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Sunday, 2 January 2011


  First off, England First Party wish you the very best for the coming year, and hope you've all had an excellent festive time.

  Right, now to work.
In just over four months time, local elections will be here in Stoke-on-Trent again, we still don't know whether they will be for four years, or if the current system will stay and only 20 seats will be up for grabs, either way, the pisspoor performance of both city council officers and far too many of the city councillors have left this city in an atrocious mess.

   The time has come for you voters to stop buggering about, get off your backsides, and vote out this gaggle of turkeys that time after time implemented policies and decisions that have damaged this city.


£60 million returned because the Regen Partnership were too slow to spend it, yet half of Stoke-on-Trent has been demolished by these same morons!

  £93 million in cash has been whittled down to £32 million, but the council refuse to answer any questions as to what's left of this sum, how long the investment is for, how much interest it has earned, or when will this money be returned to the city.

Deliberately breaking planning law by confiscating S106 money from the projects it was meant for, into a single bank account so the city council could cream off the interest

  Criminal conduct in the awarding of contracts to companies that charge 3 to 4 times the going rate! 6 suspended council officers, one arrested and charged with contractual fraud and theft.

  This is the third fraud squad investigation into the city council, starting with Mohammed Pervezs' attempts to get Dimensions closed and sold off to his muslim business buddy, the very iffy Mo Choudary, followed by an investigation into wildly differing amounts in grants and donations, but all the figures coming from the city council!!
   Now, we have the awarding of contracts being looked into, let's hope the police take a close look at some of the big contracts issued, like £400 million to Kier, £115 million for streetlighting, and however much the city council are giving to Biffa for refuse collecting.

  Upwards of £7 million on asylum seekers here in the city!

   The loss of £5 million through either laziness or incompetence of the finance department with the failure to read an e-mail that warned of the imminent collapse of Landsbanki.

  The outrageous fact that the pay bracket of £50k or more has nearly quadrupled in 5 years!!
£5.1 million in 04/05, to a massive and obscene £18.9 million in 09/10.
The greed of the senior officers on the city council knows no bounds, and there seems to be very little these people won't do to line their own pockets with public money!

  The secretive closure of the North Staffs Race Equality Council in January 2009, left millions of pounds of public money unaccounted for, yet the city council and the local police refused to do anything about it, or answer any questions on the subject. There is up to £4 million unaccounted for.

  This particular area of council mismanagement is flooded with examples like these, yet time after time the same faces, the same corrupt parties get voted back in, and this only happens because far too many that are eligible to vote, don't, and it's not bloody good enough!
If you know someone that isn't registered, or that simply can't be arsed to get up and vote, give them a slap round the neck and inform them that it's their fault the city is in the mess it is!


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