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Monday, 30 May 2011

Educating the masses.

  That is the target for nationalism, and it will take some time to achieve, but educating you in the ways of LibLabCon cheating is perhaps the best way to open eyes and minds to what is really happening today.

 Right, so you will have read me on numerous occasions blaming the politicians for all sorts of unacceptable behaviour, so I thought it might be time to provide you with conclusive proof of what I say, though this might involve you having to look up a couple of websites.

  Here's your starter for ten.


  This harmless sounding term is one of the most damaging of the EU's programmes currently running in this country. It refers to the fact that this programme is used by parliament to fast track unpopular EU laws and regulations through the House of Commons, without having to come before the MP's for scrutiny. Instead, it is muscled through without your representatives getting even a say on it!

    And it gets worse. This programme has also been used to pass laws and regulations through parliament when it is in recess!

 This is who I contacted about Override when it first came to my attention, check out what she has to say.

  Now, I want you to consider the two most damaging policies the government has at the minute- that's our enforced membership of the EU, and unlimited and endless immigration- and think about how these two policies help us. Do they make for more stable communities, or do they unsettle communities that have existed for hundreds of years?

  How does stuffing this country full of third world immigrants- and without our consent!- make our communities stronger or more cohesive?

IT DOESN'T! that is the simple answer. If the only people in England were the English, and we were represneted by the colour blue, the entire map of England would be blue.

  Start cto introduce foreigners into the map, and colour them red, what you have is spots of red appearing in a sea of blue. Now give it a couple of years of insane immigration rules, and what used to be a united and solid blue map is fractured in hundreds of places with red shards that represent cultures and traditions directly at odds with our own.

  Here are a couple of the cheats that the establishment use to kid you into thinking things are better than they are.

       When accepting immigrants into this country, Labour used to list the applicants name as an immigrant, but not those of the family members! So the fathers name would go on the list as an immigrant, but the wife and children were not listed! This is why Labours figures on immigration are distrusted by everyone, and why no-one knows the true size of Britains immigrant population!

      The LibLabCon will tell you that, for instance, 300,000 immigrants have arrived in this country this year.
      What has really happened is this. 500,000 immigrants have come into this country, but 200,000 Brits have upped sticks and left, so the establishment simply subtract the numbers leaving from the numbers coming in, and proclaim that to be the immigration figure for the year.
 What it means is there are 300,000 extra people in the country, but 500,000 extra immigrants in the country!

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Where do we go from here?

  After the abyssmal results of the local election that saw Labours cheating of the postal vote once again give them the lions share of the seats in council, us nationalists have to take a long, hard look at the way we do things, and see where improvements are to be made.
                             If this is a symbol of what you love, then it's time to prove it.

  Firstly, all the nationalist groups that operate in the city should gather together and work together. The BNP, or what's left of it, the England First Party, the National Front, even those supporters of the EDL who have a nationalist outlook and who want to save this city from the toilet its rapidly descending into, all these people need to come together and work as one for the sake of the city.

  Labour used telephone canvassing, third party posters, the postal vote, and thugs on the streets to try and intimidate their opponents, with those bloody muslims doing just that. In 2008 they were outside Longton library making threats and telling people who to vote for, and at the local elections just gone, they were up to the same tricks in Tunstall!
Yet despite all these advantages, Labour dragged themselves in with a pisspoor percentage, and it's this that should give nationalists cheer. If these crap results are the best that Labour can achieve with everything in their favour and a system designed to favour them, if we can get the electorate out to vote, they can and will be beaten!

  What the nationalists need to do is expand the fight. We need to take these commie scum on everywhere we find them. We need to do the same with Labour, disrupt their meetings, intimidate their members, egg their councillors, and become much more vocal and militant on the streets. Let's see how long these god damned liberal leftists last when good old fashioned nationalists take to the streets and crush their demonstrations.

  And when these soap dodgers come onto our estates with their lies and smears on leaflets paid for by the Labour party, we should take them off them and stuff 'em down the grid, then tell these ar*eh*les to sling their hook before it gets done for them.
This is how the far left got into the position it is now in, adopting the tactics of your opponent is sometimes necessary in order to defeat that opponent!

 And don't forget that all the other parties suffered the same kind of setbacks that we did, this wasn't just some phenomena that struck nationalism.

  We need to stop letting the left use us as whipping boys, even if that means at times rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. If you love this city, this country, as much as you proclaim to, then you shouldn't have any fear or doubts about doing what it takes to win it back!

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Monday, 23 May 2011

This is what our communities have been reduced to.

  This is what 60 years of Labour misrule has done for this country, with a little help from their Tory/Lib Dum mates of course.
Bask in the ruinous behaviour that they have been allowed to get away with, take a look at what decades of lies and deceit have brought us to...............then ask yourselves why you haven't done anything about it.

  We have to change our voting patterns if we are to survive as a nation, and that means pressurising friends and family into getting up and making the effort. Labour got in in Stoke with 45% of a 25% turnout, or less than 12% of the total available vote!
 We can defeat them in the elections, we can then reverse the damage done to this city, but these things can only be achieved with your help.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Catch up.

 Sorry for not posting, bloody computer packed up on Thursday and I didn't get it sorted until last night.

  Shock horror, it seems that I have upset Labours local propagandist Tony Walley, who has been crying and whinging ever since I suggested that the nationalists in this city use the same tactics as the far left scum here, you know, intimidation, violence, agression. It would seem that they don't mind dishing it out, but they haven't the backbone to take it, they should have thought about that before those disgusting scenes at the Civic Centre on count night.
 At the next election, we'll pack the count out with English nationalists. It was like an election in a foreign country with all those muslims in there, and a muslim security company letting them in from outside. This city council really is a disgusting set of sellouts.

  They have had an inauspicious start to their new term as well, having put in a gagging order in the new councillor packs, Pervez's refusal to re-look at the cuts made, and now they want to close public toilets in the parks at weekends!
  And remember, this is just the start of what is going to be a long and painful process for this city, but I have to say this is what you let happen by sitting at home watching the telly instead of investing ten minutes to vote.
This bout of laziness is going to cost you dear; is going to cost all of us dear.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What has the electorate done?

                                    Adolf Pervez, preparing to wreck what's left of this city.

  It just keeps getting worse and worse.
Mohammed Pervez to become Labour leader of Stoke-on-Trent city council.

  This is the man with whom responsibility lies for the next round of cuts, would anyone like to hazard a guess as to which swimming pool he closes this time?
 Or how about the most important historical buildings in the city, like our libraries and town halls, how long before this bunch of pocket lining scum start to rob us of our links with the past?
 There is already talk that Wanger has been sniffing about looking for a deal to be done with Tunstall library, Tunstall baths, and the police station. Right on the road frontage, it would make a splendid spot for a mosque.

  Stoke library has been given over to some communist union, this is besides the £286,000 paid to union officials out of public funds, and Burslem library is almost certain to be one of the first victims of voting in a foreigner to run this city council, a man with no connection, no affection, for this city, or its natives.

  This refusal of the people of Stoke-on-Trent to invest just a little of their time in voting, is going to bring a barrelful of grief to to those of us that did bother, but I suppose if you can't be bothered to vote, you won't be bothered by the adverse affects of your decision.

  Stoke-on-Trent cannot survive another 4 years of the criminal rule of these Labour cheats, people who have wasted £millions, have manipulated contracts to line their own pockets, who have by-passed the regulations to hand contracts out to specifric individuals and companies, who have at every turn done what's best for themselves, not for the people of this city, but the people have just sat by and let this happen, so they have no-one to blame but themselves for the upcoming carnage.

  I think the time has come for those of us prepared to put in an effort to save this city, to re-evaluate the way we do things. Labour lie, cheat, and steal, but it is us nationalists that are labelled the bad guys, it is Labour that break the electoral rules, but it is us that are castigated.
 There's no point going into a fight with your dukes up, if your opponent has a baseball bat, so sometimes it is necessary to adopt your opponents tactics in order to defeat that opponent. I think it is long past time that the far left scum of this city got more than a taste of its own medicine, that there is no point us nationalists sticking to the rules when our opponents cheat at every possibility, and that we should meet their agression and violence and intimidation with exactly the same, only bigger, better, harder.

  This is the way to win back this city, don't sit and take the unacceptable behaviour of a handful of socialist fascists, people that are prepared to force their opinions onto an apathetic public, to lie and deceive in order to get the Labour party elected, time for the gloves to come off, let's see have brave this scum really is when confronted with its own tactics.

Friday, 6 May 2011

How stupid are the people of Stoke-on-Trent?

  This morning, after the election, Labour are crowing over having control of Stoke-on-Trent city council once again, and in spite of already destroying most of the city, the electorate of Stoke-on-Trent have allowed them back in, not by voting for them, but by not bothering to vote at all.

  I think the average turnout for the election was 25%, that means that 3 OUT OF EVERY 4 VOTERS, DID NOT BOTHER TO VOTE!!

  How the hell are we to change the fortunes of this city when the lazy and stupid people won't even make the effort to put their mark on a piece of paper?!

  Labour combined forces with the ethnic minorities around the city because they know that the ethnic minorities will work together, stick together, and vote together, this is why the muslims had such an excellent election last night, they put the effort in and were rewarded for it!

  This is a major self inflicted wound by the majority of the voters in this city. Labour now have a crushing majority and there is no-one to challenge what they do or how they do it, and you can expect to see the immigrant population of this city continue to rise at an increased rate, you can expect to see more of the money from the public purse headed into the bme communities, and you will definitely see more of the Labour closures that have removed services and amenities from the public. They've closed our swimming pools, care homes, libraries, schools, and this rolling programme of closures will only get worse.

  But you know what, it serves you right. Every last one of you that didn't vote are responsible for the state that this city is in, and now that you have let the communists in for another 4 years, wait and see what they do to it then!
  So the next time you consider complaining about services from the council, car park charges, increases in your council tax, nothing for the kids to do, just remember that you had the opportunity to do something about it, you just couldn't be arsed.

 Labour didn't win this election, apathy did. 

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

City council or Staffs police, which is the most incompetent?

  I get sick of listening to the likes of Joy Garner banging on about how much they have achieved for this city, when they haven't achieved a bloody thing, Sutton is another making out he's worked 24/7 for the city, but as I visited a street in the middle of Goldenhill, a quiet street where half the houses are boarded up, I spoke to several people, one of whom was a curly haired bloke with a sense of humour, and bruises all over his body, including a shiner.

Him and his neighbours got to telling me about his injuries, and other things, that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

  He has some mild mental problems, and some mobility problems, and he lives across the way from the Co-op in Goldenhill.
The teenage scum that gather at the back of the Co-op to get drunk and high, like to target him, using him as a punchbag, and worse, for their cowardly attacks.

 Half a dozen times this year they've stolen his crutches, they've hit him in the head with a paving slab- he has the scars to prove- they set his head on fire(!), they've put his windows through and kicked his door in and wrecked the inside of his house, he is regularly covered in bruises from the beatings he takes..........and it is still going on.

  If I get voted in tomorrow, I will be organising a solicitor for him and suing the city council and Staffs police for gross neglect and dereliction of duty, and I will be looking to see if the Co-op play any part in the responsibility for these atrocious acts.

  The cowardly scum responsible for these attacks need to be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, and barred from ever coming back to the ward of Goldenhill. Why the city council allow filth like this to remain amongst the decent people of this city leaves me baffled, putting scum like this into our communities will only break them down, so why do they do it?

  The time has come for the city council to make as its priority those decent, law abiding citizens who have suffered so much under the deliberately malfeasant policies of this rotten to the core city council.
I'm tired of hearing about the human rights of this miserable scum, what about the rights of the decent people, the ones that don't use intimidation and violence, that don't ruin daily life for everyone else?

  The tenants of this city have to abide by a long list of regulations in the tenancy agreement, but the city council have managed to slide out from underneath any such duty to the tenants.

 In the interests of fairness, it is vital that the city council produce a declaration that closely echoes the tenancy agreement, and that includes specifics such as, not housing violent, criminal, or anti-social crap amongst the decent families housed on council estates, and that tight rules on the letting of private properties be brought in as a matter of urgency.

 We've got our work cut out, but it is a challenge to be met head on at full steam, this is something we must achieve to save what's left of this city.

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