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Friday, 19 November 2010

Stoke-on-Trent city council couldn't organise a gangbang in a brothel.

  How is it that those at the top of the city council foodchain are paid for skills they plainly do not possess?

   Where is the legal knowledge that stops the council from straying into criminal behaviour, or the financial control and understanding that stops fraud and waste?
Where is the business acumen to guide us through fiscally tough times in order for us to continue our lives without the withdrawal of those services we most require and use?

  Well, one thing is abundantly clear, there's no point asking those morons heading the city council, because their actions display that they have no understanding of what's required to save this city!

   Yesterday, it was revealed that these brilliant minds at the top of the city council- yes, I am taking the p***- have a cunning plan to cover the £7 million reduction in their budget, they are going to introduce parking charges at both Dimensions and Fenton Manor swimming pools!

 They are going to raise an extra £300,000 or so from charging an already overcharged public, for the use of public services! Even as I write, I can hear Mohammed Pervez on the phone to his muslim mucker Mo Choudry............

   One of the basic rules of sound economic behaviour is the understanding that when times are financially tough, the way to alleviate the strain of business outgoings is to reduce local business taxes, because lower taxes provide the stimulus for growth, or continued usage.
Lower charges in order to attract more people into using your services is clearly an idea that has not made it to the top people in the city council, but if this simplest of sensible economic ideas hasn't registered ith these halfwits, what chance is there of any forseeable or lasting recovery?

  If the people in charge of this city council don't have the financial or business know-how to guide us through this chain of recessions, then why the hell do we continue to pay them such exorbitant salaries?
What are we paying them for? It clearly isn't for their sound financial planning, or their creative business ideas,
so why continue to throw money down the toilet?

   Their big idea for today is to increase charges on leisure and sporting facilities.
If you increase the prices, less people will attend. The less people that attend mean that jobs in these places will have to be lost, and that revenues will fall.
I sometimes think this is exactly what some of these chisellers want. Drive council businesses to the point where they become economically unviable, then these clowns at the Civic Centre can close them down and sell them off to their friends.

   At the next elections in May, you'd better make your choices wisely, or there won't be a city left.

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  1. They have been trying to close these public facilities down for a long time now.
    The last time Choudry was implicated so you can draw your own conclusions to that one, with theobious conclusion.
    This Council finance department are proven failures in every department of finance to the point of incompetancy.
    The only answer is a complete washout of Finance managment and replaced with people with brain cells not empty space.

  2. Terry,
    it isn't just the finance department. Head of Legal Services has seen the city council break the law over S106 agreements, Local Government and Audit law, contractual law, and God knows what else, but it is clear that Paul Hackney isn't good enough.
    Neither is the new CEO, the leader of the council, most of the NSRP, and at least half of the city councillors.
    The entire place needs scraped out.