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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Killing Britains Traditions.

   Sometimes it's easy to see the damaging effects of the marxists political agenda.
Look at our enforced membership of the EU, or the relentless flood of third world immigration into Britain, but there are decisions made that have an equally damaging effect that might not be so easy to spot.

  Amongst the vast list of stunningly stupid policy ideas that NuLabour came up with was this one, which at first might seem to be the most destructive of Labours policies, until you take a closer look at it that is. Then, the negative effects of such  a policy come to light, and it shows that it was done to achieve these specific aims.

   The policy comes from that chubby idiot Ed Balls. Ironic isn't it, that a man named Balls talks b*llocks.
He had an idea for dropping from the schools curriculum both geography and history, replacing them with blogging and social networking!

  You cannot know where you're going, if you don't know where you've come from.
History is vitally important in showing children what the ancestors fought and died for, what they achieved and why they achieved it, it puts into perspective their nations place in the world, and therefore their place in it too, but most importantly, it instills in our children a sense of belonging, of knowing that before they were born, and after they've gone, their traditions and culture will continue!

  If you remove the right from our children to learn about their ancestors deeds and beliefs, then you cut them off from what it was their forefathers wanted for them, so in effect, you cut the children off from their identity, seeing as history and tradition are where identity come from.
If you take from a people their sense of belonging, you also remove their sense of loyalty to the nation state, and that is, and always has been, part of the plans of the NuLabour marxists!

   If you take a look at other Labour policies, you will see the same effect caused by them as well, this deliberate breaking of any nationalist feeling in favour of the creation of  a global, universal population, with no nationalist tendencies or loyalties at all.
Our membership of the communist, corrupt EU is designed to break our nationalism, as is the unending torrent of immigration, forced upon our communities to specifically break down our strong and just feelings of nationalism, and to encourage the belief that all peoples have just as much right to these lands as we indigenous do, in fact, everything that Labour have done has been aimed at breaking the nationalist spirit of the native peoples of these islands.

  Don't take anything at face value from our politicians, because the three so called mainstream parties have shown time and again to be equally as bad as each other, and they have shown time and again that their loyalties do not lie with the people they are supposed to represent, but with the forces of internationalism, and the totally criminal and corrupting influence of international finance.
We need to step back from this rush into national destruction through global/international/laissez faire bullshit, and take a look at what's really important to Britain. Do you honestly believe that it is coincidence that our children, our communities, and our society have become violent and selfish?
It is no coincidence!
It is the specific aims of the political establishment to break up Britain to make it easier to sell off and give away to new world ideologies, so their creation of a single world population can come to fruition, bringing with it their chance to install the real aim of all this treachery, a world government!

   It sounds like the plot from a James Bond film, but with a minimum of research you will discover that George Bush Sr and Jr both push for a new world order, and have stated so publicly, as has that one eyed treasonous b*****d Gormless Brown, and his gang of marxists.
  The stakes are as high as they could get, we nationalists have to make sure that we are ready to fight for this nation, be it in the political chambers, or on the streets of what used to be the home of modern democracy.

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  1. You only have to look at the lefty liberal sandal wearing fools on titsandtw*** to see where this country is going down the gutter.
    These are "people" that profess to love their country yet hate its culture, History, Heritage to the degree that they would sell it out just to appease the Muslims.
    "Don't want to upset the ethnics after all" do we.
    Labour have spent the last 13 years doing down this country followed by the fool Cameron.
    The only way forward is get rid of these traitors.

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    To you Employees; tell us please, what did all that arse licking do fer yer whitey? Now you're about to be evicted from your rabbit hutch 'homes' because you're about to be made redundant by Islam and their white trash toadies that run this council?