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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Changing Tack.

  What the hell is going on in British politics?!

  How can it be that the very people responsible for the dreadful state of this nation, are the same clowns elected and re-elected by what seems to be the majority of the electorate?  
More to the point, why would the electorate do such a damaging thing?

One part of the answer to that question is the unsuitability of a nationalist candidate in whom the handing over of Britains interests could be trusted to, and as time goes on, it becomes clearer that the most well known nationalist- Nick Griffin- simply isn’t fit to rule, or have anything to do with the running of a nation.
Nationalism stands bereft of the leadership needed to make a realistic challenge for the right to rule, not that there is a lack of quality, experience, or skill, far from it, the nationalist cause has a wealth of talent from which to choose, it is the splintered, factional nature of nationalism that is holding back any serious attempts to put together a shadow government, that and the far too numerous ego’s that always seem to intervene before common sense.

  Before I go on, let me just explain what I mean by nationalism.
  Nationalism is about blood and culture.  Being handed a passport 5 minutes after arrival does not make you British, being here for 2 or 3 generations does not make you British.
The first rule of being British indigenous, is of course the fact that we are white northern European, and have been for 20,000 years. This idea that the ownership of a piece of paper or the say so of some petty anti-British official reverses or negates these facts, is idiotic.
    So this civic nationalism is no nationalism at all, it is just another facet of PC liberalism, just another way of including foreigners in something to which they have no right of inclusion. If they find themselves moved towards the causes of nationalism, then they should take up that cause in their ancestral lands, the lands from which their families originate, and re-build them to the point where national pride returns. This trying to take the nations of Britain for themselves, is a cuckoo syndrome that is greatly damaging to the British, giving the viewpoint that the separate nations of Britain are not home to any indigenous peoples at all, something that is keenly promoted by those political traitors that currently infest what used to be the home to modern day democracy, Westminster.

Westminster will have to be fumigated before real Brits can operate from there again.

   In order to make the advances required in political structuring, nationalism needs to set aside those things that allow the continuance of factionalism. Racial nationalists need to unite behind those things upon which they are agreed, not argue over those things upon which we disagree, only in this way can we direct the protests of an entire movement at  the single target we need to destroy; government!
    We now suffer under a political system that is corrupted throughout. Local, regional, national, and international politics are all riddled with liars, cheats, thieves, and deceivers.
  We exist under the rule of a political ideology that states the lives of the indigenous white Europeans within their respective countries, are not as important as those of the immigrants that have colonised those countries, that believes the care and welfare of its armed forces personnel should come second to the technicalities of the human rights act in pandering to those same immigrants, that foist upon the native taxpayers the burden of footing the education bill for hundreds of thousands of foreign students, to the direct detriment of our children.
  And in particular, we see that islam is being used more and more to usurp both power and position from the native peoples, driven by a political establishment intent on breaking our communities, our social cohesion, and any feelings of nationalism, in favour of PC liberalism, globalism, and their undying yearning for a new world order with a single global race as its trophy.
 Of course, the Westminster scum have no worries on these matters, they are stealing enough money through the allowance schemes to allow them to choose the best performing schools, the safest neighbourhoods, the private hospitals, not for them the failing standards of a nations infrastructure, the no go areas imposed by immigrant colonisation, or the decimated NHS services that have slid further down the rankings as the number of immigrant workers increases.

   So what will it take to put right these deliberate attempts to derail Britain?
What it won’t take is new labels for old ideologies, for new fangled descriptions for ideas that have been dragged from the depths of political history, like the “big society”. Once again, Cameron shows he’s no Tory, just a socialist with a blue tie.
  This is the worst kind of Marxist crap, recycled, relabelled, and sold to the public as a panacea for the effects of a stale economy and downtrodden communities, despite the fact that these things were spawned by the very people now telling you what you should do!
There is no need of new ideologies, or of new labels for old ideas, any nationalist push for governance should be based on the one thing that will revive the interest in politics and their reason to vote, and that is the truth!


  We have an entire establishment floated on a raft of lies and bullshit, protected by a media that acts to mask the malfeasance of this rancid political connivance, and that is overseen by the vast numbers of Common Purpose, freemasons, Bilderbergers and illuminati that have been actively put into places of influence in order to stop this landtrain of deceit from crashing before its objectives are met.
  But any structure built on iffy foundations; and they don’t come more iffy than Britains  current political system; is open to damage, and if we shake it hard enough, we can bring the whole lot down about their ears.

When the footsoldiers of this corrupt regime, the uaf/searchlight scum, start to shout in the streets about Nazis, we should be right there at them, with the chant, traitors!
And when our meetings or demonstrations are met with the shouts and lies of these people, then they should be met with similar inconveniences at their meetings and demonstrations, and when in their bravery, they physically attack nationalists or the nationalist cause, then this too should be returned to them, only ten times harder or ten times more than what they gave out. It is time these people were shown that if the political system refuses to uphold our basic rights and freedoms, then we’ll bloody well uphold them ourselves!
As to winning victory in either local or national elections, it’s simply a case of getting the right message out, and that consists of policies that will change the face of your towns, cities, or even countries positively.
There is so much upon which nationalism is agreed. Stop all immigration, then reverse the process, withdrawal from the EU, the re-introduction  of corporal and capital punishment, proper prison sentences and policing, a return to the three ‘r’s curriculum, the need for an English parliament, stricter controls on banks and their investments, and a whole host of other policies.
The point is that this is the weapon with which we can shake the establishment, this is how we crash the house of cards their establishment is built on! Explaining to the electorate in clear and simple English how what we would enact as policy would affect them positively, is one of several vital points to be achieved, along with uniting the racial nationalists behind a nationwide manifesto, and bringing to the fore a selection of nationalists fit to lead a national government.

It’s a big ask, but it is certainly achievable, yet it stands or falls on the ability of the nationalist movement to persuade its best and brightest to put aside ego’s and technical differences, and to gather together to form a manifesto behind which we all stand, so that the people the length and breadth of Britain understand our aims. In one clear, concise document, we could explain our targets countrywide.
  These are the things that I genuinely believe will make the difference between success and failure for the nationalist movement, and if we can forego the pettiness of the past and create a set of policies behind which we can all stand in support, then irrespective of Griffin and the BNP, we can push nationalism on further in two years than its moved in ten.

Craig Pond, England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent Division.

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