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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Investigating race crimes?

Read this stupid story first, this article from the Sentinel.

 POLICE are investigating a race hate incident.

Officers were called out to the Top Chef takeaway, Birch House Road, Crackley, at just after 6.30pm on Wednesday.

They responded to a report of a person outside the shop using racist language.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: "Crackley Neighbourhood officer, PC Robert Morgan, attended and has spoken to staff at the shop.

"He is also going to be studying CCTV footage from the locality to try to identify the offenders.

"Racist language will not be tolerated by Staffordshire Police and the appropriate action will be taken against anyone who uses it."

PC Morgan used soical networking website Twitter account to inform his followers about the incident.

He also attended a public order offence at Wolstanton Road.

Twitter is being used increasingly by members of Staffordshire Police to keep the public in various localities informed of any enforcement action which has been taken.

The website has so far proved successful in helping police to develop closer ties within the community.

  Now what I want to know is how can the police possibly justify wasting police hours on a case of name calling??

  If they want to investigate a serious race crime, then why weren't they present on Chell Heath eight and a half hours later, when some drug fuelled retard was racing round the estate on a bloody big off road motorbike, waking everyone up?
This is the kind of race the police should concern themselves with, not enforcing undemocratic laws from these PC liberals, like the stormtroopers did for the nazis.

  The real reason for the police trying to clamp down on none crimes like this, is that they know how close things are to breaking, the English finally having reached the point where they've had enough of this pandering to foreigners whilst seeing themselves shoved to the back of the queue, but this is the modern day equivilent of Canute standing on the beach, telling the sea it couldn't come any closer, it doesn't matter how many times clamp down on incidents like this, nothing short of a miracle will stop the trouble coming to the streets of this country.

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