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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

3rd rate councillors wrecking this city.

  I have lost count of the number of times stupid, incompetent, or even criminal decisions have been made by councillors of this city, to the detriment of this city.
   If you want proof of that, look around, this is no longer a city, it's just one big demolition site!
And the crap councillors we have are the nub of the problem, because it is these people that are letting schemes and policies through that do nothing for the city; its people or its reputation.

   The complete and utter waste of space that is Joy Garner, sidestepped out of making the decision on whether or not the Licensing committee would agree to the issuing of a 24 hr license to Tesco in order to sell alcohol.
Now since the moronic inception by Blair of 24 hour drinking, violent crime has more than doubled. In granting licenses to these supermarkets to sell cheap booze, whilst at the same time overseeing the closure of almost 30 pubs per week! (

   And look at who made the decision to allow this, (behind closed doors once again!)
Why would anyone agree to this when its only possible effect on the community will be negative?
In particular, why would a muslim councillor agree to this? I thought they looked upon alcohol as a sinful thing, so why encourage selling even more of it?

   Alcohol should be sold in pubs, clubs, and official off licenses, not supermarkets that stack it high, sell it cheap, in their constant search for ever larger profits, despite the fact they profit to the tune of £7 billion a year, give or take. When are Tesco's going to show some responsibility to the communities they leech off?

  There should be a complete halt to the issuing of alcohol licenses to every bloody cornershop in the city as well.
  Its funny how the muslims make a song and dance about alcohol, that is until the profits are heading into their pockets, all of a sudden their objections are missing, clearly because they are too busy counting the profits!

   Our local government is terminally corrupt, businesses likle Tesco's are clearly concerned with nothing but the profit column, and no-one from the establishment seems to be concerned with the damage being inflicted on this city by selfish policies pushed forward by greedy and unscrupulous local politicians.
   The Civic Centre needs cleaned out from top to bottom, like so many other towns and cities in this country.
If we can start to stop the rot locally, perhaps we can slow it down nationally.

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  1. Tesco, and the Muslims ethics, religion, and integrity fall by the wayside for their true god "profit".
    Hypocrites the lot of them.
    As for Joy Garner, she is just obeying Labour orders to "destroy civilised society" and appease, appease, appease.
    With this bunch of incompetant morons, the fact that the more outlets for alchohol,equals more trouble, simple.

  2. Had to break off from last post visitors.
    Going back to "our" Councillors and their "qualifications".
    Lets look at what we have been saddled with.
    1 a convicted child porn downloader (paedophile)
    2/ a suspected kiddie fiddler, and fraudster?
    3/ a toilet creeper.
    and so on and so on.
    Just 3 of the 60 that we know about.
    Front page news in the Sentinel.
    Councillors who were able to carry on with their roles despite being under investigation by the police?
    Councillors who were given the full backing, and support of the rest of the councillors.
    Now that alone should give notice to the people of the low standards of the rest of them.
    These are the ones making the decisions for us.

  3. There's some right crud supposedly representing us Terry.
    Don't forget the Common Purpose dross, the fiddlers, the incompetent and the lazy, the communists.
    I feel sorry for the decent people that work at the council, they must feel they are being constantly tarred with the same brush as the crap.