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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Taking candy from babies, or books from the blind.

  How low can a group of council scumbags get?
In the hunt for the £7 million of savings required of them by the government, this city council will leave no stone unturned, except the one they're hiding under of course!
Childrens day centres closed, community halls disposed of, the mobile library history, and now, for the massive saving of £13,600 per year, talking books for the blind!

  Why are these thieving, lying, moneygrabbing tossers bringing harrassment to the lives of people who plainly have enough to contend with?
Why don't these masonic, Common Purpose sorts start making cuts and savings that will actually reduce the deficit?

  I'll tell you why, because to do so would mean hitting themselves in the pocket!

   Why should the blind go without talking books, but the city council still enjoy free parking, a perk which costs the taxpayers of this city £700,000! Now that would make a good saving!

  Why should the children have to lose out on the mobile library, but the city council still enjoy subsidised meals in their canteen, or spend hundreds of thousands of pounds tarting up their offices?

  Why should our communities do without community halls, but an evergrowing section of the council take £50k or more in salary?
And if they're not taking it for themselves, then they're giving it to their mates in the shape of cushy quango jobs.

   We absolutely must continue to bang away at this message to the electorate, and continue to highlight just how poor and corrupt the service is from these council deadbeats.
Only with a change of personnel will things get better, and the only chance you'll get for change in the next 5 years(!) will be the elections in May.

  contact us at;, or text to; 07955 142 653

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