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Monday, 22 November 2010

Bloody council hypocrites!

  As a follow on to yesterdays blog about cuts being made by the city council in order to find £7 million of savings, I posted an article from the Sentinel that explained how the city council was removing talking books for the blind from library services, in order to save a paltry £13,600 per year.

   Take a look at the table below. This is from a freedom of information request by Councillor Mike Coleman, asking these corrupt council officers what was spent on the marxist programme of Common Purpose, and remember, this is paid for out of the public purse!

  They stop talking books for the blind to save £13,600, then waste just under £36,000 on undermining the bureaucracy that the city is supposed to run on!
Damn near three times what they save by punishing a small group of disabled people is eaten up by what they waste on this communist bullshit!
Common Purpose needs to be proscribed by the city council, its graduates banned from working for the city council in ANY capacity, and this should be the message put out by all local parties genuinely interested in democracy. The BNP in particular should ignore the ruling of their maniacal leader and unite with the rest of the city to fight this, no personal interests should come before the wellbeing of the city and its people.

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