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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jobs for the boys!

  This city council is absolutely the perfect example of fraud, corruption, and dodgy dealing, and that is highlighted by its latest salaried appointment.

   Hardial Bhogal, the head of Renew, and complete and utter waste of bloody time, has been promised direct employment by the senior officers of this scabby council, as "director of place".

The freemason, Common Purpose infested city council have offered him a position that encompasses that of the previous head of the NSRP( North Staffs Regeneration Partnership), Tom Macartney.
   Read this article from the Guardian, 2002, to give you some idea of the calibre of this drain on council finances.

                                                                                                                 Hardly surprising he's smiling, his Labour party Common Purpose mates just sorted him out with a well paid job that he is clearly unfit to do!

       Walsall chief resigns before sacking vote.
A local authority branded a failure by the government was today looking for a new boss after its chief executive resigned hours before a vote on whether to sack him.
Hardial Bhogal quit as chief of Walsall council yesterday - shortly before councillors decided to dismiss him and other senior managers.
Mr Bhogal's resignation follows a damning audit commission report in June which recommended that a private sector management team should be brought in to improve the council's failing services.
A Walsall spokesman said today: "The council voted last night to comply with the recommendations from the audit commission that the senior management team be replaced. It was a very difficult decision for the councillors to make. They felt the council needed to move forward and get government help rather than government interference."
Mr Bhogal is to be temporarily replaced by the chief executive of Telford and Wrekin council, Michael Frater.
Walsall had been referred to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister by the commission after suffering "severe service failures" and management problems.
The council had earlier been criticised by the commission, in January, when it was given until the end of April to demonstrate change. The steps which it took did not go far enough, the commission said.
Inspectors recommended that a new group of private sector managers should replace the council's current executive management, including the chief executive, for up to two years.
The local government minister, Nick Raynsford, said his department had suspended the threat of private sector intervention following the council's decision on its senior management.
"The government agrees with the council's decision to seek new leadership to take forward the demanding programme of improvement needed to improve local services in Walsall," he said.
"I am very pleased that Walsall has taken such a positive step forward in the light of the constructive criticisms they have received from recent inspection reports.
"I welcome the new role assigned to Michael Frater and have every confidence that he, working with the council's leadership and new management team, will make rapid progress in raising the standard of services provided to local people."

   And then the senior officers of Stoke-on-Trent city council drag 3rd rate crud like him here, and give him a bloody massive salary!
  This man was about to be sacked from his highly council position in Walsall, has made a complete and utter failure out of North Staffs Regeneration, yet is being taken on by Stoke-on-Trent city council!!

  The local elections in May are the last elections for 4 years, so if the people of Stoke-on-Trent want to see change for this city, they had better vote for it, because once that day is gone, we'll be stuck with your choices for 4 bloody years, so please make the right ones!

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  1. I had the misfortune of working with this individual at Walsall. A liar and a disgrace.