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Monday, 29 November 2010

Another fine mess they're getting us into.

The city council asked for comments after declaring that the Pride in our city scheme, where dustin lorries make free collections on the estates of the city once or twice a year, are to be dropped in order to save £67,000 per year.

   Below is my e-mail to them, and the suggestions as to what they should be doing.
Read it, then feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter. I will add the e-mail address to write to.

   Once again, it is the stupidity and incompetence of Stoke-on-Trent's city council that becomes the first noticeable attribute on display.
  Instead of scrapping a scheme that has real impact across the city, why not give up your rights to free parking? This will save the city £700,000 per year!
  If you had listened to our proposals and started to run the bin lorries on veggie oil, it would cost next to nothing to run this scheme, in fact, you would be able to greatly extend it.
  It's always the same with you people when times are tough, you promise not to touch frontline services, yet the first place to get cuts is frontline services, you close down successful and efficient schemes like Pride in our City to save £67,000, but you waste £36,000 on the politically corrupt Common Purpose training!
  And the incompetence of the city councillors is highlighted perfectly by Terry Follows mewlings about discretionary services. Why don't you vote in a CEO that doesn't cost the city £200,000 a year?
Better still, why don't you councillors trim the fat from the £50k and over pay bracket that costs the taxpayers nearly £19 million per year!!!
  The savings are there to be made so that sensible, working schemes like Pride in our city can be kept from cuts by you bloody council idiots that seem to be intent on cutting everything possible that doesn't affect yourselves!
  There is no need for cutting programmes like this because there is plenty of room for cost cutting and savings. Unfortunately, the city council appears to be headed by self-centred, selfish money grabbers, who have no real interest in what's best for the city, just what's best for them, and so it will continue to be the case that the city will continue its slide into destitution and demolition, and any glimmer of hope of this city beginning to rise from the ashes of despair and destruction that you lot have dumped it in, will have to wait until the people of this city finally realise what a burden you are, and bloody well vote you out of office!
                                 Craig Pond, England First Party.
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