The fact that the city council has not done enough she makes plain in her letter,
laughable considering she is a Labour MP and we have a Labour council.
   800 children a week learn to swim in this pool, so will someone please tell me where these and future children are going to go?

  Once the camera’s left so did the camera loving Joan Whalley

   There is I believe, a question over the geographical location of the two pools –Shelton and Tunstall- and the reason for closing these two particular pools.
Well geographically Waterworld is between these two pools and would increase its profits for its owner Mo Choudary (who was embroiled in a controversy over the council trying to close of Dimensions) if they closed.
I am a suspicious person.

  The fact that it is the city councils duty to maintain and preserve “OUR” amenities that we pay council tax for, seems to have been dismissed by “OUR” elected representatives.
This is, and has always been, not about lack of money, but political posturing by our Labour councilors against a Con/Lib Government, and will ultimately put Stoke-on-Trent “once again” at the bottom of the manure pile.
Terry Cope, Greenfields Residents Association, Potteries Community Federation.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stoke-on-Trent city councils lies and deceit.

  It's a never ending quest for the people of this city to try and find decent representation for themselves in the local council chamber, and that search is still ongoing because we clearly haven't discovered the right people to represent us yet!
  This has been brought on in particular, by the totally unnecessary, and deliberately provokative behaviour of the council cabinet, to close both Tunstall and Shelton swimming pools.

  Ask yourselves a question, is it really necessary to close these two amenities, or is there something more to it?
                                           Mr close a swimming pool himself, Mohammed Pervez.

   Why is it always the swimming pools this council want to close? First Pervez tries to close Dimensions so his mate Mo can buy it up cheap, but when that fails, lo and behold, they go after the other council run pools instead!
  Shelton is used for the health benefits of a lot of people, but we are told it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs. Tunstall is a very popular family pool, but we are told it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs. They are trying to get rid of Burslem library because it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs.


If you close two of the remaining public swimming baths, what does that achieve?
 It leaves people in the north of the city with Dimesnsions, and if they don't want to go there, then it's off to Hanley to visit Mo's mega expensive Waterworld.
  And what's going to happen to Tunstall swimming baths after it's been closed for a couple of months and all the fuss has died down, will the city council be looking for a buyer??

       The kids of this city will be doing less of this if this crappy city council gets its way.                                                            

   The city council receive money from the people of this city, and from the public purse, to provide services and amenities for the people of this city, and this pretense been peddled by Pervez and the rest of the moneygrabbers on this poxy cabinet that they simply can't afford to keep these places open, is an outright lie,
one that Joan Whalley supported at last nights meeting!

  There is nearly £42 million in cash in the DMO accounts that is not ring-fenced, Ian Norris has posted that he has found another £35 million stashed away, and between December 2009 and December 2010,
Stoke-on-Trent city council invested £708,511,000 in the governments DMO accounts!!
Several years ago, Sam Tunstall discovered a bank account that the education department had, with £12 million in it that they didn't know they'd got!!

   If you want to see this city survive this constant onslaught from these crooks and incompetents, you have to stop voting in the same old faces! We need copuncillors that will retake the power of decision back from the overpaid and criminally negligent senior officers of this council, so that the candidates elected by the people of the city run the city, and the officers do what they were hired to do in the first place, offer guidance and advice, and implement the policy decisions of the city councillors!

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

What are we doing?

  On Friday, 18th February 2010, I attended a meeting and Christchurch that was about the imminent attempt by this truly poxy council, to close Tunstall swimming pool for good.
  And for such a bitterly cold night, there was a fair turnout, 25/30 people gathering to see what they could do to bring to an end the petty tyrannies of councillors and council officers that do nothing for the people of this city, in fact, they seem to go out of their way to go against what is best for the people.

  As I started to speak about the outrageous council lies about them being skint, not having the money to fix what they had a duty to fix, the chap on the pew in front of me and Terry Cope, collapsed, looking like a massive stroke had taken his life.

  Now I got to thinking about this man and his wife, and the way he spent his last night on earth fighting to stop a handful of lying scum from manipulating the system to suit themselves instead of running it in the best interests of the electorate, and I came to the conclusion that we shouldn't have to be fighting against the very people elected to represent us, this time would have been far better spent in the company of friends and family, enjoying life for the opportunity it is, not spending time away from friends and family fighting against people who claim to be on our side!

  This council system is working, whether it is its propensity for working with sh*te like the kiddy fiddler Wanger, or the corrupt, incompetent, and light fingered that riddle this city council, the citizens of this city are being let down by far too many of these minor bureaucrats, and it has to stop before this city is completely destroyed.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

No need to close Tunstall pool.

                                             Now it's targeted for closure, will this be sold off 
                                                               to the highest bidder?

 Just back from a peaceful demonstration outside Tunstall swimming pool, where 40 or so people had gathered to fight the closure of this important community amenity, yet despite rhetoric to the opposite, not one of Tunstalls three councillors could be bothered to show up, neither could the Labour communist MP, Joan Whalley.

                                                           Another Labour no show.
                    Clearly not too concerned with the potential loss of another city swimming pool.

 I spoke to numerous people while there, one of whom took me inside the building to view the swimming pool and then ask me where the £360,000's worth of repairs were. This is a very good point, and it highlights a well known council tactic of  exaggerating the costs of repairs/upkeep in order for them to push through closures, though the qwuestion should be asked, which of the useless council officers is going to be fired for allowing the maintainence of the swimming pool to slip so far behind its schedule?

  The answer to that is of course, none. No-one will be sacked, in fact, they will probably get a promotion for helping the city council to once again do what it wants to, irrespective of what the people want.

  But whilst we're on the subject of the councils duty to the people of this city, why are they claiming to be closing this pool for savings when they have general fund cash reserves of over £41 million in the DMO?

Even if the cost of repairs to Tunstall swimming pool were £350,000- and they're not, £150,000 at most- surely with cash reserves of £41 million the money for repairs could be found? If it was a senior officer leaving the city council, you can bet your arse they'd find the £100,000+ for a golden goodbye, yet the people of the city don't rate the repairs to a much used local amenity.

  I'm told that Cllr Megan Ryan already has it on her website that Tunstall pool will close in March, and that the so called leader of our council, Pervez, is blaming the coalition cuts for this closure, when it is a well known fact that the closure of Tunstall pool has been on the agenda for well over 12 months now.

  Some of the senior officers and councillors are a bunch of liars, determined to paint a picture of the finances that differs greatly from the facts, and the only way the people of this city will get the services they deserve, will be to change the faces that represent them in the council chamber from the third rate crap they've got now, to people who have a genuine affection for this city and its people, and by not doing this, you will seal a future for this city of the removal of more and more services, yet the chargeas to you will rise and rise.

 If you decide to vote for the same old faces, don't say you weren't warned.

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Friday, 11 February 2011

City council still being deliberately misleading over its finances.

  Trying to get at the truth from this Common Purpose city council is a neverending nightmare. I don't think there's an honest senior officer in the entire financial department, and it's a depressing thing to have to point out.

  We here at England First, Stoke division have been trying to fathom the murky depths of the city councils finances so we can see exactly what is being done with your money, but as usual, they are being their usual deceitful selves in trying to mask what's really going on from you and the other taxpayers of this city.

  I'll give you an example of what I mean.

  My mate Sam put two straightforward questions to the city council in the form of a Freedom of Information request;

 1) What are the total deposits at present?

 2) What is the total cumulative total for deposits made in 2010?

   Two simple, straightforward questions. Here's the answer he received

      Total outstanding deposits at present (21/01/11)

     Debt Management Office.......................................... £41,857,000
     On call accounts........................................................£49,288,000

   Total Deposits at present..............................................£91,145,000.

  They've only answered the one question, and according to the DMO office itself, as of Dec 14th, just two months ago, the deposits held were £25.26 million, so where has this extra £16.5 million come from?

 Why is the "on call" money invested in these accounts? The only people making any money from the interest is the bloody government, because the city council only gets 0.25% interest on the money that gtoes in to these accounts!

  Sam's second question asked what the total investment was for 2010, and the city council have made no attempt to answer that at all, possibly because the governments DMO told us that total investments from Dec 09 to Dec 10, were £708,511,000!

  One more thing. The £25.26 million that was in the account on the 14th Dec, 2010, had earned a cumulative interest figure of just £1,446.41, less than £1500 for a £25 million investment!! At this rate, the £708 million the city council invested would get us an interest return of £420,000!

  There appears to be money everywhere, but very little that the council will admit to having. They seem to forget that this money belongs to you, not them, so perhaps you should remind them of this come election time.

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hot off the press!

 Two things have cropped up that need exposing to the local electorate today, both concerning the inferior quality of our city council.

 Speaking to two of my compatriots today, I learned that Sam, who walks his dog in Fenton everyday, and who stops to talk to the council workers every day, has been chitchatting to them about how much money the city council actually have. The men were naturally worried that their jobs were in danger, so when Sam told them the city council had plenty of money, they were a little sceptical.

 Some rapid printing by Sam, and ten minutes later, the council workers were reading a copy of a Freedom of Information request from the DMO to Terry Cope about how much money the city council have in cash in the account- £25.26 million- and how much they have invested in the account over the year from December 09 to December 10- £708 million.

  Suffice to say the workmen were not overly impressed with their bosses at the council, a copy of the FoI request was taken into the Civic Centre this morning by a manager there.
We'll let you know what happens, and there is a new FoI request from the Debt Management Office of the government due in tomorrow, more on this later.

  The second story concerns the closing of Tunstall swimming pool. All three councillors in this neck of the woods are crap, but Magan Ryan did come out and answer a question by Terry Cope as to why the councillors were doing nothing to fight this closure. Ms Ryan came out and said she had been fighting this closure for some time, a claim that has been verified, and that brings up a very interesting set of questions from that butterball council leader, Pervez.

  He stated in the Sentinel just a matter of days ago, that the city council had decided on these closures because of the pressure of cuts from the coalition government, but id Ms Ryan has been fighting the closure for months, then Pervez is once again telling porkies over the closure of another swimming pool!

  His reasons for this need to be looked into, as does his close relationship with the Arfur Daley of the muslim world, Mo "wanna sell your swimming pool" Choudary.

  I think it's time that questions were asked of this crappy council, and some of the shifty no gooders that have wangled their way into positions of power within it.

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Monday, 7 February 2011

When will this stupidity end??

  Yet again, I'm here writing about this ridiculous city council and its self destructive policies, self destructive that is, for the people of the city, not the greedy pig officers still stuffing their pockets with their ill gotten gains from the public purse. Their fat salaries are safe, so too their even fatter pensions.

  This time, the idea is that by reducing the number of councillors, the city council can make savings of £100,000., but it isn't the payments made to the councillors that are the problem, it is the payments the council officers make to themselves that are skinning the council.

  The bill for all 60 city councillors comes to just under £900,000, the bill for the 269 employees that get £50k or more is £18.9 million! Never mind saving a £100k by reducing our representation in the Civic Centre, half the number of greedy b*****ds in this pay bracket, then half the wages of those left, that's the way to achieve real savings.

  Other savings that could be made that are once again the responsibility of the council officers, are the insanely high prices that Stoke-on-Trent has to pay for its street furniture.
Two dog mess bins cost over £1100, that's over £550 each!!
 A bench the likes of which you can get from B&Q for £300, £900!
 The lamppost bins with Stoke-on-Trent stenciled on, £600!

  How can this ever be right? Maybe we should be looking into just who is supplying the city council, and just who is responsible for the awarding of contracts, but then they are still under investigation by the fraud squad, and SIX council officers have been suspended, one has been arrested and charged with fraud and theft.

  We have a Head of Legal Services who has repeatedly sat on his hands whilst this city council has broken numerous laws and regulations, we should sack him, that would save the £104,000 per year he gets for doing bugger all, or the Head of Finance, who clearly wouldn't know fiscal responsibility if it bit him on the arse, or how about the senior managers who have had to have help from very expensive consultants in order to get their departments sorted? Surely to God, if they are incapable of doing their jobs they are paid handsomely to do, they should be sacked?

  Every system in the Civic Centre is failing because those who bear responsibility for the running of this city are not living up to their job descriptions, and the decent, hardworking employees of the city council, of which there are many, continue to be tarred with the same brush as the incompetents at the top.

  Things have to change or this city will die from maladministration, we need to get these people out of the Civic Centre, out of this city, and replace them with people who have some affection for Stoke and her people.

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The death of the BNP.

  I wouldn't usually write about another nationalist group on this site, but that moron Nick Griffin is killing off any hope the BNP has of resurrecting its reputation, and is quickly working his way through all of the competent nationalists that hold office in that party.

   Last week, Yorkshire Regional organiser Chris Beverley; a good bloke; was sacked by Griffin and replaced by a man with serious mental issues. I know that sounds like a joke, but it's absolutely true, this guy sustained serious brain damage in a motorbike accident, but it is his habit of asking men he's never met before to hump his Mrs whilst he watches, that really brings the party into disrepute!

Yesterday, it was the turn of another fine young man, this time James Clayton who was the organiser for Blackpool BNP, only this time instead of being sacked, James has walked, deciding to resign after reaching the point where he could take no more of the leaders billshut.
This is Jame's resignation letter.

To Kevin Clark, NW Secretary

CC Blackpool activists

I am resigning from the posts of Blackpool Organiser and West Lancashire Coordinator with immediate effect.

Since joining the BNP at the age of seventeen I have been tirelessly active all over Britain and stood for election six times. I have made many friends (and met my girlfriend) along the way and I will always be a devout Nationalist.

My original boundless energy as an activist and organiser has been slowly sapped away by one embarrassing internal event after another. The humiliation of Question Time, the faked 'murder plot', the inability to have a competent and honest administration, the inability to file complete and transparent accounts and lately the lack of political direction over and above anything that could be found in a red top tabloid. I could go on.

After months of turmoil and indecision I have made up my mind. I no longer wish to hold a position of responsibility in the charade and financial Bermuda Triangle that is the BNP.

James Clayton.

This is just one in an ever lengthening line of top class nationalists to either leave the BNP, or be fired by Griffin, and there is now a long line of ex-employees waiting on pay-outsd from the BNP for the wrongful dismissal cases they have won in court, and there are lots more waiting their turn!

  Griffin and a handful of top officials, including the reptilian Pat Harrington, are destroying the hardwork and freely given efforts of the partys most worthwhile activists and canvassers, and these people are leaving in droves because no matter how hard they work, how much effort they put in, Griffin and his henchmen continue to spoil it all with their criminality and selfish behaviour.

  At the next elections I get the feeling it will be goodbye to the BNP, hello to the rebuilding process.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

If God was going to give the world an enema, he'd stick it in the Civic Centre!

  If you read the Sentinel article on the cuts this bunch of a*seholes are inflicting on this city, then read the comments made on that article, then speak to people on the street or in the workplace, what you'll find is that the ONLY people that think these cuts are good ideas, are from within the Civic Centre.

  The other thing to note about the comments on the Sentinel site, is that they are clearly written by the supporters of the communist Labour Party, these stupid, lying people trying to implant the idea that this current mess is the responsibility of the coalition government, but seeing as how they have been in power only a few short months, the trouble clearly lies with the previous marxist regime, and their mad, one eyed Scottish leader borrowing larger and larger amounts of money, driving this country deeper and deeper into debt that we can't afford, that's where the bloody problems come from!

 And now we have the Stoke communists trying to play the same game, blaming cuts on the coalition government instead of their own incompetence and pisspoor money management skills.
And look at the cuts.
The first thing these council wallahs come out with is, "we won't touch frontline services." when that's the first place they go looking! The place that won't get touched is the vast amounts they take in salary, the five year increase in thoise getting £50k or more jumping from 90 people, at a cost of £5.1 million, to the obscene 269 people who now strip the public purse of £18.9 million! This is where we should be looking for cuts, these thieving b****ds ripping you off for £millions, and you sit on your arses and don't do anything about it!

 If the city council ran the bin lorries and gritters on veggie oil, they would save enough not to have to close Tunstall swimming pool, and Fenton and Burslem libraries. If they ran all the vehicles on veggie oil, they could repair Shelton baths as well. We've told them this, we showed them the numbers and how to go about it, and they did nothing with it!
They have now decided to close that money pit Ceramica, which has been taking £150,000 a year in public funding to keep it open, yet when we suggested this should be closed and the money put to better use, you should have heard the far left crud from pitsnpots bellyache!

  There is a fact you need to come to terms with, and that is that the Labour Party are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the state this city is in, their decades of control having been spent watching this city die whilst they did bugger all about it, and now, as usual, they are trying to pass the buck onto someone else for what is clearly their bloody mess.

  This city doesn't need the cuts being made at this point, and frontline services should be exempt from the cuts, instead the savings should be found from amongst the lying, thieving incompetent scum that masquerade as council leaders, when in fact they don't give a toss for this city, just how much of its taxpayers money they can cramb into their bottomless pockets, and it's long past time that the voters of this city took this into account, and dumped these lying communists out of the Civic Centre for good.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

More stupidity from the Civic Centre insane asylum.

  Take a look at this article, and then tell me I'm over critical when it comes to these imbeciles and their anal retentive health and safety regulations.

sentinel Image: sentinel

Ladder ban lands city council taxpayers with £1m bill

Ladder ban lands city council taxpayers with £1m bill
THE cost of using scaffolding at Stoke-on-Trent’s council houses and public buildings has rocketed by £1 million in just 12 months – after health and safety officials banned ladders.
Kier Stoke had charged the city council £423,000 for the use of scaffolding in 2008/09.
But taxpayers paid out £1.4 million in 2009/10 after Kier Stoke imposed the ladders ban.
It costs £35-a-day to erect scaffolding at a property, with the structures remaining for an average of eight days.
Now council officials are trying to reduce the cost by persuading Kier to use cheaper platform towers.
Tenants and councillors today described the ladders ban as ‘health and safety gone mad’.
City Independents deputy leader Councillor Dave Conway, said: “I’ve warned my wife that if the bathroom light goes we will have to put scaffolding up.
“It’s nonsense. Pensioners whose lights have gone outside their homes have had to wait for scaffolding.
“It’s health and safety gone mad.”
Community Voice councillor Mike Barnes said: “Kier has had a ladder ban across the country since January 2010 after someone fell off a ladder and seriously injured themselves.
“Since then, small jobs are being held up by Kier because they need scaffolding and it costs us £35-a-day.
“There are pensioners who need a new security light which someone six feet tall could put up by hand, who are having to wait six months because scaffolding is needed.”
Tenant David Burton gave up waiting for Kier to change the bulb on the security light outside his home and changed it himself – after standing on his tip-toes.
The 37-year-old, of Blurton, said: “I live in a ground-floor flat and don’t get home from work until 11pm, so I need the light.
“After three weeks waiting I phoned the council and they said there was a ladder ban so they would have to use scaffolding.
“But if I stood on my tip-toes I could reach it myself.
“In the end I bought a bulb and changed it myself and it works fine. Kier came out five weeks after I called them but by then it was too late.”
Council officials today described the £1.4 million bill as a ‘significant amount’.
A spokesman said: “The money was spent to provide safe access to roofs, windows and guttering to carry out necessary housing repairs through our contractor Kier.
“We are working with Kier to reduce this cost by introducing new safe and efficient methods of access like platform towers rather than scaffolding.
“We are confident that we can carry on reducing the cost with wider use of platform towers.”

 Now when I had to have the roof done on the back of the house, these clowns had scaffolding put up for 1 days job, yet the scaffolding was up for 6 weeks!!!
  At one point, I'd got five managers in my garden telling the workers how to attach the ladder to the scaffolding.

  The problem is that the city council know that money isn't theirs, so they spend it anyway they see fit. You should vote out the tossers that have let this happen, sack the council officers who spend your money like it's going out of fashion, and hack the health and safety department down to a couple of blokes that check you wear your hardhat on site, and leave decisions on whether or not to use a ladder, to those that will be using them!

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