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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Save our Swimming pools!

  Once again, the stupidity of this city council and its propensity for wasting the taxpayers money, is leading the way in looking for savings in the closing of essential public services and venues, an accusation we can make at the city council in any area of the services they are paid to provide.

   In the hunt for savings, our brilliant city council have come up with the idea of closing two of our swimming pools, Shelton pool because it has a backlog of maintenance that looks set to cost in the region of half a million, and God knows why Tunstall pool has been targeted.

  When Mike Wolfe came to office as mayor, he spent hundreds of thousands of pounds refurbishing the Civic Centre offices.When Meredith came to office as mayor, he spent £729,000 onefurbishing the Civic Centre offices. When vander Laarschot came to office as the new CEO, he tried to spend £500,000 on tarting up his office, but the money isn't there to repair Shelton swimming pool.

  We came up with an idea. Do what they did with the muslims when they offered them the building land in Hanley for nothing. Why not do the same with Shelton pool? Offer it to the NHS at a peppercorn rent, and let them take on the repairs, the pool is afterall, used by many people recovering from illness and undergoing physiotherapy, yet all the council want to do is close the place.

  Better check and see if Pervez has been talking to his mate Mo again..............

  With the likes of Tunstall pool, charge the kids £1 a session, and that place will never be empty, but alas, this seems too complicated a business arrangement for the city council nuggets to understand, though to be fair, several city councillors have been trying to close it, and Tunstall library, for some time.

  I'm surprised at ex-councillor Lee Wanger wanting to close it though, I would have thought that given his predilection for naked children, it would be one of his favourite places to hang out.

   The money wasted by these senior council officer clowns is unforgiveable, especially given the financial circumstances we now find ourselves in, and that waste continues. There is enough money withing the city council budget to find the savings without resorting to selling off as many publicly owned buildings to their mates, as possible, and we here at England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent division would suggest the following if our other ideas aren't acceptable,


   Failing this, we will accept your resignations for taking money under false pretenses, that is being paid huge salaries for work you are all clearly incapable of performing!

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