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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hot off the press!

 Two things have cropped up that need exposing to the local electorate today, both concerning the inferior quality of our city council.

 Speaking to two of my compatriots today, I learned that Sam, who walks his dog in Fenton everyday, and who stops to talk to the council workers every day, has been chitchatting to them about how much money the city council actually have. The men were naturally worried that their jobs were in danger, so when Sam told them the city council had plenty of money, they were a little sceptical.

 Some rapid printing by Sam, and ten minutes later, the council workers were reading a copy of a Freedom of Information request from the DMO to Terry Cope about how much money the city council have in cash in the account- £25.26 million- and how much they have invested in the account over the year from December 09 to December 10- £708 million.

  Suffice to say the workmen were not overly impressed with their bosses at the council, a copy of the FoI request was taken into the Civic Centre this morning by a manager there.
We'll let you know what happens, and there is a new FoI request from the Debt Management Office of the government due in tomorrow, more on this later.

  The second story concerns the closing of Tunstall swimming pool. All three councillors in this neck of the woods are crap, but Magan Ryan did come out and answer a question by Terry Cope as to why the councillors were doing nothing to fight this closure. Ms Ryan came out and said she had been fighting this closure for some time, a claim that has been verified, and that brings up a very interesting set of questions from that butterball council leader, Pervez.

  He stated in the Sentinel just a matter of days ago, that the city council had decided on these closures because of the pressure of cuts from the coalition government, but id Ms Ryan has been fighting the closure for months, then Pervez is once again telling porkies over the closure of another swimming pool!

  His reasons for this need to be looked into, as does his close relationship with the Arfur Daley of the muslim world, Mo "wanna sell your swimming pool" Choudary.

  I think it's time that questions were asked of this crappy council, and some of the shifty no gooders that have wangled their way into positions of power within it.

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1 comment:

  1. Once again Tunstall is shafted by Pervez and his cronies.
    "Its the coalitions fault" is wearing thin as an excuse for their incompetancy.
    I actualy feel sorry for Van Der Larschott as I beleve his finance department must be the worst in the country.
    After all who pays three times the going rate to knock a bloody building down?
    Who looses millions of pounds when the Race Equality Council (an oxymoron if ever there wa one)went belly up?
    He sent his men in to look at the accounts and as been trying to hide the results ever since.
    Oh dear the fat fascist will link this to me being a racist LOL.
    Millions "invested" in a political party, but hey thats OK.
    (get the local council backside lickers to squash it )
    Poll Tax rises on the way, followed by persecution of the working class if they default on their payments with thugs from Manchester in the disguise of Bailiffs.
    £480,000,000 in debt and only able to pay the 4% interest off each year.
    What a bloody shambles.