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Monday, 27 December 2010

Let's set the record straight!

  Councillor Mike Coleman has been telling members that I've been slagging off the BNP.
Not true.  I've been slagging off the leaders of the BNP, a small group of people that have brought the party into disrepute with their unacceptable finacially iffy behaviour, with Griffin in particular helping to cripple the party by running it into the most massive debt, debt that now stands at over £600,000.

  My sympathies lie with the members and activists of the party, the most selfless bunch of nationalists for the most, whose donations are abused, whose branch finances are taken without request or thanks, by the head office gits that seem determined on wrecking the BNP by not paying any of the bills that are due, but by wasting such funding that they have, on ridiculous court cases, brought by ex-employees who were unfairly dismissed, as this weeks court case proved when Griffin in his infinite stupidity, pushed ahead with a case that the other parties wanted to settle out of court to save the BNP the extra expense. Griffin said no, and then promptly lost the case, a case in which the final financial settlement will be close on £200,000, all of which will come out of membership money and members donations.

  His clownish and extremely damaging behaviour just before the general election, and his litigious stupidity in sacking and suspending a host of officers that disagreed with him, highlight the reason him and his yes men have to go, though the damage inflicted on the party is now so severe its becoming too much work to rescue the tatters of what's left.

  So the next time Mike Coleman says I'm slagging off the BNP, tell him to stop talking rubbish. My heart will always be with the genuine nationalists of this country, including those decent, hardworking ones of the BNP, but I will never refrain from criticism of those that masquerade as nationalists, but who inflict division and damage upon the movement, and Griffin most definitely falls into that category.


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