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Thursday, 28 April 2011

What this city needs.


  Like everything else these morons have touched, housing in Stoke-on-Trent is in a pathetic condition.
 Charged with renewing the housing stock, this city council have failed abjectly to do so, leaving the city with less houses than it started with!
Labours attempts at improving the housing stock seem to have taken a wrong turn!

   And what few vacant properties the council have are given to outsiders who get to jump the housing list and go straight into a property whilst 11,000 people  have to wait in a queue!
 When you are lucky enough to get a house, the chances are you will have serious scum as near neighbours through the councils diabolical allocations policy.

 Tenants have a long list of rules and regulations in the tenancy agreement, which they must meet, and continue to do so, yet where are the councils obligations and responsibilities to the tenants?
 Where are the rules and regulations the council have to follow?

 As a tenant, you are not allowed to behave in a criminal manner as it lowers the quality of life of those around you, but along come the council and stick in some right scumbag who turns the area into a crime ridden dump, and nothing is done!
 Why are the council placing these kinds of people in our communities? How does this help to build a stronger community? Why put these people in, then have to go to the expense of gathering evidence for 6 months to get them out?
Surely to God ,the smart move is not to house them in the first place?!

  This city needs to clean up its image if it wants to succeed, and allocations is the first place to start on that journey.

  There has been a terrible outcry over the demolition of character filled terraced houses in and around the city, but one look at them highlights the point they are not up to scratch for the 21st century, but instead of knocking them all down- and there was nothing wrong with most of them-, if you knock down every third house, you change them from terraced to semi's, you retain the character of the buildings, and most important of all, you provide space for off road parking to clear the streets of vehicles!
 This is such an effective, and financially efficient way, of providing housing fit for this century without having to blow £millions, that it beggars belief that it wasn't used to save Middleport, Longport, and Northwood.

  As a member of the Potteries Community Federation, and as a representative of the England First Party, I have been in contact for several years now, with a national house building company that is right at the forefront of technical innovation with it's super efficient insallation and board design.
 Having spoken to them on numerous occasions, they wrote out a dummy contract for me that would have had two and three bed bungalows built to wind and waterproof for £9000!

 The boards, which are pre-constructed, are so energy efficient, they can negate the need for central heating! That's the kind of innovation we should be looking to, that would make a huge difference to pensioners on a limited income.

  They have now gone and made specific designs for social housing.  If we have to invite companies in to rebuild housing in the city, this is who we should be inviting to do it, and with a big enough contract, we could get them to make the panels here in the city, using some of the local workforce to construct them

  It is using imagination that will highlight us as a city council, and it is being highlighted that will bring us to the attention of businesses and investors looking for a place to do business, this is how we will start to improve the reputation of the city. Combined with a zero tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour, we can improve the quality of life for those living in council housing across the city, and the cleaner it becomes, the better its reputation becomes, the easier it will become to fill up the vacancies in our communities with decent, law abiding people.

 All these things are tied together, yet get one of these things right, it will have a knock on effect throughout the other areas, get them wrong, and you only have to look at the state this city is now in to know just what a disastrous effect it can have on peoples lives.

 This is what the England First Party will push for, clearing our communities of scum, improving the allocations system, improving the quality of life for the citizens.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

What this city needs.


  Getting the local economy moving in the right direction again needs to be done from numerous directions,from small, easily implemented ideas, through to more complex and time consuming schemes.

  First off, we need to help businesses that are already located within the city, and we do this by lowering business rates, and by lowering, or even dropping completely, car parking charges. If people know that parking will cost a little, or nothing at all, you will attract them in to the retail areas, if in these financially tight times you try and screw them with sky high parking charges, they simply won't come, and if the public aren't there, the sales won't be either, and that just applies more pressure to already strained businesses.

  The unattractiveness of places like Hanley needs to be changed too, and I'm not just talking about architectural aesthetics either, having the main retail area of the city filled with drunks, druggies, and gangs of immigrants on every street corner, does nothing at all for the image of the place, so social changes can and will effect the financial success of the area too.

  Large contracts given out to national/multinational companies would be far more effectively used if split up amongst local companies employing local people. A list of local builders for instance, held by the council and checked that they are cosher, could become the recipients of parts of a large contract that would have gone to a single company, but that has been split down into pieces small enough for local companies to handle. As part of them being listed for this contractual work, we make it part of the deal that these companies have to supply proper apprenticeship places.

  Offering this work to local companies guarantees that the money gets used in the local economy, this is one way in which we can help get things moving.

  The city council have to make Stoke-on-Trent a viable proposition for companies to want to move here, and in particular the larger companies that bring finances and jobs, and the way to do this is leading by example. The city council have to show that they have the innovation of policy that will attract the attention of big business, and in financially tight times like these, the only way to attract those big businesses is by showing them something special.
 Financial packages that keep local business rates low are essential, being able to adjust the school curriculum in order to teach the skills these businesses will need is also essential if the employment of locals is going to be noticeable.
  Running the council fleet on bio-fuel, creating at least one bio-mass plant in the city, green ideas like infra red lamp posts that switch on when triggered by movement, and then click off when that movement has passed, would save a fortune in electricity charges. Using rainwater for the flushing of toilets, using sewage to produce methane, comprehensively overhauling the recycling done by the council in order to improve efficiency and revenues, there are dozens of things to be done which could highlight this city in a positive way that are just being ignored by the present council regime, and you won't attract in the businesses that will change the city for the better doing this.

 Remeber too that "economy" touches on just about every service area the council deals with, from housing to public transport, so all these services can have an effect on the financial success of the city if handled right, not ignored or corrupted like at present, and the importance of regeneration means it cannot be left in the hands of who control it at the minute, their touch upon our city has been disastrous, their pathetic attempts at regeneration have left the city looking like it did after WW2!

  There is much to be done, but we have no doubt that what is needed can be achieved, it's down to you as voters as to what you want the city to become.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

What we want for this city.

  England First Party are standing in the upcoming elections with the sole purpose of changing how the city council is currently mismanaged, from finances to education, through to parks and play areas, but there are key areas we must focus on, and the first two are clawing back control of the city council from the council officers to the elected councillors, and the allocation of council property throughout the city.

  City councillors need to have control because they are elected by the people to run the city, and you cannot run the city with someone else calling the shots, so the delegated powers that council officers use must be removed.

  The England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent, believe that solving the gross ineptitude of the councils allocations policy is vital to the success of the city. How many times have community groups and residents associations fought for funding to provide playgrounds and recreational areas for the young, only to have them wrecked by scum the second they are completed?
  And this is a very regular problem, so why not sort out problem tenants and fresh allocations with an eye to reducing trouble in a certain area?

  The city council have the right to do background checks on prospective tenants, so introduce regulations along the lines of;

 You will not be housed in a council property if,

 1) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for drugs/drug dealing,
2) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for violence,
 3) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for anti-social behaviour.

 Straight away, this reduces the city councils responsibilities toward those that cannot behave in a civilised manner, and immediately means that the community will become a better place to live, especially if there is a rolling programme of evictions for nuisance tenants.

  I am sick to death of hearing about the human rights of the scum we have, the focus of the city council should be aimed primarily at the decent, law abiding residents, and it should be about providing them with the best quality of life available. That quality will not be achieved by housing the sort of dross this city is littered with, or by the way they are selected for housing. Houses should be allocated according to your connection to the city and the community of which you want to become a part.
  As long as you are law abiding, you should be head of the housing list for property if you have this kind of ancestral longevity, your connections to the city are strongest, you get to be housed first, instead of the pisspoor system that operates at the minute, where as long as you are foreign, or have no connection to the city at all, you will get whatever you want.

 I find it particularly galling to see asylum seekers and refugees getting whatever they want from the public purse and the city council, but our sons and daughters are refused places in the city, despite them being connected to the place through family history!

  These two policies are the first in a long line of required changes in order to bring back some semblance of common sense to the city council, and the strengthening of our communities by re-introducing the idea of family and tradition as the starting points of housing people within them.

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Monday, 18 April 2011


  As some of you might know, I'm standing for election to council in the ward of Sandyford and Goldenhill, and as a registered candidate, I was invited to answer a long list of questions for the website MyTunstall. I answered the questions fully and sent them back, where they were posted up for public consumption, the people of the ward seeing my answers, and having the chance to comment on them.

  But then a problem began to arise.

 The site owner, Matt Burke, started to edit my comments and responses to what was being said about my replies. I questioned him on this practice, I told him it was unfair for everyone to have the freedom to comment, but to stop me from doing so, and eventually he relented.

 But now, just a few short days on, my comments are once again not being posted, and he is ignoring my e-mail requests for an explanation why.

 But I know why.

                                      Caught up in the web of Labour propaganda and lies, Matt Burke.

  Talk About Local was a Labour government scheme run by a Cabinet office employee named William Perrin. Mr Perrins job was to build a countrywide network of local websites and radio stations, through which the Labour party could disseminate propaganda- or in real English, lie through their teeth in order to boost the Labour party's standing!

  That's it, that is how simple the scheme was, supply the technical know how and funds to build this network.
The pit'n'pots website of Tony Walley and Co is also part of this socialist lie machine, only the owner of p'n'p, Mike Rawlins, is employed by William Perrin!
  So Labour have been busy building up their election lie machine, and once again, I find myself caught up in it!

   If these local websites refuse to play with a straight bat, then I will have to fight them through this site and the PCF, because this appears to be the only way I can have a right to reply.

  Joy Garner has made comments about me being uncaring over her husbands health issues- he has something wrong with his leg- and this has been used as an excuse for him not to answer the questions that were put to the candidates, and not to attend the two public meetings that were arranged to introduce the candidates.

 Joy says in her post that he could lose the leg, or even his life!

 So I said, what the hell is he doing running for public office if he is so ill? How can he represent the public if he is bedridden?
  And on the SAGE site- Sandyford and Goldenhill- he claims that between now and the election, he will be out campaigning with another Labour loser, Joan Whalley!

  Now which is it, is he close to death with his poorly leg, or is he going to be out campaigning in the ward?
If he can't attend the meetings through illness, why has he lied about campaigning in the ward, or is he going to campaign in the ward and he's lying about the leg?

                              Joy Garner, her husband doesn't have a leg to stand on, pardon the pun!

  I am deeply disappointed in Matts lax attitude towards my comments, leaving them so long before posting them gives the impression that I don't care, or worse can't defend myself, against the snidey remarks and allegations of these unprincipled and moralless people, something which is definitely not the case, worse still is when he refuses point blank to post my comments at all, here's an example of one he has failed to post, yet given no explanation as to why.
  This guy Jon took exception to the national manifesto of the England First Party, I've posted that up first.

 1) An independent English Nation.
 2) An English parliament in a federal British Isles.
 3) Stop all further immigration.
 4) British jobs for British workers.
 5) The return of Capital punishment.
 6) The restoration of corporal punishment.
 7) Withdrawal from the European Union.
 8) Bring our troops home, they are needed here.
 9) Teaching of traditional English history in our schools.
10) Support for the traditional family unit.

 My reply to Jon's post.

       what are you on about now?

 Talking of civil rights, where are the civil rights of the English?
We have had unlimited immigration and membership of the EU forced on us by a corrupt political establishment that has no interest in what is best for the country, solely what is best for itself.

 At no time have the people of this country ever had the opportunity to vote as to whether or not they want this immigration, neither have they had the chance to vote as to whether they want to be members of the EU money pit, this too has been forced on them by politicians that are working to their own agenda.

  Any talk of losing jobs through removing ourselves from the EU is ridiculous, cutting ourselves off from the unelected communist thieves of the EU would be the making of this country.

  So any bad things you might hear or read about me, take with a pinch of salt until you have confirmed it with me, if it's true, I'll tell you so, I have nothing to hide.

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Political perverts allowing the sexualisation of our kids.

 I can't believe I'm promoting a BBC article, but they have hit the nail on the head this time.
 The sexualising of children has to be the biggest nightmare for parents, and the worst place to find is in our schools, but that is where it is headed.

 Read the following article and understand that Labour want this brought throughout the school system, they want to teach your children that homosexuality is a lifestyle option, and that masturbation is something they should try.


Survey: Most parents concerned over child sexualisation

Sexualised clothing aimed at children Padded bras and other adult clothing aimed at young girls is a concern for some parents
Almost nine out of every 10 UK parents say children are having to grow up too early, with nearly half unhappy with pre-watershed TV, a survey suggests.
The research is part of a government-commissioned review into the sexualisation of children, conducted by Mothers' Union head Reg Bailey.
Most parents said music videos and celebrity were encouraging children to act older than they were.
Mr Bailey is due to publish a full report in May.
Of the 1,025 parents of five- to 16-year-olds surveyed, 40% said they had seen things in public places, such as shop window displays and advertising hoardings, that they felt were inappropriate for children to see because of their sexual content.
And 41% of parents said they had seen programmes or adverts on television before 9pm that they felt were unsuitable for similar reasons.
'Prudish' The review is also conducting focus groups, and Mr Bailey said emerging areas of concern included adult-style clothing aimed at young children, as well as toys and games they felt were inappropriate.
Parents were "struggling against the slow creep of an increasingly commercial and sexualised culture and behaviour, which they say prevents them from parenting the way they want", he said.
He said parents "had little faith in regulators or businesses taking their concerns seriously", but also were put off complaining be fears they would be seen as "prudish or out of touch".
The review is exploring whether the should be restrictions on retailers selling sexualised products aimed at children - such as "Porn star" T-shirts or padded bras.
A code of conduct on "age appropriate" marketing and a new watchdog are among plans being considered by the review.
Items that have been criticised include pencil cases and other products with the Playboy logo.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

They're getting desparate now!

  Tony Walley, Mike Rawlins, and their website.

  Never in the history of mankind was a man more aptly named than Tony Walley, unless they make the word arsehole a surname, in which case I shall be challenging him to change his name!

  Mike Rawlins, owner of the pigs n pogs website, claims like Walley to be politically unaffiliated, yet works for a man that worked in the cabinet office during Labours disastrous reign.

  Their website is part of a set up from a group called "Talk about Local." They claim this too is politically unaffiliated, yet Common Purpose and Labour interference run right through this organisation, and as we know, Common Purpose is a Labour created secret society like the freemasons, only they are politically motivated.

  The funding for Talk about Local comes from Labour quango's and politically correct liberals like Advantage West Midlands and Channel 4's i 4, or Screen West Midlands. What it equates to though, is this funding is public money, your money.

  On the website MyTunstall, I was invited to answer questions as a candidate for the Sandyford and Goldenhill ward, questions posed by members of the public, but when it came to me asking questions of other candidates, I ran into trouble with the websites owner.

 Now this only happened after the appearence of that fat, myopic anus, Tony Walley, who posted on the section concerning me and the questions I had asked. Tony claims I lie and deceive, that I am a racist and a fascist, though he always manages to provide no evidence of such things.
 Terry Cope pointed it out to me that if I was these things, how come no-one has ever sued me?

  I have been absolutely scathing over the senior officers who use the city council finances as their own personal slushfund, over their treasonous decisions to jump immigrants over the housing waiting list and straight into houses that haven't even been advertised, despite the fact that strong communities always have a continuance of families that are settled in the area, and I have been equally scathing over the lacklustre and mediocre quality of most of the city councillors, their work ethic and their personal behaviour, so why, if what Walley says is true, haven't the establishment come after me?


  Matty Burke, that runs the MyTunstall website, is being unduly influenced by the hysterical rantings of Walley and the mongrels that push this PC communism! Stand firm Matt, don't let these Labour losers take away your integrity by stealing your neutrality, open and honest debate is vital to the survival of our city.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Why did these councillors vote to put halal meat in our schools?

 L to R, top to bottom. Follows, Hamer, Khan, Shotton, Barnes, Fradley, Bridges, Garner, Clarke, Smith.


 Abi Brown (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Adrian Knapper (Labour), Alan Rigby (Christian Independent), Amjid Wazir (Labour), Barbara Beeston (City Independents), Clive Brian (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Dave Conway (City Independents), Debra Gratton (Labour), Denver Tolley (Labour), Duncan Walker (Labour), Gwen Hassell (Labour), Janine Bridges (Labour), Jeremy Dillon (Labour), John Daniels (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Joy Garner (Labour), Kassem Al-Khatib (Labour), Kieran Clarke (Liberal Democrat), Mahammed Matloob (Labour), Majid Khan (Labour), Margaret Barber (Labour), Mark Davis (Labour), Mark Wright (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Matt Wilcox (Labour), Megan Ryan (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Mervin Smith (Labour), Michael Barnes (Community Voice), Mick Bell (City Independents), Mohammed Pervez (Labour), Olwen Hamer (Labour), Paul Shotton (Labour), Rita Dale (City Independents), Ross Irving (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Roy Naylor (Independent), Ruth Rosenau (Labour), Sarah Hill (Labour), Terry Follows (City Independents), Tom Reynolds (Labour), Tony Fradley (Labour)

  Amjid Wazir, Kassem Al-Khatib, Mahammed Matloob, Majid Khan, Mohammed Pervez.

It isn't difficult to understand why this shower would vote for it, afterall it comes from the backward and barbaric cult they follow, but why would the remaining 18 Labour councillors vote for this?!

  We are all familiar with arse kissers like Mike Barnes, without the muslim vote he wouldn't be in the Civic Centre, But Alan Rigby voted for feeding our kids tortured meat, and he's supposed to be a bloody Christian!

  The only people that voted against this disgusting appeasement were the 5 BNP councillors, and 3 community voice councillors. Terry Follows voted in favour of it too, though this isn't the only occasion upon which he's favoured the muslims, is it Terry?

This is disgusting, and I think these useless bloody councillors should be made to explain why they would do something so anti-English as this. If you are unfortunate enough to be represented by one of these sellout backstabbers, be sure to find out why they voted against the English. This time it's food, next time, who knows what they will betray us on.

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