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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Something stinks at the Civic Centre.

  Something stinks at the Civic Centre.
At the time of the budget publication, we were told that the city council had managed to land itself with a £45 million shortfall for the following years budget, after excessive spending by unnamed council departments.

  Then we're told that the city council has to find £30 million in cuts over three years, then it was £30 million per year, now it's £33 million per year.

2008 we had £93 million in cash investments, £13 million was on call, so that left £80 million.Then the city council decided to invest all your money with the Debt Management Office, a government account in which the government get all the interest. A Freedom of Information request shows that there is now just £25.25 million left in that account, that's from £80 million!

3 fraud squad investigations, including one initiated by us. 6 council officers suspended, one arrested and charged with theft and fraud. £26 million of your money put through the exemption rule of the councils contract regulations, meaning specific companies could be offered contracts without having to tender for them! How bloody crooked is that?!

   Closing pensioners bowling clubs, stopping the mobile libraries, shutting swimming pools, all in the hunt for savings, but then there was £36,000 spent on Common Purpose training and meetings, free parking for council employees which costs "700,000 per year, £500,000 spent by the man hired to get council spending under control, on tarting up his office in the Civic Centre!

Most of the senior council officers don't live in Stoke-on-Trent, which means the obscene sums they pilfer as salary doesn't get spent in Stoke's local economy. More and more city councillors are moving out of the city to the leafy suburbs, doubtless paid for by public funds.

  Money spent on big contracts with outside companies should have been spent with local companies, helping to kickstart the local economy and provide jobs for native Stokies, a group completely ignored by the establishment as it panders to immigrants. In particular, the fraud squad should take a close look at the contract given to Kier, a company prosecuted by the Office of Fair Trading for price fixing and BUNGING!!

  Help get these chisellers and third rate liars, thieves, and incompetents out of office so we can get this city back on track for the people of this city!

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