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Monday, 7 February 2011

When will this stupidity end??

  Yet again, I'm here writing about this ridiculous city council and its self destructive policies, self destructive that is, for the people of the city, not the greedy pig officers still stuffing their pockets with their ill gotten gains from the public purse. Their fat salaries are safe, so too their even fatter pensions.

  This time, the idea is that by reducing the number of councillors, the city council can make savings of £100,000., but it isn't the payments made to the councillors that are the problem, it is the payments the council officers make to themselves that are skinning the council.

  The bill for all 60 city councillors comes to just under £900,000, the bill for the 269 employees that get £50k or more is £18.9 million! Never mind saving a £100k by reducing our representation in the Civic Centre, half the number of greedy b*****ds in this pay bracket, then half the wages of those left, that's the way to achieve real savings.

  Other savings that could be made that are once again the responsibility of the council officers, are the insanely high prices that Stoke-on-Trent has to pay for its street furniture.
Two dog mess bins cost over £1100, that's over £550 each!!
 A bench the likes of which you can get from B&Q for £300, £900!
 The lamppost bins with Stoke-on-Trent stenciled on, £600!

  How can this ever be right? Maybe we should be looking into just who is supplying the city council, and just who is responsible for the awarding of contracts, but then they are still under investigation by the fraud squad, and SIX council officers have been suspended, one has been arrested and charged with fraud and theft.

  We have a Head of Legal Services who has repeatedly sat on his hands whilst this city council has broken numerous laws and regulations, we should sack him, that would save the £104,000 per year he gets for doing bugger all, or the Head of Finance, who clearly wouldn't know fiscal responsibility if it bit him on the arse, or how about the senior managers who have had to have help from very expensive consultants in order to get their departments sorted? Surely to God, if they are incapable of doing their jobs they are paid handsomely to do, they should be sacked?

  Every system in the Civic Centre is failing because those who bear responsibility for the running of this city are not living up to their job descriptions, and the decent, hardworking employees of the city council, of which there are many, continue to be tarred with the same brush as the incompetents at the top.

  Things have to change or this city will die from maladministration, we need to get these people out of the Civic Centre, out of this city, and replace them with people who have some affection for Stoke and her people.

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