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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Labour, the most corrupt political party in Britain.

  I've never been a Labour voter despite being born, and growing up, on a council estate, and I think the reason why is that my internal bullshit detector works properly.

   I had the misfortune of seeing both Ed Miliband and Ed Balls speaking on the TV this week, and they are both two faced hypocrites, who, irrespective of the damage they have helped to heap on this country, are now spreading the lie that the coalition is all evil, and it is they that are responsible for the state of the country!

   That is a lie, and it defies belief that there are people out there that actually believe this rubbish. Every time the Labour party have come to power in this country, this country has ended up on the verge of bankruptcy, and then these god damned communists jump ship and let some else take over, someone that has to clean up the mess left  by Labour.

   Of course, as soon as difficult decisions on cuts are made, up pop Labour as defenders of the common man and say, " you can't make these savings, it will hurt too many people."
No, what hurts so many people, and forces the incoming government to make savings is the criminally irresponsibility shown by the Labour party towards Britain, and the level of debt it has been exposed to!
 Who did they think was going to pay for all this unchecked spending? What kind of a chancellor would tout himself as prudent when he deliberately acted in the worst interests of this country?

  And it's the same at the local level of politics. The lying, thieving, incompetent scum of the Labour party are directly to blame for the pisspoor state that this city is now in. Firstly, this Labour controlled council goes on a spending spree that sees £millions wasted, £millions sent back to government because the Regen scheme was run by retards and crooks, and £millions of your tax pounds given away to the bme communities in this city, but not to native Stokies, and to moneygrabbing senior officers of this city council who seem to treat the public purse like their very own bloody slushfund!

  When this pathetic tory alliance took the reins of responsibility from the thieving communists of Labour, Labour decided not be represented on the newly formed cabinet, not out of some spark of honesty about their inability to organise a gangbang in a brothel, nevermind organising the political system of this city, no, they deliberately sat back in order for others to take on the task of cleaning up their mess, whilst they sat back and blamed the new cabinet for all the mistakes and corrupt decisions that they had made!

  The biggest single danger to this city, this country, is that the communists of the Labour party will lie and cheat their totally corrupt way back into power, it is this that will destroy this country completely.

  And don't get thinking I'm a coalition supporter, because as far as I am concerned, they are little better than the far left liars and thieves that Labour have dumped on us over their thirteen year term of destruction, but there is a glimmer of hope for this city with the new coalition Localism Bill that they are trying to get through parliament, this will give real power to our communities to change the way politics get done locally, and will allow the city council to be controlled, this is what we've needed all along, and it looks as if the coalition government will deliver it for us, that's why all the panic from Labour, if this goes through parliament, it will mark the end of the gravy train they have been riding for the last decade and a half!

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