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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

If you're looking for a fight, you're knocking on the right door!

 I don't post on his crappy site, I don't visit his crappy site, but for some unfathomable reason, the brown nose commie propagandist, Tony "the" Walley, from the twits'n'twats marxist website, seems intent on picking a fight with me by claiming the financial information we publish is somehow not true, as he struggles in vain to try and convince the people of this city that the cuts made by this corrupt, poxy council were necessary and unavoidable.


  The cuts made by this city council were spiteful, deliberately provokative, and politically motivated, and the real state of the councils finances prove that the money is there to save services like the mobile libraries, and amenities like the swimming pools, this is the communist Labour party playing silly buggers, and that's all.

  And to prove that what we say is correct, I'll publish the facts and figures on here, then I'll post it to every bloody councillor and council employee I have contact details for.

  Our tale starts on the 7th October, 2008, when the Icelandic national bank, Landsbanki, collapsed.
At the time, Stoke-on-Trent city council had £5 million invested in Landsbanki, even though warnings had been given to them about the instability in this institution, the city council ignored them, and lost £5 million.
It was at this point in time that the fact the city council had £92,784,000 in cash investments, became public knowledge.

                                                        click on image to enlarge.

                                                         click on image to enlarge.

    On the discovery that the city council were in possession of such holdings, Sam Tunstall, Terry Cope, and myself decided to do some digging and see what else this city council had been hiding from the people, and what we found gave us a great deal of concern.

    Firstly, when questioned about this money, the city council iffed and ahhed, gave us the council runaround, and generally refused to answer any questions whatsoever about it.
  So we moved on to Freedom of Information, and instead of sending these requests to just the city council, we sent the same requests to the District Auditor, Grant Patterson. It was Mr Patterson who provided us with the first answers to what we were enquiring about.

  The £93 million was to be withdrawn from investment in foreign institutions,( that sounds bloody racist to me!) and instead invested with the newly COMMUNIST LABOUR created Debt Management Office.

  Here it was claimed, our money would be safe, though the interest rate was so small, it wasn't worth bothering with, at least not for the councils, it would be interesting to know just how much interest was creamed off these investments by that poxy government though!

  Of the £93 million, £13 was 'on call'- short term investment, sometimes just overnight- that left £80 million that no-one apart from a handful of council officers and a couple of councillors, knew about.

  Chasing this down has proved an impossible task so far, but we have made headway. Paul Simpson, head of finance and the S151 officer of the council, told one councillor that £43 million had used to, " pay some bills", though what those bills were, was unclear.

  So we requested info on what had been done with the £43 million, what bills had been paid?
I got the answer in an e-mail from the city council which stated that they didn't know where the money had come from, they didn't know what it had been spent on, but that whatever it had been spent on was untraceable!!
 We considered this totally unacceptable. £43 million of public money and we're told it's untraceable. So I contacted the finance department and spoke to Robert Thorley, who told me that the money had been put into the councils current account and had been used to pay bills through it, this was why it was untraceable.
I said that was rubbish, and that £43 million of public money couldn't simply vanish. If he wasn't prepared to answer the questions, I asked him for a copy of the account statement so I could trace the money myself.
He told me I was being unreasonable(?)- clearly it is not my business what the council spends millions of your tax pounds on!- and that was that. As soon as I returned to Freedom of Information, I was given the runaround again.

  But this left £37 million unaccounted for, so where has this money gone?

  On the 9th February, 2009, the city council made it's first investment with the DMO, a sum of £10 million being paid into the account. After this, Paul Simpson first extended the limits as to how much couyld be invested in the DMO, then finally abolished limits altogether, so all the council money went through these all but non-interest paying accounts.

  As of today, we have a few more facts about the liars at the council and just how much money there is floating about. Freedom ofinformation requests from us to the DMO provided us with some interesting facts, not least of which was the investment by the city council of £708, 511,000 between December 09, and December 2010. I am awaiting the answers to a FoI request concerning this money, answers that are due at the start of March.

  The DMO also told us that Stoke-on-Trent city council had cash in the account- and not the on call accounts- of £25,262,000, a sum that seems to have risen to £41,857,000, with no explanation as to how this has happened. This is not to be confused with the £49,288,000 that the council have in the on call accounts, a total of which is £91,145,000.

   These are the councils figures, given to Sam Tunstall through the Freedom of Information, so Walley and Ibbs and all the others that deny the council has money, are clearly lying. And there has still been no explanation as to where the £43 million was spent, or where the remaining £37 million went to!

  Now before you people out there in voterland get carried away with the propaganda of Walley and his communists, bear one thought in mind, his site, his partner, are funded/paid by a man named William Perrin, a Harry Hill lookalike that worked for the COMMUNIST LABOUR GOVERNMENT in the home office!
 Funded by the commies, Walley spends his days pumping out propaganda in the vain hope that the people of this city will re-elect his far left moronic mates.

                                      click image to see proof of Labours wasting public money.    


    As a finale to this round, Civic Centre contacts tell us that Walley is forever to be found in the office of one Mohammed Pervez, doubtless kissing his arse in exchange for the few crumbs of information that fall from our mighty leaders table.
  By the way "the", I did say I was considering running in Goldenhill/Sandyford, because the people there were bothered enough to get off their backsides and make an effort, I like that, I consider it a vital component in getting the scum out of the Civic Centre so we can turn this city round. You can make all the veiled threats you like, but you overstep the mark with your comments, be assured that I will overstep the mark as well!
This city has seen enough of this communist Labour cheating to last it a lifetime, don't think for one second I'll put up with more of it from the likes of  you!

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