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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Closing Tunstall swimming pool.


Yesterday I received an e-mail requesting me not to turn a meeting I was going to attend, into a political argument.
The idea that this is not political I find curious.
With the BBC there, Joan Whalley went into overdrive with a Labour Party broadcast (that had quite a few nearly falling asleep) blaming the Con/Lib’s for the cuts they have made to the city allowances.
Now let me say at this point I immediately became suspicious of her intentions.
Let me explain, it’s quite simple.
Both Joan Whalley and Megan Ryan have claimed they have been fighting for the last twelve months;

Joan Whalley, letter to My Tunstall website.
  “ I wish to make you personally aware of my approaches to your department over the last 12 months on this matter, including a meeting with the Cabinet member and sports officer on this matter. I have been in contact with the City Council since March last year.”

Megan Ryan, posting on My Tunstall website.
  "Terry I have for the last year been looking into saving the baths, I have spoken to or taken, various organisation’s there, but unfortunately no one has found it a viable enterprise, I haven't finished trying yet and will be working with the portfolio holder to try and keep them open".

Now the fact that both have been “working” on this matter for 12 months make Joan Whalley’s and Mohammed Pervez’s statements of Con/Lib’s blame a lie, as they have only been In power 6 months. 

  The closing of Heathside Senior Citizens Home was also blamed on the Con/Lib’s?
  This city council ( Labour controlled for the last 60 odd years) has carried out a policy of cut, shut, and demolish for god knows how long to preserve the council fat cats wages and expenses.
  Our MPs have not been averse to dipping their sticky grasping hands into the public purse.

  The fact that the city council has not done enough she makes plain in her letter,
laughable considering she is a Labour MP and we have a Labour council.
   800 children a week learn to swim in this pool, so will someone please tell me where these and future children are going to go?

  Once the camera’s left so did the camera loving Joan Whalley

   There is I believe, a question over the geographical location of the two pools –Shelton and Tunstall- and the reason for closing these two particular pools.
Well geographically Waterworld is between these two pools and would increase its profits for its owner Mo Choudary (who was embroiled in a controversy over the council trying to close of Dimensions) if they closed.
I am a suspicious person.

  The fact that it is the city councils duty to maintain and preserve “OUR” amenities that we pay council tax for, seems to have been dismissed by “OUR” elected representatives.
This is, and has always been, not about lack of money, but political posturing by our Labour councilors against a Con/Lib Government, and will ultimately put Stoke-on-Trent “once again” at the bottom of the manure pile.
Terry Cope, Greenfields Residents Association, Potteries Community Federation.

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