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Monday, 24 January 2011

This stupid bloody council!

                                     The face of waste and gross incompetence at the city council.

Take a look at the grinning face of incompetence, incompetence that is costing you taxpayers millions of your hardearned pounds every year, and the more these morons spend, the less we citizens get!

There have been several recent reports from the city council as to how they are making changes to save money in order to meet their financial obligations, but the basis of their ideas, the fundamental principles which they apply, are criminally flawed, the mistakes they're making could be highlighted by a first year college student!

  In order to raise revenues, the idiots at the city council have decided to put up prices to public venues such as swimming baths, increase or introduce car parking charges at public venues, and now, some complete retard at the city council has decided that the public should be charged for parking at local parks that have their own car parks!!

  Who the hell is coming up with ideas like these?
Why are the city councillors still allowing these moronic senior officers to make and implement policy when it is crystal clear they are totally incapable of doing so with any fiscal responsibility?
Why are the officers of the city council making these decisions, when the city councillors are elected for this very reason?

What the bloody hell are our councillors playing at? If they do not want to do the job they were elected to do, they should quit, and make way for people that are prepared to do the job!

  When times are financiaqlly tough, as they are now, the last thing you do is increase the tax burden!

Here's what you do. You lower, or cut completely, car park charges, in order to encourage people to use the public facilities or use the town and city centres. By lowering costs you stimulate growth, so by raising costs, you do exactly the opposite, you suppress growth.

  The city council should be lowering business rates for all local businesses, doing what they can for the business community to stop from closing or making redundancies.

  The council officers should be listening to good ideas for saving money, such as running the council fleet on recycled veggie oil. The council diesel bill will hit £1.1 million this year, just on diesel! They could create a handful of jobs, buy in the plant to convert the used oil into fuel, for less than £200,000!, yet still they refuse to acknowledge the vast savings to be made by doing this!

  Instead, what we get are stupid, ill thought out ideas the likes of which this city council always come up with, well here's another money saving idea for them, of the £18.9 million spent on salaries for those earning £50k or more, half it. 5 years ago there were 90 people in this pay bracket, now, there are 269!!
The costs of this have gone from £5.1 million five years ago, to £18.9 million in 2010.

 And remember, these are the same people that have ripped you off for millions with deals done behind closed doors, crooked contract deals, lies and misinformation on what monies they hold and where they are spent, plus the endless waste of millions of pounds through inefficiency and incompetence.

  Come the May elections, vote out the same old faces that get in and then do bugger all apart from line their pockets, vote out the LibLabCon with their lies and gerrymandering, and Common Purpose mates, change who represents you, and let's take this city back from those who are hear for the money, but who have no loyalty to this city and her people.

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