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Friday, 12 November 2010

Show me yours, I'll show you mine.

The degradation of our political systems is well known to everyone with more than two operating braincells, but it is at local level, council politics, that I want to take a look at, and perhaps highlight some of the pitfalls from Stoke-on-Trent city council in order to throw a spotlight on what stupid things are happening in other parts of the country, perhaps your part of the country!
                     The number one financial problem in my humble opinion, because if you slash council officer salaries to a sensible level, the greedy b*****ds taking huge sums at the minute would pack up and bugger off to another council where they could continue taking vast amounts of public money under false pretences.
Stoke-on-Trent city council has 269 people getting- I won’t say earning because they don’t- £50,000 or more, the total bill for which is now an astronomical £18.9 million!
  And that 269 is up from 90 in 2005!
This is the criminal influence of Common Purpose, freemasonry, and the personal greed driven Labour Party, a body fairly equated with that of a sewer, it being so full of sh*t.
  Our new CEO came up from Devon, not because he had any genuine affection for the city or its people, and not because he felt the urge to put right what the Labour party has mismanaged and destroyed over 60 years, no, this southern surfer dude showed up on our doorstep because the position he applied for came with a gut wrenching salary of £195,000!
 His big idea for getting this city back on the straight and narrow is to invite in his consultancy mates at an initial cost of £400,000, but with the potential to rise to £4 million!
 And as we speak, this suntanned skidmark is in the process of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on refurbishing one floor of the Civic Centre, with decking and water features to make it feel like a garden.
I’d personally like to drown him in his bloody water feature.
Remember, at this time the city council is in the process of finding £7 million of savings every year, for the next 4 years!
 This is also the same city council that gave the job of head of North Staffs Regeneration Partnership to a thief and a liar. The man put in charge of Regens £3 billion budget, stole his wifes rare book collection during their divorce, a collection valued at £35,000, and sold it a dealer for £4,000!
He was dragged before the courts and had to be told by the judge not to take or sell anything else of his wifes!!
And this is the quality of the top people in and around Stoke-on-Trent city council! Is it any bloody wonder this city looks worse now than it did after the Germans bombed it in WW2?!
 This city council is now undergoing its third fraud investigation, with 6 officers of the North Staffs Regeneration Partnership being suspended, and a man in the north east being arrested for contractual fraud and theft. Funnily enough, the description given by the police of the arrested man fits exactly with that of the former head of NSRP! A spooky coincidence, or something a bloody blindman could have seen coming?
  By the way, the head of North Staffs Regeneration Partnership was taking home a very respectable £150,000 a year in salary, but you know what they say, once a thief............
  Be sure and leave the details of your worst councillors and council officers as comments, we’ll have a measuring contest!

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