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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Killing the economy.

                                  A couple off 66 ff's, aka Britains biggest pair of mammaries!

  If you listen to these expensively suited imbeciles from the government, you could be deceived into thinking that the funding of our infrastructure, the budgeting of our everyday services, might be a difficult and complicated business, and indeed, that is what these numpties have turned it into to prevent questions being asked as to what the hell they are doing!

  They complain that they are in an impossible situation, once again having to clean up the mess left by Labours communists, and in this they are right, every time Labour have been in power, the country has been left bankrupt, on its knees through the financial mismanagement of a political party that never weill understand how to run an economy in a fiscally responsible way.
  But these Tory socialists are adding to their own problems, the worst of which is increasing the foreign aid budget by 3 BILLION, to a total of £12.1 BILLION!

  How the hell can you justify giving away over twelve billion pounds when the country is struggling to keep its head above water? How is this in any way, representing the British people?
When are these arses going to start doing what's best for Britain?

   They should have lowered tax rates in order to stimulate growth, to keep our town and city centres busy with shoppers, but no, these public school ponces who have no idea at all as to the nature of real life, continue to make decisions designed to restrict further our economy!

  Creating the approaching problems that our insane fuel prices will cause, not just at the pumps but the huge jumps in electricity prices as well. Food costs will increase as transport costs do, and they know this, yet still they force increases onto an ever strained public, and all this pressure on the British public is heading toward major civil unrest.

   And Cameron's reneging on his election promises hasn't gone down well either, with our chance to have our say on the EU being removed, yet this money pit that is populated with unelected, communist euro crooks, is allowed by our political leaders to gather more and more control of these islands, and at an ever increasing cost. All in, the EU costs Britain in the region of £200 billion per year!

  The real problem is that this Con-Dem coalition government is atrocious, but even so, it is preferable to another spell under the communists of the Labour party, the very people that lead us into this avoidable mess in the first place!

  By the time of the next general election, we nationalists need to have candidates of a high enough calibre to stand, and win, seats in parliament, and we don't have long to get sorted.

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