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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

When the City Councils chickens come home to roost.

   It had to happen.
The lies, theft, and mismanagement conducted over several decades by this repulsive Labour council, are finally about to hit home. Government demands for cuts and savings will be made so much worse by the fiscal irresponsibility of those who are supposed to be guardians of the citys cash and holdings.

   Amidst the cuts demanded from government, despite the fact that we are irrevokably slipping back into recession, it has been deemed a good time to refurbish parts of the Civic Centre!
Meredith spent £730,000 in 2007 refurbishing the top floor of the Civic Centre, so what more do these morons need?
It's as if there is no financial responsibility in that place at all, and now we have that chubby muslim Pervez and that surfer dude from Devon, Van der Hotshot, trying to tell us the cuts are the fault of the coalition!!
Thge cuts are the fault of Pervez, Van der Laarschott and Co, for having no common sense when it comes to public finances, for their personal overt greed in stuffing as much of the publics money in their pockets that they can, for their contractual incompetence and criminality, and their grossly irresponsible wastefulness in the way that they dispose of public money.

   As far as Stoke-on-Trent city council goes, these are the complaints that the nationalists of this city have pointed out time and time again to a voting public that don't seem to care that they are voting in the very people determined to destroy this city. People like Pervez and Van der Hotshit whine and moan about the culpability of the coalition government, yet the coalition are only trying to come to terms with the deliberately
caused chaos of the Labour party, the very party these same wasters belong to!

  The electorate of this city have to decide what they want this city to become, because left in the hands of the current councillors and officers, we will become nothing but a dumping ground for all the asylum seekers the West Midlands no longer has room for, for the extending of all the bme communities- andf that's happening now in the north of the city- where the native people of this area become more and more ignored.

   Come the May elections, England First Party, Stoke Division will be asking for your vote, and our aims will be simple; get this scum currently wrecking the city out of the Civic Centre, slash the obscene salaries of the greedy pig officers, and regain control of the councils budget by cutting those projects, programmes, and personnel not needed, not by getting rid of the front line staff!
  The choice is yours.

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