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Saturday, 19 February 2011

What are we doing?

  On Friday, 18th February 2010, I attended a meeting and Christchurch that was about the imminent attempt by this truly poxy council, to close Tunstall swimming pool for good.
  And for such a bitterly cold night, there was a fair turnout, 25/30 people gathering to see what they could do to bring to an end the petty tyrannies of councillors and council officers that do nothing for the people of this city, in fact, they seem to go out of their way to go against what is best for the people.

  As I started to speak about the outrageous council lies about them being skint, not having the money to fix what they had a duty to fix, the chap on the pew in front of me and Terry Cope, collapsed, looking like a massive stroke had taken his life.

  Now I got to thinking about this man and his wife, and the way he spent his last night on earth fighting to stop a handful of lying scum from manipulating the system to suit themselves instead of running it in the best interests of the electorate, and I came to the conclusion that we shouldn't have to be fighting against the very people elected to represent us, this time would have been far better spent in the company of friends and family, enjoying life for the opportunity it is, not spending time away from friends and family fighting against people who claim to be on our side!

  This council system is working, whether it is its propensity for working with sh*te like the kiddy fiddler Wanger, or the corrupt, incompetent, and light fingered that riddle this city council, the citizens of this city are being let down by far too many of these minor bureaucrats, and it has to stop before this city is completely destroyed.

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