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Monday, 11 October 2010

Housing immigrants before our own.

  There are several of us that have warned of the dangers of having to house the overspill from Birmingham, yet despite Stoke-on-Trents housing list of 12,000 people, the  city council continues to put imigrants into the vacant properties it runs.
  And it's now become clear why this is the case.
Both Coventry and Birmingham city councils have both said they have no more places for asylum seekers, and are going to withdraw from the government funded programme that encouraged this behaviour.

  The question is now, where will the government look to house its favoured people?

   Stoke-on-Trent, that's where! In the north of the city where I live, the black immigrant population has taken a massive jump, yet when you ask the city council about it, they don't keep the numbers, they don't know what you're talking about. Well the census should shed some light on just how many more immigrants have been shoehorned into Stoke-on-Trent, and just how big the lie is that council have no knowledge of such things.

   Stoke-on-Trent is going to end up as the northern tip of a council estate that runs from Birmingham, up. We
 will see the greenbelt between Birmingham and Stoke disappear, as it is eaten up for housing for this endless flood of immigration that is using up what little reserves we have, whilst at the same time putting an unbearable strain on our services, and still this government refuses to stop it!

  I've seen and heard lots of locals declare their love for this city and its people, but then in the very next breath say how they don't vote!
Well, here are your choices, register to vote, and vote for real change, or watch as your city becomes a dumping ground for third world tat that will milk you dry. These are the two possible futures that face the people of this city, you'd better decide what it is you want.


  1. The question should be "why was this policy implimented anyway"?
    This is the most racist policy ever thought up.
    Or will they be hiding behind the insidious "positive discrimination" to justify giving houses to foreigners before indigionous people.
    Labour as to answer for this lie, and the **** in the Civic Centre must tell the people of this city how they have deceived the city's tax-payers with this policy.
    Our estate has seen a dissproportionate number of coloured families against white tennants renting houses.
    Approximately 10/1 ratio in favour of "ethnics".
    This being the councils way of forcing us down the "multicultural" path whether we want it or not.
    This policy has been going on a long time and with the councils approval.
    Well what can you expect of the dross that inhabit the civic centre.
    Robots that "follow Londons orders" without question.
    Gutless "yes men".
    What will they do now that Birmingham (mainly ethnic) as said "enough"?
    Will they take over from them and bring them here?
    Do they realy want a Toxteth situation in this city?

  2. So many of the policies implemented by this Labour led council are detrimental to the wellbeing of the local people.

    Whether its the lax licensing laws, the anti-white, anti-British housing allocations, the crappy educational standards now witnessed in this city, and a dozen more things that make life worse for the citizens, something has to change fundamentally, or we'll remain nothing more than a dumping ground for the overspill from Coventry and Birmingham.

  3. We need councillors with some bottle to stick up for local people, instead of appeaseing ethnic minorities.
    We have an house on the estate that is specifically for ethnic minorities run by an organisation called "Blue Mountain".
    If I had advertised a house to rent "soley for whites" my feet would not have touched the ground on the way to the cells.
    But hey its ok to discriminate against white British people using Harmans "positive discrimination".
    Its simply anti white racism.