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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The council's biggest problem is disunity.

  I've had a look at the past achievements of this city council, and the problems that lead to nothing happening back then was the fact that they were all Labour councillors, whereas the fractious nature of local politics today, means that there are too many factions.

  It's a fact that the city councillors have for decades, been a disappointment in their failure to guide the city back to economic success, having sat back and done nothing as the industries that were the lifesblood of this region were taken from us by the laissez faire politics of both the Tories and Labour, seeing our skills and jobs decimated by cheap imports. How can the industries of the first world countries like Britain compete with those of the likes of China, where labourers and workers are paid 50p and a bowl of rice a day?

  Our city councillors should have been pushing for a certain amount of protectionism from third world countries that rode roughshod over basic human rights, in order to protect their constituents from the unfair advantage these countries had, but instead of standing up for their voters, these bloody marxists forewent the rights of the British workers, preferring instead to replace them with third world immigrants.

  And apart from bits and bobs, a park here, getting the litter picked up there, what have the city councillors honestly achieved?

  The time has come to replace these same old faces that get in at every election and then achieve nothing of note, and this has to happen because the way the city council operates has to change as well. It is clear that the way they do things now simply isn't working, it's just wasting huge amounts of money, so we need to change the very fundamentals that the city council is built on.

   One of the perennial problems faced by the people of Stoke-on-Trent is the underhandedness of the Labour group within the city council, and if this city is to be turned into an economic success, then these old school, pocket lining communists have to go, so those of us with genuine affection for this city can implement the policies that will help it back to its feet.

  Over the next few weeks, we'll publish policy ideas on as many areas of council control as we can, and we'll show you that there is a better way to run this city, a more efficient and successful way that uses your money to its maximum benefit.

   Please pass this on to friends, family, or acquaintances, we don't have long but we need to get the message out that another round of Labour third raters will kill this city off for good. If you have any questions, or would like to hear our ideas on a particular council service, drop us a line at the following address.

  contact us at;

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