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Thursday, 3 February 2011

If God was going to give the world an enema, he'd stick it in the Civic Centre!

  If you read the Sentinel article on the cuts this bunch of a*seholes are inflicting on this city, then read the comments made on that article, then speak to people on the street or in the workplace, what you'll find is that the ONLY people that think these cuts are good ideas, are from within the Civic Centre.

  The other thing to note about the comments on the Sentinel site, is that they are clearly written by the supporters of the communist Labour Party, these stupid, lying people trying to implant the idea that this current mess is the responsibility of the coalition government, but seeing as how they have been in power only a few short months, the trouble clearly lies with the previous marxist regime, and their mad, one eyed Scottish leader borrowing larger and larger amounts of money, driving this country deeper and deeper into debt that we can't afford, that's where the bloody problems come from!

 And now we have the Stoke communists trying to play the same game, blaming cuts on the coalition government instead of their own incompetence and pisspoor money management skills.
And look at the cuts.
The first thing these council wallahs come out with is, "we won't touch frontline services." when that's the first place they go looking! The place that won't get touched is the vast amounts they take in salary, the five year increase in thoise getting £50k or more jumping from 90 people, at a cost of £5.1 million, to the obscene 269 people who now strip the public purse of £18.9 million! This is where we should be looking for cuts, these thieving b****ds ripping you off for £millions, and you sit on your arses and don't do anything about it!

 If the city council ran the bin lorries and gritters on veggie oil, they would save enough not to have to close Tunstall swimming pool, and Fenton and Burslem libraries. If they ran all the vehicles on veggie oil, they could repair Shelton baths as well. We've told them this, we showed them the numbers and how to go about it, and they did nothing with it!
They have now decided to close that money pit Ceramica, which has been taking £150,000 a year in public funding to keep it open, yet when we suggested this should be closed and the money put to better use, you should have heard the far left crud from pitsnpots bellyache!

  There is a fact you need to come to terms with, and that is that the Labour Party are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the state this city is in, their decades of control having been spent watching this city die whilst they did bugger all about it, and now, as usual, they are trying to pass the buck onto someone else for what is clearly their bloody mess.

  This city doesn't need the cuts being made at this point, and frontline services should be exempt from the cuts, instead the savings should be found from amongst the lying, thieving incompetent scum that masquerade as council leaders, when in fact they don't give a toss for this city, just how much of its taxpayers money they can cramb into their bottomless pockets, and it's long past time that the voters of this city took this into account, and dumped these lying communists out of the Civic Centre for good.

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