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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Creams not the only thing that rises to the surface!

  There are local elections fast approaching, and like a flood, it is bringing things to the surface that would have been better left where they were.
 Like Mark Meredith for instance.
                                   Meredith talking at the UAF conference with his fascist mates.

Word is Meredith is going to be running for office as a councillor, which is a ridiculous thought considering the bloody awful mess he made of things as mayor!
 But he seems to have no shame does this one, so perhaps I should point out that this far left, UAF scumbag is hated by even his own!

  This from the Socialist Unity website.

  "Stoke Labour’s fortunes are not all the doing of Brown’s gross ineptitude. Since last year, Labour have been the senior partner in a grand coalition of the LibDems and the Conservative and Independent Alliance groups. Existing as a glorified committee dedicated to rubber-stamping the elected mayor’s neoliberal plans, its most high profile policies have been met with anger and opposition. For example, the mayor’s office are determined to drive through a “shake up” of the city’s high schools by closing and merging some of them into New Labour’s flagship City Academies. This has provoked a storm of protest from those set to be affected by the changes. The depth of the opposition was such that the local party bureaucracy granted recalcitrant Labour councillors permission to fight the programme … as long as they fell into line and voted for the closures at the council’s budget meeting. Every single one of them fell into line, and in so doing many of them sealed their fate at the polls. Labour have also suffered from its attempt to close the popular Dimensions splash pool in Burslem, for the sake of a £60,000 shortfall in the council budget. Announcing such a measure in the lead up to local elections wasn’t the smartest of political moves. But such blunders are typical of the mayor’s office. He has presided over forced demolitions, care homes closures, more council job losses … while thinking nothing off frivolously wasting money on overseas jollies and stays in five star hotels. Shamefully, all this comes from Mark Meredith, ex-Militant and ex-Socialist Appeal. It makes you wonder if he ever feels a twinge of guilt from whatever remains of a Marxist conscience."

  Something else that has bobbed to the surface is Roger "the dodger" Ibbs.
Roger was arrested alogside Mark Meredith when the iffy dealings with Mo Choudary over the Dimensions swimming pool hit the headlines, and although Roger was released from court, he wasn't found not guilty, he was released because the CPS said there was not enough evidence to prosecute, and that is a huge difference.
                                                           Roger "the dodger" Ibbs.

   Still, having failed to close the Dimensions pool, it's good to see that our city council didn't take defeat lying down, and closed two other swimming pools instead. You should thank Pervez for this, and for the attempt to close Dimensions as well. Don't know what it is he has against swimming pools, after all, his mate Mo owns one!

  I notice that the child sex offender Wanger is back on the scene, sucking up to his muslim buddies in an attempt to get re-elected in Tunstall. I find it appaling that city councillors would have anything to do with this retched specimen, but it just goes to show how poorly we are represented in council if our councillors will ignore the past of this man for the sake of his vote. I'd much rather see a display of principles from our councillors than colluding with the likes of Wanger, surely to God, anything this man touches becomes tainted with the nasty habits hidden inside him.

                         Wannabe paedophile, Lee Wanger. Don't hire this guy as your baby sitter!          

   The muslims won't mind that though, mufa'khathat will see them welcome him with open arms.

  I feel sorry for the people of this city- to a certain extent- because for the most, the quality of representative is at best third rate, and it is no wonder that nothing gets done for the people. So it will fall to them to vote in the changes that will see the new faces required to change the system, this is the most important thing about the upcoming elections, getting the people out to vote.

  For our part, we will be looking to stand as many candidates for the England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent division, as we can, so if you have one of our candidates standing in your area, know that a vote for them is a vote for democracy!

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