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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Labour's propaganda machine bumbles into life!

                                                                    Tony "the" Walley.

 This is going to be a large post, so I'll leave up for a week, please do try to read it though because it cuts to the heart of Stoke-on-Trent's political problems.

  Right, that far left idiot with a website no-one visits- Tony "the" Walley- has been banging his gums and making all kinds of unsubstantiated charges against me, posted on his site to which I am barred from commenting on!

  This is the kind of diarrhoea he spatters his website with.

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that the City of Stoke-on-Trent had recovered from the blip of being Nick Griffin’s BNP ‘Jewel In The Crown.

   Ladies and gentlemen of all creeds, colours and religions - let me introduce you to the England First Party [EFP], headed up locally by two men considered way to(sic) extreme even for the BNP.
Mark Leat was a former BNP Councillor and Craig Pond a former BNP group organiser and they are expected to appear, amongst a few others, on the ballot papers in the local council elections in May. Pond is expected to stand in Goldenhill & Sandyford and Leat in one of the wards in the south of the city.
BNP sources have confirmed that they were kicked out of the BNP for being too extreme in their views and in Ponds case for some of the intolerant bile he spews forth on his tiny PCF blog and on certain other ‘Nationalist’ forums.

      First off, neither Mark nor myself were kicked out for being extreme, we came across the same traitor at different times- Alby Walker- who wasn't interested in seeing the group grow. I resigned from the BNP, along with Terry Cope and Sam Tunstall, Mark was on the receiving end of Walkers dirty tactics and was shoved out of the party.
 Walley has been told on numerous occasions about peddling lies, it hasn't yet sunk in, though to be fair, it's going to take a long time to get through that seriously thick head!

      To give you some background, the England First Party was formed in 2003 by Mark Cotterill, who had been the founder and chairman of American Friends of the BNP. He had been responsible for pumping funds into the BNP until he decided that their politics no longer matched is own.

   Mark formed England First with several other nationalist stalwarts that had been sacked from the BNP for not meeting Nick Griffins low standards, Mark was a founding member of the BNP.

     The EFP have some very worrying policies, up until last June, one of their main manifesto pledges was "the abolition of all non-European faiths and religions". This is something that they later retracted but it gives somewhat of a flavour of the kind of people they hope to engage with.

   What's worrying about trying to protect the religious systems of your own country?

   Why should we let backward and barbaric religions into our country- especially islam- when the religion upon which our democracy is founded, is looked on with hatred and lethal violence by the people they want to flood our country with?
 England is a Christian country with Christian values, this is what made us so successful as a nation, until the communists got in that is!

 They have a white supremacist ideology which marks a clear difference to the ‘modern BNP’ and they are not afraid or have no desire to use electable language. They say that they want to reclaim the country from what they describe as ‘immigrant invaders’. They also advocate ‘repatriation of all immigrants to their lands of ancestral origin’, but nowhere do they say the matter will be voluntary.

Tony, Tony, Tony, how many times do I have to chastise you for telling porkies?
We are not white supremacists, we simply believe that our country belongs to our people, not the mishmash of foreigners that have been unceremoniously dumped here.
  Ask yourselves a question, why are immigrants here, what services do they provide that the English cannot provide for themselves?

Gun toting drug dealer?
Albanian people trafficker?
Yardie hitman?
Bitch slapping pimp?
Muslim heroin trafficker?

 Apart from the first, these are all careers that the English cannot technically perform, but even if we could, you have to ask if these are the sort of jobs we need in this country.

  As for repatriation,  I believe that as much of it as possible needs to be voluntary, but that we have to have the right to involuntarily remove those that refuse to go of their own volition. This is the same stance that all British governments have, it is a case of common sense.

The EFP use very derogatory comments when talking about ethnic minorities:
“… their clothes, their food, their culture, their psychology, their biology, their physiology and their history challenges ours at every point of the compass”.
This leaves no uncertainty about the kind of people who support them.

  What the hell is derogatory about saying, "their clothes, their culture, their physiology? Are you trying to suggest that there are no differences between our people and the endless stream of third world tat that government stuffs our country with? Can we not even point these differences out in order to save our own culture, our own traditions?

  Trying to force us into silence whilst you new world order arseholes destroy our country may be your idea of astute political behaviour, but it bloody well isn't ours! If we were talking about white immigration into Africa on the scale of the immigration we are facing here, you and your commie friends would be up in arms, defending the rights of indigenous people to their own homeland, you hypocrite!

   Last year they fielded just 7 candidates across the country in the local council elections, three of them were here in Stoke-on-Trent, the lack of interest was not surprising when you consider the party has as little as 100 members as of the last Electoral Commission figures.

 If we are so small as to not be worth bothering with, why are you bothering with us?
I think you have a secret crush on me, you lefty handbag swinger :)

    They fielded no candidates in last year’s general elections; instead they encouraged their members and supporters to support any National Front candidates.
They also advocate the nationalisation of most national and public services. They want to ban the association between the Unions and the Labour Party and they want to set up workers co-operatives to protect the interests of workers.

   We advocate the nationalising of certain utilities and public services, bodies that are needed to keep the country running. You're damn right we would ban the criminal association between the Labour party and the unions! The Labour party is run by the bloody communists that run the unions because the unions block vote with their members' votes! 
It is clearly corrupt to everyone but the Labour party, who can't see it because they too are so corrupt.

     Having said that one of their chosen candidates has not worked for years and chooses to spend his time writing extremist views in hate fuelled rants on the EFP Stoke website among others.
The fact that this candidate is seeking election and as such deems himself fit enough to undertake ward work alongside civic duties should be investigated by the Department for Work and Pensions.

   How crap does your argument have to be to attack a man over his disability?
I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it, I won't let it turn me into a housebound vegetable.

  Warren Lloyd, who is seeking election to the council as an independent for Meir, has major health issues which may result in him having to undergo a heart transplant. He still manages to work and to contribute to society. The difference is down to personal pride.

 Warrens disability isn't his ill health, it's the fact he's an idiot.

   If you feel the need to cast your vote outside of the mainstream candidates please look at who you are voting for.
There are a number of independent candidates that are standing that seek to represent their communities and will do so with a willing heart. They have no issue with anyone who lives in their wards regardless of skin colour or religion.

 Yes people, take a look at the so called independents. Most of them have been in more parties that Oliver Reed, most of these are ex-Labour. 

Independent?  I don't think so.

     There are also groups like the City Independents and Community Voice that are also outside of the mainstream party structure. No one should have the desire to see the City turn to the extremes of far right politics as an alternative to the main three.

 Community Voice?!

 Just a bunch of hardline marxists, sex offenders, and ex-Labour bullies!

  You know why people are becoming more and more attracted to nationalism Tony, because nationalism will give them the right to choose. 
The electorate have never been given the chance to have their say on whether they want all this immigration, it was forced on us by the politicians that you support, and the people haven't been given the chance to vote on our disastrous membership of the EU, this too has been forced on them by the politicians that you support. 

  Do you want to know why the people have never been given the chance to cast their vote?

  Because if they were to get a vote on these things, the British would send the immigrants and the EU packing, and the politicians that you support and promote know it!

    Still not decided? Let me show you some of the views of a confirmed English First Candidate:

On the local arrest of a number of people suspected of terrorist activities:

At this festive time of the year, I would just like to thank Stoke-on-Trent city council for housing murdering terrorist Muslim scum in this city.
The Potteries Shopping Centre might need modernising, but not by exploding some bloody immigrant with a Semtex waistcoat, and the native people of these parts certainly deserve better than being blown to smithereens whilst out Christmas shopping for their loved ones.
Still, if the Muslims of this city would provide a little more effort in ridding their communities of these extremist morons, instead of sitting back and letting this terrorism blossom, they might get an easier ride from those of us who would like to see them go back to their own continent, where they could beat their wives, shag their own children instead of young white girls, and blow the crap out of each other, rather than us and ours.
The council and the politicians need to understand something though, if ever these cowards manage to blow something up in this city, they'd better run for cover, because the backlash against such behaviour won't just fall on the Muslims, but also on those that have stuffed our communities full of them.

  What's wrong with that?
You fill our city with these foreign terrorists and murderers, rapists and drug dealers, and then complain when we highlight the injustice of this!

  Why should native Stokies have to put up with this council caused crime wave? The caveman like behaviour of far too many of these people is clear to see, or had you forgotten about the boy raping imam from Tunstall, the 13 year old muslim boy that assaulted and raped a white woman in Cobridge in 2010?
 Or how about the four arrested muslim men, charged with terrorist offences?

  Just because you are a supporter of a political regime that is anti-white, anti-British, doesn't mean we all are. If you don't like truthful comments about the filling of our city with third world scroungers, stop filling our city with third world scroungers!

 In another Anti-Muslim rant:

  We simply cannot allow this situation to continue.
Kick this hypocritical, two faced lying scum out of our country, and if the establishment that is there to protect these islands and their native peoples refuse to do so, then matters should be taken into our own hands.
If it comes down to the survival of the indigenous people and their culture, or the backward and neanderthal behaviour of these bloody Muslims, I know where my loyalties lie.
   Spoken like a true Englishman, and I stand by every word!

Enough is enough.

 On the EDL:

    It was fantastic to watch so many patriots march against the enforced presence of Islam in what used to be a green and pleasant land, and despite \Tommy Robinsons multiculturalistic claims, there is no place in England for this backward and barbaric religion, or those that wish to practise it.
But just what are these protests achieving?
They are highlighting the fact that numerous governments have ridden roughshod over the democratic rights of the British electorate by forcing these counter culturalists into our communities, but if the EDL don't have the people within the political system to help enforce the changes needed to stop this Westminster displacement, then nothing will change.
What they absolutely must do if they want to see their country re tuned to them, is to vote for the nationalists that stand in their area, and if none are, then they need to bring them in, or stand themselves, because all the shouting and flag waving in the world won't see the current crop of Westminster liars and cheats change the system to suit the EDL.

 If you think that is wrong, it reflects the treason in your character, not mine.
  Once again, I stand by every word of that, because that is the truth of our situation.

On gay people:

   According to Pink News, the majority of people are in favour of same sex marriages. Rubbish and lies. Most people are not in favour of this.
Marriage is a Christian ceremony meant to unite a man and a woman in matrimony before God, and according to the bible, homosexuality is a sin, so how the hell do they figure to let them marry?!
Read this depressingly bad article on how the sexual deviants are being promoted as a new lifestyle choice for our youngsters.
No walk of life, no area of our culture has been left untouched by the poisonous hand of political correctness, even to the point of trying to infect our children with the idea that homosexuality is something to be aimed for.
Our country has no hope of survival if this wicked and reckless behaviour is not stopped.

 Homosexuality is becoming a threat to the fabric of decent lives. If it isn't being used as an excuse for promoting local far left politicians, then the deviants in both local and national politics are trying to force the teaching of it onto our youngsters in school, which is an absolute disgrace!
  The choices you make in life come with consequences, and one of the consequences of a homosexual relationship is the inability to have children, and that is there for a reason. 

  Children need a mother and a father because they learn different things from them, lessons that they will need in life. It also provides stability for the child. 
  What they do not need is two daddies who once a year parade about the city in brightly coloured lycra, bragging about how they don't function normally!
  It is a private thing, and should be kept that way, and bringing back Article 28 is a must.

In other state sponsored rants [by us the taxpayer] all Muslims have been called paedophiles, our council officers have been accused of being corrupt and described as thieves and our current elected councillors have been insulted out of hand.

 All muslims are exposed to the rantings of Mohammed the paedophile.
All muslims are taught that Mohammed the paedophile was the perfect man, therefore whatever he did is acceptable.

 Mohammed the paedophile married Ayisha when she was 6 years old, he connsumated the marriage when she was 9 years old, that makes him a paedophile.

  There is something in islam called Mufa'khathat, it means, "placing between the thighs."  It is specific instructions on how muslim men are allowed to assault children for their own sexual gratifiication. Under sharia, Mufa'khathat becomes worse, allowing muslim males to penetrate a child anally for their own sexual gratification.

All muslims are taught about Mohammed.

  I have accused our council officers of corruption! How the hell can you put that down as a black mark against me?!

  We should change the name of the Civic Centre to Fagin's Den!

3  Fraud Squad investigations, with more to come.

6 council officers suspended, and 1 arrested and charged with fraud and theft.

The disappearence of up to £4 million when the North Staffs Race Equality Council suddenly closed.

Huge goodbye payments to leaving council officers.

The hiring of ex-officers as consultants.

  You know Tony, most people think you're an idiot, you don't have to prove it conclusively.

  Our current councillors- or at least most of them- need to be criticised out of hand! They are elected to run this city, yet they sit back and let the communists of the Labour party do it.

  They are supposed to be the guardians of the public wealth, yet the publics money is squandered in the most shocking ways! The buildings and amenties that belong to the people are abused, closed, sold off to mates, and all the time, the taxpayer is charged more and more, but gets less and less!

  Your defence of these third rate chancers is pathetic.

   I ask, is this the calibre of person that we want to elect to represent us?
To promote our City?
To help attract inward investment?

   You're damn right it is!

Clearly your communist mates haven't achieved these things, or you wouldn't be talking about them. Still, they've only had 60+ years to get it right. :)

The BNP are in decline lot only locally, but nationally
too. Councillors like Michael Coleman, whether you agree with his politics or not, are respected for being hard working councillors.

It appears that there is a more sinister and extreme element, whose politics are way past the ‘far right’ who are seeking to prosper from the downfall of the BNP.

 Who are you calling sinister, fatty? 

Tell me which is more extreme, a man demanding his people come first in their own country, or the man that says foreigners should come first in his country?

  Which is more extreme, a man that says the countries of the middle east should be allowed to sort out their problems, or the man who promotes interference and violence toward those countries?

Which is more extreme, the man that says no to the promotion of sexual deviancy in our schools, or the man that tries to promote sexual deviancy in our schools?

Who is more extreme, the man that says deport the foreign terrorists that threaten the lives of his fellow countrymen, or the man that imports these terrorists to threaten the lives of his fellow countrymen?

  Extremism is the realm of the liars and cheats that make up our government and establishment, with  Labours communists being the main instigators.

All we can hope for is that everyone in our City sees right through the charade, deception, lies, intolerance of these charlatans and that we keep our City free from the embarrassment of being tarnished by the nation of having a racist element.
I am not advocating that we all follow a mainstream party, what I am absolutely saying is that there are alternatives, be them in other political groups, or acting as true independents, that are much more worthy of our vote.
The upcoming elections are the most important in modern times, which will see fewer councillors representing us.
Let’s make the most of them.
Let's get the right people into the chamber, people who will look after our best interests and the interests of the City as a whole.

  Tony, it is my heartfelt belief that you represent exactly what this city doesn't need. You are a liar, a communist,
and if you'll forgive me for being personal, about as useful as tits on a goldfish.

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