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Thursday, 31 March 2011

City cuts are just a Labour con!

  Stoke-on-Trent city council cuts come into force today, they save £460,000, and cause immense disruption to the population, yet those responsible for these cuts would have you believe they had no choice in the matter, it was forced on them by government.

  Absolute rubbish and lies!

  The main instigator in this politically motivated vandalism is this chubby outsider, a hater of swimming pools, and a brown Adolf Hitler!                                                                                                                               
                                             Wrecking this city with his politically motivated lies! 
     The simple truth is that the libraries, the old folks' homes, the swimming pools, the golf courses and museums, these things do not have to close, the savings can be found elsewhere! This Labour lead council is lying to you about these closures, and it is also lying to you about why the Head of Finance, Paul Simpson, has left the city council! Judging from the rumblings within the Civic Centre, more disastrous news is on its way concerning the finance department, city council officers, and the taking of huge bribes!

  When are the people of Stoke-on-Trent going to wake up and see that Labour and its cronies have taken this city from a vibrant and commercially successful industrial city, and turned it into a desolate wasteland of no jobs, no homes- because they've demolished them!- a dumping ground for third world immigrants- Coventry, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton city councils have all broken their contracts with the UK Borders Agency, stating that they cannot take anymore asylum seekers. Where do you think they will put them? And remember, Stoke already has 586 registered asylum seekers, and they cost you £7.5 million per year approx!- and a lucky dip for thieving council officers, who have skimmed £millions from this city!

  They have systematically ruined our infrastructure, and pilfered the wealth of the people for decades, and it's about time that real Stokies stood up and said, 'no more!'

  If someone walked up and took a tenner from your pocket, the vast majority of Stokes natives would clock them one, but they allow the slimy Labour communists to steal from them on a daily basis, and still vote them in!

  If you people out there don't vote to save this city, it will become as all the others in the West Midlands, filled with immigrants, filled with crime, filled with the echoes of the native people, hard working, rough around the edges, but good hearted.

  The number one priority for the city council should be the care and welfare of its own people. What we get instead is the care and welfare of everybody but our own people! The closing of public amenities, the constant attempts to crush our culture in favour of foreign ones, the total lack of jobs through Labours complete incompetence at attracting firms in, and the wasting of £millions of pounds of taxpayers money, this is what your council give you, and it's about time you stood up for this city!

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  1. Craig, you spelt 'Adolf' wrong.

    That having been said; I can't agree with all your views, except to say, thank goodness there's a voice here in Stoke that stubbornly refuses to join the Sheep that meekly submit to the Fascist/ Socialist cause.

    - the utterly pathetic 'Twats and Twerps' site notwithstanding.

    Do keep on the case, just because the cowards that read this Blog haven't got the simple guts to respond doesn't mean it's not read

  2. Quite right Poots, I've fixed it now.

    Comments are optional, as long as the message is being read, and spread, then we are happy. Something big is due to break from the Civic Centre, the establishment are trying to keep it quiet till afetr the election, but we'll break it before then. :)

  3. So Something big is due to break from the CIVIC CENTER, As PERVEZ left the GAS ON - and Paul Simpson, is trying to find it with a - LIGHTED MATCH, now that would be Common Purpose at work, [ONWARDS AND UPWARDS] as the motto is in the forgotten town of [FENTON]

  4. Haha, I like it Rich!

    Pervez is a puppet, he doesn't have the brains or the political nous to create this, someone is feeding him instructions, and the only thing Simpson is looking for is a quick getaway, funny how it coincides with rapidly approaching end of yet another fraud investigation into the shaming mess that is supposed to be our city council.

    Stoke's biggest problem is of course the crooks of the Labour created secret society, Common Purpose. If I get in as councillor, I'll harrass these scum endlessly.

  5. They will probably all be in Stoke nick (if theres any justice) by the time the elections done.
    At least those that don't run and hide.

  6. Good luck to you all on fifth of May, wish there was someone to vote for in my neck of the woods.

    There's a lot of decent patriotic people here in Stoke - always has been, much to the chagrin of fascist Labour, and with the impending demise of a certain sham-scam money making outfit (hopefully this election will see to that) we'll need people with a genuine desire and determination to at last, promote the interests of the native people of this country.

  7. Couldn't have put it better Poots, well said.
    I wish we had had the time to find candidates for all the wards, unfortunately that was not to be this time, but we'll give it a bloody good go next time.

    Keep the faith Pooter, the fall of Labour is at hand, and that means the chance to turn this city round.