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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Does the stupidity of the city council know no bounds?

  Sometimes, Stoke-on-Trent city council does things that have no earthly sense to them at all, clearly because those people charged with making such decisions have no bloody sense, and the decision to start work on a new bus station that looks like a UFO, after cutting over £300,000 of subsidies to the public transport companies that will result in the loss of 44 bus routes, has to be the stupidest decision of all!

  What the hell is the point of a new bus station if there are no bus routes for the passengers to travel?

                                    A barren wasteland of few passengers and even fewer buses.
                                                 The genius of Stoke-on-Trent city council.

    This is the level of unintelligent decision making in the city council at the present time, at it is just another example of cuts being made not because they are necessary, but because the inconvenience caused is making a political point!

  And this isn't the only ridiculous decisions we've seen come out of the Civic Centre, remember the library services for the blind being cut to save £13,500? 
  But then the city council waste £36,000 of the taxpayers money on Common Purpose!- Common Purpose are political freemasons.

   After trying unsuccessfully to close Dimensions, the city council go after another two swimming pools, closing Shelton and Tunstall under the lie that maintainence and repair costs are too much!


Maintainence clearly isn't an issue because there has been none, and when it comes to repairs, the city council always bump up the costs when they want to get rid of something, but I'll bet none of you have seen a council breakdown of the repairs needed?
 No, didn't think so.

  And our illustrious council leader, Pervez, has come out and said that they have saved over £1 million by cutting some management positions.

£1 million?!

 The £50,000 and above pay bracket in the council now costs the people of this city £18.9 million!
 This should be at least halved, and the cuts should start with the department heads of those departments who need the aid of outside consultants! What kind of a mental setup allows managers to stay in highly paid jobs, when they can't do those bloody jobs?!

 There needs to be a complete rebuilding of the city councils salary structure in order to get rid of these greedy, moneygrabbing tossers, and fill the positions instead from the large amount of excellent council employees that always get overlooked, or tarred with the same brush that the overpaid underachievers that make up the senior management are always getting painted with.

  Good things can happen if you, the electorate, use your vote wisely and don't just vote the same old faces back in. If you're tired of your amenities and services going, cast a different vote and get a different future, the choice is yours!

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