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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stoke-on-Trent city councils lies and deceit.

  It's a never ending quest for the people of this city to try and find decent representation for themselves in the local council chamber, and that search is still ongoing because we clearly haven't discovered the right people to represent us yet!
  This has been brought on in particular, by the totally unnecessary, and deliberately provokative behaviour of the council cabinet, to close both Tunstall and Shelton swimming pools.

  Ask yourselves a question, is it really necessary to close these two amenities, or is there something more to it?
                                           Mr close a swimming pool himself, Mohammed Pervez.

   Why is it always the swimming pools this council want to close? First Pervez tries to close Dimensions so his mate Mo can buy it up cheap, but when that fails, lo and behold, they go after the other council run pools instead!
  Shelton is used for the health benefits of a lot of people, but we are told it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs. Tunstall is a very popular family pool, but we are told it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs. They are trying to get rid of Burslem library because it has become too damaged for the council to afford the repairs.


If you close two of the remaining public swimming baths, what does that achieve?
 It leaves people in the north of the city with Dimesnsions, and if they don't want to go there, then it's off to Hanley to visit Mo's mega expensive Waterworld.
  And what's going to happen to Tunstall swimming baths after it's been closed for a couple of months and all the fuss has died down, will the city council be looking for a buyer??

       The kids of this city will be doing less of this if this crappy city council gets its way.                                                            

   The city council receive money from the people of this city, and from the public purse, to provide services and amenities for the people of this city, and this pretense been peddled by Pervez and the rest of the moneygrabbers on this poxy cabinet that they simply can't afford to keep these places open, is an outright lie,
one that Joan Whalley supported at last nights meeting!

  There is nearly £42 million in cash in the DMO accounts that is not ring-fenced, Ian Norris has posted that he has found another £35 million stashed away, and between December 2009 and December 2010,
Stoke-on-Trent city council invested £708,511,000 in the governments DMO accounts!!
Several years ago, Sam Tunstall discovered a bank account that the education department had, with £12 million in it that they didn't know they'd got!!

   If you want to see this city survive this constant onslaught from these crooks and incompetents, you have to stop voting in the same old faces! We need copuncillors that will retake the power of decision back from the overpaid and criminally negligent senior officers of this council, so that the candidates elected by the people of the city run the city, and the officers do what they were hired to do in the first place, offer guidance and advice, and implement the policy decisions of the city councillors!

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  1. This is what happens when the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.