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Friday, 28 January 2011

Merv the Perv does Jackanory.


  Another shining example of the failure of this city council, but this time promoted by the city councillors, is the horse crap talked about the regeneration of this city. Now to my certain knowledge, these bumbling Labour communists have been promising us a new bus station for at least 25 years, and yet in all that time, with a Labour government, 3 Labour MPs, and a Labour controlled council, the only regeneration we've seen is the demolishing of half the bloody city, the only new build of any significance? A bloody mosque!

   Mark Merediths boyfriend, the aforementioned Merv "the perv" Smith, is once again trotting out that same old Labour crap about how all these wonderful things are about to happen in the city, but then mysteriously never do.

  I am very cynical over these claims. If this shower of cowboys can't regenerate this city with every possible advantage, how the hell are they going to regenerate it in the middle of a recession, a recession that has a second dip fast approaching?

  We saw Meredith waste £2 million on superficially tarting up the approaches to Hanley with some new turf and trees- £2 MILLION!!- so if these clowns are talking of structural regeneration, we have to be looking at  tens of millions at least, this despite the fact they can't find the £36 million needed in savings because they are so bloody financially irresponsible, they shouldn't be trusted with the money from a paper round, never mind the multi-million pound budget of this city.

 Those more observant amongst you will notice that I am not Mr Smiths biggest fan, his last incumbancy as a city councillor saw nothing done by him and his communist buddies either, apart from the usual degradation of the city through a lack of imagination, common sense, and the assurity that no matter how badly they performed, there are enough morons on the Stoke-on-Trent electoral register to vote them back in.

   I'm tired of listening to the empty promises of these useless city councillors and council officers, who combined, have achieved nothing for the regeneration of this city apart from a cupboard in the Civic Centre that must be jam-packed with plans and drawings that the city council has spent millions of your tax pounds on, in the clear and absolute knowledge that they will never be used.

  This seems like just another tall tale from a city council expert in the production of porkies and billshut, a bunch of mindless drones simply going through the motions in order to claim their cash incentives.

  Roll on the local elections, that's what I say...........

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