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Sunday, 10 July 2011

I am an Englishman!

 This is what the fight us nationalists are involved in is all about.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sharing the joys of islam.

  I thought today that I would share with you what our European neighbours are getting from their brush with that backward and barbaric cult, islam.
  For those of you that don't know, the same problems are manifest here in Britain.

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  One way or the other, this clash of civilisations- and I use the word civilised in its broadest sense when it comes to islam and its followers- will come to a head right here on British soil, if the liars and thieves that pretend to represent us don't change their ways and start to act in what is the best interests of the British people.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's a bloody good job I don't have a gun!

  Having watched that lying, communist snake Miliband tell us we can't have a referendum on our EU membership, having seen that public school a*sehole Cameron give away £billions to foreigners whilst our armed forces have to endure crap equipment and a constant rolling programme of closures and redundancies that have decimated their numbers, and having listened to Camerons Minime, the fluffy liberal Clegg, land himself right in it by supporting the charging of university students, lumbering them with enormous debts right at the start of their working lives, that's if they can get a job in the first place with 9 out of 10 jobs still going to poxy immigrants, I have to wonder why the British public keep voting them in!

  It's a bloody good job I haven't got a gun!

  Take a look at what these liars and crooks are doing to our country, ask yourselves what kind of a future will your children and grandchildren have if it continues in this way?
The time has come to decide which future you want, the freedoms provided by a truly democratic system of governance, or the violence and subjugation of immigrants and their backward cultures?

Take a look at what this scum have done to our country, let me know how proud you are to be English.

David Cameron to host gay reception at No10

Pub yob sets fire to rabbit

Fears over reaction to damning report into child grooming which shows one in five of those accused is Asian

Pop 'descending into pornography' says songwriter who launched Kylie Minogue's music career

The classes where children as young as THREE learn to pole dance

Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Proof that the Tories and Labour want the same things.

   As little as twenty years ago, the diferences between the British political parties were marked enough to show clearly defined political beliefs, but that has merged over time to produce three parties who all spout the same treasonous crap.

  This following article from a member of the mainstream media(!) shows that even they have finally picked up on the problems us nationalists have been telling them about for years, and the complaints we have made about the EU and its corrupt, unelected leadership seem to be finally sinking in.

 Remember, the EU's accounts have not been signed off for 16 years now, and include at least one year where  95% of the budget was unaccounted for!!



Story Image

Ed Miliband brazenly rules out poll now
Saturday June 18,2011

By Patrcik O'Flynn and Martyn Brown

ED Miliband showed his true colours yesterday after ruling out holding a ­referendum on Britain’s European Union membership.
In a move that alienates millions of voters, the Labour leader said a ­nationwide vote on membership was not needed despite confessing that it “provokes strong feelings”.
And he wrongly claimed the British people had voted on the issue before – suggesting that a referendum on the EU had taken place in 1975 even though it didn’t exist then.
His brazen refusal, revealed in today’s Daily Express by Patrick O’Flynn in his column, was made in a private letter to a ­constituent. It is likely to set off a ­blazing row in Westminster and within his own party, with many Labour MPs backing a ­referendum.
The letter, written on his behalf, informs ­constituent Kathryn Heaney: “Mr Miliband does not believe that a ­referendum on UK membership of the EU is appropriate at this time.”
The letter, sent this month, then outrageously claims “UK membership of the EU, of course, was confirmed by a referendum in 1975” even though the European Union was not officially ­established until the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993.
His views mean that anyone under the age of 54 will never be able to vote on EU membership under his watch.
Bridget Rowe, of the EU Referendum Campaign, last night said: “He sees himself as the ­people’s politician so why doesn’t he consider what the people of Britain want, a referendum on the EU?
“These comments show how out of touch he really is.”
And she blasted the Labour leader for his poor historical knowledge. She said: “It is extraordinary the leader of the opposition has so little knowledge about what this country has or has not voted on. He seems to think we have had a ­referendum on the EU. We haven’t. We had a referendum on the Common ­Market. That’s appalling.”
  Conservative MPs are increasingly hostile to the European project after the dispute with the European Court of Human Rights over whether prisoners should have the vote, and ­rapists and paedophiles be given the chance to have their name removed from the sex ­offenders’ register.
The spiralling bill over the eurozone bailouts has increased tensions further, with many MPs lending their support to this newspaper’s Crusade for Britain to pull out of the EU altogether.
Tory MP Peter Bone said: “First of all Mr Miliband needs to get his facts right. The referendum in 1975 happened in the only year in history when Europe paid money to Britain. It was an economic trading group then and now the EU is a super-state. It beggars belief he thinks the two things are the same.
“However, it is very interesting that he has not ruled out holding a referendum in the future. I would challenge Mr Miliband, and the Prime Minister, to say they would hold a referendum. It is clearly what the British people want.”
Mr Bone added: “British taxpayers are having to give up millions of pounds to the European Union. It is high time we let the people speak.”
The Daily Express has been spearheading a campaign for Britain to quit the EU. Earlier this year, we delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street backed by 373,000 readers calling for an exit from Brussels rule.
Ed Miliband’s spokesman said the Labour leader does not agree we should have a referendum at this time. In a stark demonstration of the strength of feeling among our readers, a phone poll showed 99 per cent wanted an EU referendum. A YouGov poll of 2,436 voters also carried out earlier this year found 61 per cent would support a referendum, against 25 per cent opposing it.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Understanding the lies.

  Today,  I want to take a look at how certain national policies affect your lives, and why it's all a sham to bust this country up.
  First up, supporting islam and the muslims.

  Over on plips'n'plops, there is a plethora of far left morons who will shout about the rights of muslims in this country. Part of that group is the LGBT, a group for the sexually unsure. Here in Stoke-on-Trent, the Labour lead city council deliberately go out of their way to favour the muslims and to unfairly hold back the indigenous people. The Labour party have also forced through muslims into our supposed democracy, and put them into places of power.
But what happens when the muslims- with the assistance of these local political traitors- finally form a majority on the city council? Will they thank these far left traitors with a seat at the table, or will they drop these white infidels as soon as possible and shoehorn their own people into all available places?
  And why are the homosexual community standing up and helping to force through the rights of these immigrant invaders? It has been made clear on countless occasions that once the muslims hold power, that backward and barbaric religion they follow will be used to clear the communities of homosexuals, it's already happening in Tower Hamlets in London. The homosexuals complain at the treatment dished out by a minority of whites who call them names, these muslims will kill them, and yet still they fight to put in power these immigrants over their own people!
 But if this is what the homosexual community want then that is their choice. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that there is something very attractive in the thought of seeing Mark Meredith dangling from a lamp post.

  Once the muslims hold a majority here in Stoke-on-Trent, what will this herald for the education system?
Our children are already disgustingly forced into eating halal prepared food in schools, so what else will the appeasers of local and national government allow the muslims to get away with? Stoke-on-Trent has already been earmarked as a place susceptible to the growing of muslim terrorists and extremists, so what difference will that make when muslims hold the reins of power?
Will our daughters be forced into wearing the female balaclavas of islam? Will they be expected to dress head to toe in black sheets? Will they be seperated and made to attend their own schools? Will they be forced to listen to islamic assemblies?
  Where will all this betrayal from these Labour party members finally end up putting us?
There was a council vote a couple of months ago as to whether or not halal meat should be banned from being served in our schools to our children, the results are below.

Why did these councillors vote to put halal meat in our schools?

 L to R, top to bottom. Follows, Hamer, Khan, Shotton, Barnes, Fradley, Bridges, Garner, Clarke, Smith.


 Abi Brown (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Adrian Knapper (Labour), Alan Rigby (Christian Independent), Amjid Wazir (Labour), Barbara Beeston (City Independents), Clive Brian (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Dave Conway (City Independents), Debra Gratton (Labour), Denver Tolley (Labour), Duncan Walker (Labour), Gwen Hassell (Labour), Janine Bridges (Labour), Jeremy Dillon (Labour), John Daniels (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Joy Garner (Labour), Kassem Al-Khatib (Labour), Kieran Clarke (Liberal Democrat), Mahammed Matloob (Labour), Majid Khan (Labour), Margaret Barber (Labour), Mark Davis (Labour), Mark Wright (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Matt Wilcox (Labour), Megan Ryan (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Mervin Smith (Labour), Michael Barnes (Community Voice), Mick Bell (City Independents), Mohammed Pervez (Labour), Olwen Hamer (Labour), Paul Shotton (Labour), Rita Dale (City Independents), Ross Irving (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Roy Naylor (Independent), Ruth Rosenau (Labour), Sarah Hill (Labour), Terry Follows (City Independents), Tom Reynolds (Labour), Tony Fradley (Labour)

  Amjid Wazir, Kassem Al-Khatib, Mahammed Matloob, Majid Khan, Mohammed Pervez.

It isn't difficult to understand why this shower would vote for it, afterall it comes from the backward and barbaric cult they follow, but why would the remaining 18 Labour councillors vote for this?!

  We are all familiar with arse kissers like Mike Barnes, without the muslim vote he wouldn't be in the Civic Centre, But Alan Rigby voted for feeding our kids tortured meat, and he's supposed to be a bloody Christian!

  The only people that voted against this disgusting appeasement were the 5 BNP councillors, and 3 community voice councillors. Terry Follows voted in favour of it too, though this isn't the only occasion upon which he's favoured the muslims, is it Terry?

This is disgusting, and I think these useless bloody councillors should be made to explain why they would do something so anti-English as this. If you are unfortunate enough to be represented by one of these sellout backstabbers, be sure to find out why they voted against the English. This time it's food, next time, who knows what they will betray us on.

  This sellout by the far left whites to the muslim community is going to lead to trouble. These communists have no right at all to give preference to immigrants in this country, when the native people have had had no chance to have their say as to whether or not this is what they want!
Immigration has been forced on us by a corrupt political establishment that clearly supports immigrants over its own people, and all this so they can work to their own agenda. 

  Sitting back and pretending it doesn't concern you; like what happened at the last elections, is no longer good enough. Without people to stand up and fight against the fascism of the ruling classes, this country is doomed to becoming another third world ghetto, and the English will be bred out of their homeland and scattered to the four winds.
If that's what you want.................

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Monday, 13 June 2011

The British are not mongrels!

  Read this article from Andrew Brons website on the lies and misinformation put out about the indigenous British people by the malfeasant political establishment and its lackeys.

  Claims that Britain is just an assemblage of different cultures brought here by numerous invaders, have been proved to be false by haplogroup DNA tests, which show the purity of bloodlines.

  I'll add the website address at the bottom.

    Two weeks before the 2010 election, Sandy Walkington, a Liberal Democrat candidate for St Albans said, “We’re all mongrels.”
“I mean, this country is the most mongrel country in the world. In 200 years we’ll all be coffee-coloured — and I’ve got no problem with that.”
   It is outrageous and deeply offensive that politicians, the media and left-wing celebrities have promoted the lie that we are somehow all basically from mixed breeding stock in order to legitimise the invasion by hordes of foreigners.
Eddie Izzard said in his TV series Mongrel Britain, “our country has been massively diverse for most of its history — a blend of Angles, Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Celts.” But the history of the British people shows that we have been here for thousands of years and that past invasions have contributed no more than five percent to our population.
Izzard speaks with excitement about “rich diversity” and “a dynamic and vibrant mix of foreign genes.” Yet there is nothing vibrant or dynamic about losing your job to cheap Eastern European workers or finding that you can’t spot a white face in your high street.
   The diversity he speaks of isn’t rich. The UK is poorer as a result of free handouts for immigrants and gifts to third world countries. Our cultural heritage has been savaged as we are forced to accept barbaric religions and the criminal scamming culture that we always knew was present in poor countries.
    How dare they smile condescendingly while they attempt to change history and teach us that we owe everything, as Izzard claims, to “waves of invasion, centuries of immigration and floods of foreign ideas.”
The numbers of invaders were in fact few — mostly only in the tens of thousands and, crucially, all of the invaders’ origins were limited to northern Europe. This is supported fully by up-to-date genetic evidence in the book Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Great Britain by Arthur Kemp.
   Kemp presents genetic evidence proving that the vast majority of British people have ancestors going back 12,000 years when haplogroups R1b, I and R1a spread northwards. British people with the R1b1 DNA haplotypes have on average a 74 percent homogeneity, with the remainder coming from countries just across the sea.
   Historical records offer proof as well: The Romans invaded in AD 43 with an army of 40–45,000 men but only 16,000 legionaries were stationed here afterwards.
Estimates for the population at that time are around 1.5 million; therefore, the effect of this invasion was one to two percent (Eagles Over Britannia: The Roman Army in Britain by Guy de la Bedoyere).
   “In the sixth century the Anglo-Saxon element in the population of Britain amounted to no more than fifty to a hundred thousand” (Arthur’s Britain: History and Archaeology AD 367–634 by Leslie Alcock).        Therefore, the Anglo-Saxon contribution would be somewhere between three and six percent. DNA evidence shows that the R1a Haplogroup for Anglo-Saxons in England is 4.5 percent, a remarkable correlation (Kemp, ibid).
  Between 789–1104 AD, the Vikings were known for their ferocious attacks on villages but only small numbers actually settled. War bands were tiny: “from seven to thirty-five a band and above three dozen an army” (Anglo-Saxon England by Lloyd and Jennifer Laing).
After the Norman Conquest, William, Duke of Normandy, dismissed his mercenaries and nearly all returned to France. “The probability is that the Continental settlement did not involve more than 10,000 people — and perhaps as few as 5,000” (Offshore Islanders: From Roman Occupation to European Entry by Paul Johnson). “England simply acquired a new ruling class,” writes Johnson.
   The Flemish and Walloons came from what is now Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and parts of northern France and Germany. About 16,000 were recorded in 1440, which was less than one percent. The population at the time was estimated between two and 2.5 million, and had diminished as a result of the Black Death (Roots of the Future: An Education Pack for Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Britain by Peter White).
   The Jews also settled at various periods in history but did not approve of marriage to Gentiles. In 1290, the community of around 5,000 was expelled by Edward I.
   They returned slowly and by 1815, there were around 20–30,000. Around 55,000 Jews arrived between 1933 and 1939. Britain’s population was at 40 million in 1940, and therefore the Jewish contribution was at most 0.3 percent.
   Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there was a small trickle of people from all over Europe.   In England and Wales, the 1871 census recorded 32,823 Germans, an Italian population of 5,063, again not significant amounts compared to the population of 20 million.
   The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) estimates 50,000 Huguenot and 80,000 French Protestants arrived between 1680 and 1720. About 40,000 of these left for America. However, around 1685, the population of Britain was four to 4.5 million, meaning that the contribution was still only about two percent (White, ibid; and Alien Immigrants to England by W Cunningham).
Between 1600 and 1800, people didn’t welcome foreigners with open arms and intermarriage of any sort was infrequent. Even when William of Orange came to England to unseat the unpopular James II, he was accompanied only by approximately 11,000 foot and 4,000 horse soldiers. The effect of his invasion was once again small.
  The marriages between kings and queens of Europe and their relative squabbles did not have much of a bearing on the poor, often starving, ordinary people who mostly stayed where they were for thousands of years.
  Possibly one of the best examples is Cheddar Gorge Man who is an example of how people have stayed where they were for thousands of years.
  The remains of Cheddar Man were excavated in 1903 and have been dated at around 7,150 BC. In 1996, his DNA was profiled and a sample from 20 residents of a nearby village was taken. It produced two exact matches and one match with a single mutation. The close match was a history teacher named Adrian Targett.   What this means is incredible — these people are direct descendants of Cheddar Man and still live in the same area, nearly 10,000 years later.
  The historical and genetic evidence support the fact that there is indeed a native people of Britain who have a right to this land. We have as much right as the American Indians, Aborigines or Maoris. There were invasions and a small amount of migration but, as has been already stated, these were from people just across the channel.
   So why do they wish to convince us that we are all mixed race? The agenda of previous Labour and Conservative governments have only ever been concerned about re-election at any cost.
They know that importing cheap workers will provide short-term prosperity and thus they will secure re-election. By offering free handouts to immigrants they know that when the time comes they can count on the ethnic vote.
  The proof is here. They have betrayed their own people.
The erasure of the native British people today has already begun and it is legitimised by whitewashing over our truthful British history with lies. Don’t stand for it.

By Allan Robertson.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Traitors to this city.

  I've just been on to the Sentinel website to find they've scrapped the good one they had, and replaced that with something done by an autistic monkey.

  As if that isn't bad enough, the politically correct, Common Purpose moron that has been allowed to run the Sentinel into the ground, has also allowed the politically biased, Labour bought and paid for twits'n'twats website to start publishing their propaganda crap on the Sentinel website too.

  Anyone that knows Tony Walley knows what a bigot and a liar he is, and they will also know the far left, thuggish groups he represents and promotes as well, so why is he being allowed to post articles on the Sentinel website?

 Because the Editor-in-Chief of the Sentinel, Michael Sassi, is part and parcel of the same group!

Let's have a look at what these communists have to say.

"Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the story at all, but the comments left on the website shows that this kind of issue always brings out the extremes in our society."

  Mr Walley opens his account by labelling everyone that doesn't want a giant mosque in Normacot as a racist. This is what he means by extreme. If you don't agree with these arseholes you are clearly a threat to the society they have built.

"The mosque in question will be built to replace the existing mosque on the opposite side of the road, yet you would think that this building was just being planted on the Normacot landscape with no prior history."

Normacot is only getting a mosque because the city council and local media have deliberately turned what was once a lovely neighbourhood, into a muslim enclave. Never have the local people EVER had the chance to have their say on whether or not they wanted all these immigrants, it's just been dumped on us by a communist regime that doesn't give a toss for the local people, but who fawn and capitulate in the most treasonous manner for these third world plunderers.

"This mosque, the land on which it will sit, plus additional land/buildings which will be turned into car parking, has been brought and paid for by members of the Normacot community. There is no council/government windfall that is funding this project, just the hard work and endeavours of the Asian community who want a place of worship that is fit for purpose."

  This is an out and out lie.
In 2004, the North Staffs Race Equality Council had an annual income of just over £1 million.
 In 2005, that income rose to £1.1 million.
 In 2006, 2007, and 2008, the North Staffs Race Equality Council failed to publish ANY accounts at all, despite this being a mandatory clause in their Charity registration, and despite this fact, Stoke-on-Trent city council continued to plough large sums of public money into this body, both in direct and indirect payments!

 During this time of financial unaccountability, the muslim community suddenly found £1.6 million to build that eyesore of a mosque in Hanley, and all from small donations from the BME community.......donations that are untraceable!
 What makes this worse is that the people that were running the North Staffs REC were the same people involved in building the mosque!
Despite numerous appeals to Staffs Police, no investigation has ever been undertaken into the disappearance of up to £4 million from the North Staffs REC accounts!
Despite having sent in a team of people to help cover up what had gone on, Stoke-on-Trent city council have refused to answer any questions on what they discovered, and the missing money is public money, just like the money that will build the Normacot mosque!

The other point to contend here is that if the muslim community want their own schools, their own places of worship, and their own culture, why are they here??

"This new mosque will be an attractive property that will be landscaped, have arched windows and a domed roof with a minaret. In my opinion it will be a vast improvement on what was there previously."


  This new mosque will not fit in at all with the traditional architecture of this city, neither will the 60 foot or so minaret( wailing tower) that will inevitably be built so as to call all these immigrants to prayer. In his opinion, it will be better, just realise that his opinion is that of an appeaser, understandable in a man married to a foreigner.

"And this in a City that has just voted every last politician of a far right persuasion out of the council chamber."

 More propaganda rubbish from the far left!
Labour not only posted out their own leaflets, they had third party posters doing it for them as well. They canvassed by telephone, and I guarantee you they fiddled the postal  vote as they always do, they swamped the count with muslims, and there was at least one complaint made of a counter who had the slips on her knee under the table!!
  This is how Labour won the election, but given all this, they still only managed less than half of the votes cast, which represented 25% of the electorate, or 12% of the potential vote. The campaign against Mike Coleman by the third party posters like Hope not Hate, uaf, norscarf, started 7 MONTHS before the election!!

Labour regained power in the way they do politics, they lied, cheated, deceived. The only winner at these local elections was apathy from an electorate that couldn't arsed to vote.

"The fact is that the Normacot

This is such a big issue Mr Walley, because this is Stoke-on-Trent, not India or Pakistan, so instead of trying to force the culture of these countries onto the native people of this city, why don't you bugger off over there if wailing towers and domed roofs are what you want?

Again we come back to the same point, and that is the indigenous people of our country have not been offered their democratic right to vote on issues that will change their lives permanently. Forcing your multiculturalism onto people might be your kind of political ideology, but this country was built on the principles of democracy, and that means it should be the people who choose, not a bunch of corrupt politicians. or bought and paid for journalists peddling communist propaganda.

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