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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The death of the BNP.

  I wouldn't usually write about another nationalist group on this site, but that moron Nick Griffin is killing off any hope the BNP has of resurrecting its reputation, and is quickly working his way through all of the competent nationalists that hold office in that party.

   Last week, Yorkshire Regional organiser Chris Beverley; a good bloke; was sacked by Griffin and replaced by a man with serious mental issues. I know that sounds like a joke, but it's absolutely true, this guy sustained serious brain damage in a motorbike accident, but it is his habit of asking men he's never met before to hump his Mrs whilst he watches, that really brings the party into disrepute!

Yesterday, it was the turn of another fine young man, this time James Clayton who was the organiser for Blackpool BNP, only this time instead of being sacked, James has walked, deciding to resign after reaching the point where he could take no more of the leaders billshut.
This is Jame's resignation letter.

To Kevin Clark, NW Secretary

CC Blackpool activists

I am resigning from the posts of Blackpool Organiser and West Lancashire Coordinator with immediate effect.

Since joining the BNP at the age of seventeen I have been tirelessly active all over Britain and stood for election six times. I have made many friends (and met my girlfriend) along the way and I will always be a devout Nationalist.

My original boundless energy as an activist and organiser has been slowly sapped away by one embarrassing internal event after another. The humiliation of Question Time, the faked 'murder plot', the inability to have a competent and honest administration, the inability to file complete and transparent accounts and lately the lack of political direction over and above anything that could be found in a red top tabloid. I could go on.

After months of turmoil and indecision I have made up my mind. I no longer wish to hold a position of responsibility in the charade and financial Bermuda Triangle that is the BNP.

James Clayton.

This is just one in an ever lengthening line of top class nationalists to either leave the BNP, or be fired by Griffin, and there is now a long line of ex-employees waiting on pay-outsd from the BNP for the wrongful dismissal cases they have won in court, and there are lots more waiting their turn!

  Griffin and a handful of top officials, including the reptilian Pat Harrington, are destroying the hardwork and freely given efforts of the partys most worthwhile activists and canvassers, and these people are leaving in droves because no matter how hard they work, how much effort they put in, Griffin and his henchmen continue to spoil it all with their criminality and selfish behaviour.

  At the next elections I get the feeling it will be goodbye to the BNP, hello to the rebuilding process.

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